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Rifle AR-15 (AR-15) — a semi-automatic rifle of American manufacture. Is a descendant of such weapons as the AR-10 and M-16. The details in the article.

rifle ar 15

A Little history

World famous rifle M-16 became as popular as the Kalashnikov. Meanwhile, in the fifties in the West, the decision was made to transition to a smaller caliber cartridge (7.62 mm to 5.56). Then Eugene Stoner had based his AR-10 with the 7.62, and in 1958 the world saw a new product from the company Armalite Division of under the name AR-15. Assault rifle AR-15 had the 5.56 and was able to penetrate a standard army helmet.

Stoner proposed to apply plastic and aluminum alloys in order to in comparison with the predecessors the new product has become much easier. This and get a rifle AR-15. Magazine capacity (due to the reduction of the caliber of the cartridge) was increased.

Unusual design

Rifle AR-15 (photo below) was made of ultra-light alloys. Design feature was the presence of “lug” for carrying of weapons above the breech mechanism. It also housed the fixture for aiming. The butt is in line with the barrel.

rifle AR 15 Schmeisser

In mid-1958 were tested, which revealed the error: low accuracy and frequent misfires.

In the end, it was decided to submit the sample for revision, but in other design Bureau — company Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company, which, in turn, had taken full control of the aforementioned Armalite Division in the future.


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Small-bore rifle AR-15 in the amount of thousands of copies were purchased the company and Colt exported to South Vietnam in 1962. The aim was one: to test a new sample in real combat conditions.

By the way, on finalizing the weapons worked the same Eugene Stoner, who left Armalite Division and over to “colt”.

The Results were very poor. In battle the rifle was very fussy. Poorly-chosen gunpowder was dumped too much gas when burned. They, in turn, forming a mass of burning, kupliauskas inside, resulting in stuck casings in the chamber. They had to be removed with a cleaning rod. At the same time, the Vietnamese armed «Kalash», a similar difficulty is not experienced. And periodically, bringing the rifle AR-15 led to the rupture of the barrel, and death on the battlefield.

Conclusions and improvements

After a bad experience of the Vietnam campaign, the designers have revised the terms of operation of a new type of weapon. Rifle AR-15 was produced with a chrome plated outside surface of the barrel, which has raised resistance to rust, was chosen as another type of gunpowder for the production of ammunition, and a standard grease gun was replaced by a specially selected viscous oil, suitable for aggressive environmental conditions. In particular, for combat in the tropical climate of Vietnam.

assault rifle ar 15

Performance characteristics of the AR-15

In 1958, the weapons become ranked in the US to civilians. This status and received the rifle the AR-15. The characteristics were as follows:

  • Weight varied from Of 2.27 to 3.9 kg depending on the number of cartridges in the store;
  • The length of the product reached 991 mm;
  • This barrel length was 508 mm standard;
  • Cartridge caliber 5.56 mm or .338 Spectre NATO classification;
  • Rate of fire assault rifles ranged from 700 to 950 rounds per minute;
  • Muzzle velocity is 975 m/s;
  • Effective range of the weapon is 400-600 meters.

XM16E1, or the revival of the M-16

Next to the Armory Providence USA were all sorts of permutations from 1963 to 1967. First, the company Colt received an order for a large shipment of M-16 and minor XM16E1, then from XM-OK refused, conducting them according to the technical documentation as a means to fill the gaps between the removed from service samples and has not yet adopted a new one.

Technically, the model XM16E1 included the positive qualities of the M-16 and AR-15. Eventually in 1967, adopted this model of rifle, but under the label M16A1 with a cartridge of caliber 5.56.

In addition, around the world have begun to produce models of weapons based on the model of Eugene Stoner under different names. In fact, they all are clones of the AR-15.

ar 15 rifle Molot

Rifle “Hammer”. Russia

Domestic hunting has long been prefer to use for their hobby not the carbines "saiga", and Western models. They are based on the rifle the AR-15. Russia produces rifles under the name “Vepr-15”, also called “Hammer” in honor of the factory in Vyatka.

The Weapon has gained popularity due to its low cost in comparison with samples of competitors. However, due to the design similar to the AR-15 has an extra body kit.

Domestic designers do not disclose the details of the ratio of foreign parts in the “Hog” to domestic, but we know that the barrel is chromed, as originally established by the company Colt after “Vietnamese trials”. On the one hand, it's good, on the other — are not very as difficult to replace such detail.

Sympathy hunters sample is also gained due to better balance and weight than models based on the Kalashnikov. But the world market is Packed with a sample kit of weapons based on the AR-15.

Rifle AR-15 "Schmeisser". Germany.

The Term “Schmeiser” many associated with a submachine gun MP-40 of world war II. But this weapon has its own history and its own design quirks.

However, the arms innovator Hugo Schmeisser earned the title of one of the most brilliant weapons designers of the twentieth century. The company that bears his name, produces semi-automatic rifles marked AR-15 is for sporting purposes and hunting.

The Company is famous for the fact that all the components are manufactured exclusively in Germany, thus guaranteeing renowned German quality products. And their own quality evaluation system assists in the interaction with a potential buyer.

small-bore rifle ar 15

Heckler & Koch

Another arms company in Germany, based products which is a rifle, the AR-15. Model wears the markings HK416. The displayed name of the transition the principle of compatibility with NATO standards, M-16 and M-14. Assault rifle similar to the AR-15 just looks. Functionally it is closer to the German models such as the G36.

Undoubted advantages of the product are:

  • Versatility: there are many options mounting kit that allows you to adapt the weapon to any conditions of warfare.
  • High accuracy, and accuracy — thanks to these characteristics, can be used as a sniper rifle, the main thing — to set an optical sight.
  • Soft returns - due to the design of the stock borrowed from the M-16, a convenient handle, allowing the weapon a very “sit”
  • High resistance to corrosion.


  • Rifle at an excessive rate of fire (850 rounds per minute), because of this very quickly run out of ammo (which forces the soldier to carry their large stock), overheats quickly, difficult shooting bursts — is the withdrawal of the trunk to the side (especially with short samples).

rifle ar 15 photo


Another domestic on...

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