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The Introduction of coke ovens in operation was begun in 50-ies of the last century. Useful volume of the first model of the furnaces were equal to 21,6 nm³. Further in article we will consider a device called hardware.

General information

If we consider this device as the furnace Assembly used in the industry, it consists of several parts:

  • Main part is the camera, which is the process of coal coking.
  • Next come the heating walls, where the gas is combusted, is required for furnace heating.
  • One of the main parts is the regenerator serving as a heat exchanger to heat the flue gases after combustion of products.

In addition, the coke oven can be assembled in the battery, and the battery, in turn, can be equipped with at blocks.

coke oven

On the territory of the Russian Federation often operated battery, consisting of 61, 65 or 77 ovens. If you look at the foreign industry, the battery can include up to 120 furnaces.

Furnace with side feed

In the coke ovens with side inlet feed adjustment of gas and air for heating the heating unit along the wall. The process of adjustment is carried out by replacing the regulating bricks-registers and burners. Their location is at the base of the heating channels, which are characterized by a constantly high temperature, as well as the inevitable blockage that occurs in these channels.

Such conditions greatly complicate the process of flow adjustment of gas and air and do not allow control devices with the required accuracy.

steel mill

However, these disadvantages have been eliminated in the coke ovens with bottom feed. In this design, the means of regulating these processes, are beyond the chimney masonry, which makes them easily accessible to staff involved in servicing furnace. To change the controls in the ovens with the design much easier.


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Heating stoves

In order to begin the process of making coke, it is necessary to load the charge into the furnace. To implement this procedure, the unit has a hole, which is located in the upper chamber roof. There is also a hole intended for the discharge of volatile gases produced in the coking process. The latter, passing through the gas outlet, fall into a special chamber for collecting gases from which they are sent to the capture plant.

coke production technology

Both ends of the chamber are equipped with doors which are removed at the end of the coking process. Through the hole, the finished coke is pushed out of the furnace with the help of pusher.

It is Also worth noting that the coke ovens are fully sealed design. This is necessary in order to eliminate the possibility of leaks into the furnace of atmospheric air, which will also have to heat up if it happens. And this, in turn, will increase the cost of the heating gases that have a negative impact on the final cost of the product.

The Technology of production of coke

The production Process of this material is carried out in several stages:

  1. The process begins with loading of the charge in the oven chamber and the subsequent leveling of the material with the rod. In order to avoid the smoke pollution of the atmosphere when you open the camera at the time of loading of the material inside the furnace creates a vacuum through the injection of steam or gas. In addition, you can use a special system of suction gas from the chamber.
  2. Next is in the process of coking of the charge. During this time, the material gives in all the necessary influences that lead to its conversion into coke, and also in PKG. Also at this stage allocate the productivity of the furnace, which is determined by the time required to obtain the finished coke from the moment of end of loading of the charge inside it.
  3. Unload the finished products, i.e. coke or as it is called, coke "cake" is done in the quenching car. For carrying out this operation, use the auto-pusher.


The coke battery is a specialized metallurgical unit, whose main purpose is the procurement of coke, a fuel for blast-furnace production of cast iron.

coke oven battery

It is Important to note that such battery operated for quite a long period of time without stopping. Most often, the period of employment is at least 25 years. During all this time inside a furnace maintained high temperature, and the masonry buildings used up products when the results from the camera.

For these reasons, the construction of coke oven batteries is only of refractory materials. These materials must withstand:

  • Mechanical efforts at machine work;
  • The pressure of bloating when carbonization;
  • Resist the pressure of all components lying in these refractory materials.

It is Also important to note that such metallurgical equipment, such as battery include between 45 and 69 coke ovens.

manufacture of coke


Like any other industrial equipment Called furnaces, are part of metallurgical plants, have a number of parameters, which carry out their classification. These include:

  1. The location of the cameras in a furnace, which can be both horizontal and vertical.
  2. The Method of loading the charge into the furnace, and the subsequent procedure for issuing a finished product. There are two types of ovens - top loading and subsequent lower issuance of material as well as top loading and the subsequent issuance through the side openings.
  3. Also there are two processes of coke production which can be continuous or periodic.
  4. One of the parameters for classification is a method of heating specific oven. This procedure can be performed using blast, mixed or coke oven gas at the same time, and using only coke or only the blast furnace gases.

On the territory of the Russian Federation were most often commissioned for steel mills furnace systems PC-2K with side inlet.

Hydraulic operation mode

Hydraulic mode of coke ovens is a clear distribution of pressure in the heating system of the entire unit as a whole. Special studies and long period of operation this mode of operation has identified the parameters which characterize the correct furnace operation:

  1. The gas Pressure in the coking chamber during the entire period of operation must be higher than in other compartments.
  2. The pressure of the gas in the chamber, where the process of coking, is a variable quantity.
  3. Gas Pressure in the heating system in the ascending flow should be lower than in other places.

metallurgical equipment

Operation furnaces

The most Important parameter during operation of the furnace is its efficiency. This parameter affects virtually all other indicators. Period coke production, that is, the performance mostly depends on characteristics such as the width of the camera, the thickness of the walls, the temperature in the spaces, properties of refractory materials, as well as the quality of the charge.

It is Worth noting that currently the maximum speed that can be achieved from Coke oven, 32 mm/h Need to understand that this parameter is derived with the maximum temperature that can be developed and maintained in the chamber. Also one of the most important parameters which must be met for the operation of the coke oven, is the temperature of the finished "cake". It should be between 1,000°C to 1 050°C.


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