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Modern Nissan 350Z is a sports car, sales of which began in 2003. It is a model of the fifth generation. Let's consider a little history.

Initially all cars of this family were called Fairlady Z. But the President of the United States considered that a sports coupe can not be called "female" name. However, he has failed to dissuade the bosses. As a result, when the first batch of cars come for sale in the United States, on his orders, changed the name on the alphanumeric index. In Japan, this model still is the "name" Fairlady Z.

The First car the Nissan 350Z launched in 1969 with great success. In the US, it received the name "Ferrari for the poor". The second generation model appeared in ten years. And offered to the consumers even a turbocharged version of the car.

The Third generation was produced in 1984-1988. Consumers were also asked two types of engine: turbine and without. The fifth generation was produced until 1996. Moreover, the model was equipped with different engine variants and has become very popular not only in Japan and America, but all over the world.

Nissan 350 sixth generation is a classic double sports car inspired Z-series of this brand.

Nissan z350

The Car was created based on a shortened platform, which was borrowed from the Skyline Coupe. Therefore, driving performance and handling worthy only of praise. The six-cylinder engine is found. This unit at 300 horsepower. The engine complemented by a six-speed "mechanics" (or a five-speed "automatic") and rear wheel drive.


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Modern Nissan 350Z comes with two body styles Roadster and coupe.

Modern sports car

Special attention was paid to the design of the car. A characteristic feature is the extent to which "exploded" wheels at the corners. Appearance models are very specific. Body shape creates the unique illusion that the car as it is created from molten metal. This effect is enhanced by vertical xenon headlights.

Nissan 350z

As a result, the vehicle boasts an aggressive and modern look.

Nissan 350

The Interior of the model underlines its sporty character. The dashboard is decorated in matte black and silver colors. Its form and content is created very thoughtfully. In the center is a display showing digital speed indicators, speed, etc., and ductwork, and major appliances. The handlebar is adjustable.

Suspension models are hard, but for sport car, this property is a necessary condition. When driving fast or cornering at high speed the car remains stable, demonstrating their great potential.

In Russia comes the one and only Nissan 350Z - Pack. It includes 6 airbags, xenon headlights, Bose sound system with 6 speakers and 10 - inch subwoofer, heated seats and climate control. For are available equipment SR-Pack, which is distinguished by the 18" forged wheels and orange trim.

Considering the low cost cars Nissan Z350 on the Russian market, then this option is ideal. Especially in comparison with such competitors as Audi, Mazda and Porsche.

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