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In 2013, celebrated 20 years since then, as completely changed the system name of Mercedes. The primacy in defining the brand of the machine moved from engine size to body type. Letter “E”, used previously to refer to the injection of the fuel injection, now “migrated” in the name of the body corresponding to the German word “exekutivklasse”. Literally, it means almost elected, but in practice – machines for the normal middle class. Actually, the way it is, and the E-class vehicles, along with Mercedes minibuses, the most common on our roads.

2 years after the above mentioned, in 1995, began production of “four eyes" of the Mercedes E-Class, which in 2013 are fading. However, some continuity exists: the current Mercedes E-Class a more angular headlamps are separated or led strips, or thin body line. Design innovations have also touched the rear lights, wings and front bumper, which is now “cooler” than many “tuning” of his predecessors.

The New engine range, enhanced power, dynamics, and elasticity in the lower rpm range contributes to a sportier appearance and character of the Mercedes E-Class 2013. In the interior are also noticeable changes: the number of dials has been reduced from five to three, returned analog clock form the steering wheel has changed. But otherwise feeling solid and sound comfort in the cabin of the Mercedes remains the same.


How does the rear bushing front arm and how many it serves?

How does the rear bushing front arm and how many it serves?

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Mercedes E Class 2013

The Mercedes E-Class 2013 is equipped with a unique security system. Automatically controlled by driver fatigue and a level head light. Also under control of line marking on the road and nearby vehicles, obstacles when Parking, and even the presence of people crossing the road: if the Mercedes E-Class 2013 is moving at a speed less than 50 km/h, he without driver intervention will prevent hitting the hapless pedestrian.

Mercedes E 350

To control the suspension uses four types of electronic systems: from soft and comfortable to stiff and sporty. Especially interesting adaptive air suspension management system in four-wheel drive models Mercedes E 350 4MATIC.

An Interesting novelty of the Mercedes E-Class 2013 steel automatic transmission 7G-TRONIC PLUS with controls on the steering wheel. The transition to manual control is simply because the driver starts to operate manually – car “understand” intentions of the owner.

Mercedes E 300

The Most advanced from the point of view of modern eco-friendly trends is the Mercedes E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID model. This is a full hybrid that combines an electric motor with a capacity of 26 HP diesel system, develop the power up to 204 HP Electrical system, losing ratio capacity looks impressive in the ratio of the torque: the diesel – 500 Nm, and the motor – 280 Nm. Such characteristics make this hybrid car is quite dynamic, able to be dispersed to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds, while fuel consumption is 4.1 liters per 100 km.

Despite the popular and widely embraced orientation of the E-Class, the 2013 models are distinguished by the exclusivity of sporting design, enhanced functionality in the management of the suspension and many modern electronic systems that make life easier for the modern driver.

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