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One of the inexpensive, quick and agile car is a Honda Domani. It has proven itself among car enthusiasts who prefer a “received” ride. There was a model in the 90-ies of XX century.


honda domani

In the 90 years the automakers of Japan tried to produce cars, which would have increased the size. Eventually everyone realized that in Japan it is necessary to produce machines that would fit the space where live the Japanese themselves. On huge machines to move fashionable, but uncomfortable. Therefore, the first model that launched the trend for the market was the Honda Domani 1993 release. Small, but spacious interior is different from this car. Today, these characteristics are the hallmark of the Japanese sedan.

Over the Honda Domani thought the best experts of the automaker. In the end it was decided as the base models Civic Integra. The result exceeded expectations. It still "Honda Domani" is one of the most popular cars with a wonderful combination of good quality and attractive prices.


The Special design of the inventions in the exterior of the Honda Domani no. On the contrary, it is the most common sedans from Japan, which belongs to the middle class. No aggression or physicality in the model there, despite the fact that she looks squat.

Technical features

As is customary among engineers Honda, model "Domani" has a suspension with the use of dual transverse levers. It is worth noting that all the wheels are identical in their construction suspension.


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honda domani 1993

Under the hood Honda Domani “beats” 4-cilindrului motor. It can have a volume of either 1,5 l or a 1.8 l petrol All versions. The power of the volume – 140 HP Is quite modest by Japanese standards. But due to this “nonsense” lack of unique developments of the company – VTEC system, which provides naturally. Such characteristics of the engine does not prevent it to be rapid. After all, the power it produces, with 6 300 rpm.

As standard, this model is pneumatic airbag SRS. It equipped the driver's seat.

The Drive of the car front. However, there were several modifications that were supplied with 4WD.


Some motorists, getting a Honda Domani, you want to feel "Schumacher" driving. However, this machine is not intended for lovers high-speed drive. If you do not take this into account, all owners of the model celebrate her the following positive qualities:

  • Good ergonomics.
  • Excellent maneuverability.
  • Cornering Stability.
  • Excellent sound insulation.
  • No complaints about the suspension - it is completely modified by the manufacturer.
  • Good quality coating of body paint.
  • Excellent capacity.

honda domani 2000

Of Course, today, fewer and fewer on the roads appears of cars ‘Honda Domani”, which was released in the nineties. Now they are replaced by more modern, advanced machines. Often you can find Honda Domani 2000 issue. In that year, and stopped production of the described sedans. In their place came a new, aggressive and practical cars. ‘Honda’.

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