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Volkswagen Multivan is a passenger model of the van from German automaker Volkswagen. Production of this car was conceived concern is no coincidence – so the company wanted to compete with the manufacturers Citroen, Peugeot and Fiat, producing vans which became popular in the auto market.

Volkswagen Multivan

VW Multivan was designed from scratch, and on the basis of commercial vehicle model Transporter, which the engineers simply equipped with seats and Windows. Serial production of this car began in 1990.

Volkswagen Multivan was created on a platform of T4, which had two modifications with bases of different lengths. Both consisted of 6 seats, and offered a few kits, different material for the seat upholstery and the interior trim and the presence of a variety of equipment. Salon van also had the transformability: the position of chairs and table at the left side can be freely changed and the dimensions of the loading space to regulate in its discretion.

Volkswagen Multiven

In addition, Multivan Volkswagen distinguished by the fact that on this model car group used perednemotornoy layout and water-cooled engines. The basic specification of the minibus meant front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive version can be ordered as an option. Initially, the bus was equipped with petrol and diesel engines mated to a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

The First restyling of the Volkswagen Multivan was made in 1996, in which the changes affected the nose of the van. The engine compartment has increased, it has placed a new gasoline engine of 2.8 liters. From this point Multivan began to vary not only the length of the wheelbase, but “toes”.


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In 2003 began production of the updated model, which received an upgraded platform and new exterior. Increased the dimensions of the body, with the increase in the number of seats up to 7, changed engine lineup.

In 2009 the Volkswagen Multivan has experienced a facelift and technical upgrade.

The Interior of the van is very functional. Rail system gives the chance quickly enough to change the balance of seats and refrigerators in the cabin. Under the seats are drawers for storing items.

Volkswagen Multivan conventionally divided into two parts: the driver and his Navigator and passenger. The driver's seat is also designed with Supreme comfort, as the seats for passengers: you can adjust the height of the seat, the backrest inclination, forward and back. The steering wheel is a bit on the bottom that increases the ease of driving such a configuration and does not interfere with maneuvering.

To drive this minibus was very comfortable. Rebuild and other maneuvers are given on it is as simple as on off-road vehicles. The high driving position offers excellent visibility.

Multivan Volkswagen

In the second part of the car has its own climate control, which can be controlled directly in the cabin. For electrical appliances built-in 12V socket. The rear cargo area and second row seats fully folded out, forming the sleeping space.

An Extensive list of optional extras for Multivan Supplement even options like the device for transportation of the bike and devices Handsfree for negotiations with the driver.

In our country Volkswagen Multivan demand among power structures very much like a commercial organization. Owners of models also become travelers. This vehicle is fully justifies its cost, as evidenced by its successful sales worldwide.

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