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People who are far from Geology, Mineralogy, and construction, are often interested in: sinter – what is it? In scientific industries, this term refers to the accumulation of mineral elements. And in the construction of the sinter used since the time of antiquity. It is known that such material was built the Roman Colosseum. In that era the sinter feed material was a large-sized blocks made from crushed rock with the binder ingredients.

Sinter - what is it these days?

Today, material obtained through technological processes. In fact it is an artificial stone, formed from so much for crushed stone bound with cement or resins. Agglomerated stone is available in different color options. For this purpose, he added pigments, colored glass, shavings, metal, aventurine, and other items.

The Aggregate component is quartzite, marble, granite. For strength make the gasket the fiberglass mesh. The agglomerate consists of 80% natural rock elements.Sinter what is it

Production of agglomerated stone goes through several stages. The result is agglomerated tiles with various geometric patterns and bright ornaments. Such tiles used by designers for creative solutions. Sinter is produced in the form of stairs, window sills and countertops.

Now it becomes clearer what it is - agglomerate. Should consider this material.

Produced varieties

Types of sinter are dependent on the raw materials used in production. Agglomerated tiles produce:

  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Granite.

Agglomerated marble resembles a natural stone. It is easy to sand, but does not tolerate exposure to acids and mechanical damage.

Marble agglomerate available in different colours: pink, malachite, blue, blue.Sinter that is a

Agglomerated stone of granite or quartz has high wear resistance, resistance to chemical stimuli. It is used in areas of high exploitation.

Granite agglomerate is usually earthy shades. Manufacturers do not use this material saturated colors.

The Agglomerate of quartz

Quartz agglomerate, or alacart, has lower cost compared to other types.

It was patented in 1983. Since then, he has become extremely popular. The secret of popularity of this material lies:

  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Excellent technical parameters;
  • Numerous possibilities when decorating the interior.

Black agglomerate

Production Technology

In the manufacture of quartz agglomerate using natural quartz. As the fastening component is taken polymer resin. The coloring is achieved using color pigments. The colors are various. Looks elegant black agglomerate of quartz.


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As a result, the production of the material is very durable, second only Topaz, corundum and diamond.

The Technology of production of agglomerate is the use of vibration compression and goes through several stages:

  1. Preparation. Vein quartz crushed, washed, after drying, are subjected to sorting.
  2. The Stage of mixing. In quartz chips add resin, pigments and other fillers.
  3. Vibropressovoe. is Added to the powder of quartz, after which the mixture is placed in forms and put in vibropressovannykh camera. The machine operates by vacuum, vibration and pressure, so that the material strength is given.
  4. Stage of polymerization. the Mixture in the forms is put into a furnace and heated to the time when resin begins to melt.
  5. Conclusion. the Last production steps are the calibration and grinding. Ready plates get matte, glossy, semi. Sometimes put a pattern, engraving, ornament.

After all the stages of production of each tile shall be examined by the Comptroller on the subject of marriage, only then the master make of it table tops, bar counters and other furnishings.Quartz agglomerate


Allocvec has undeniable advantages over natural stone. Among them:

  • Security. it is Known that some breeds of natural stone have increased radiation, and sinter – what is it? This material is obtained artificially and therefore completely devoid of this shortcoming. In addition, the stone absorbs dirt and bacteria, which also can be said about Epocware.
  • Allure. of Course, natural stone has an excellent appearance, but it must be noted some limitation in the choice of colors. Alacarte color capabilities is much broader.
  • Technical properties. Allocvec has high strength and resistance to various influences, in contrast to the natural stone.sinter

Application sinter

Feedback on the material, the builders are extremely positive.

Manufacturers produce hundreds of agglomerate tiles of different factions. Some of them are incomparable visual characteristics. For example, with the addition of glass chips.

Agglomerate stone is used in interior and exterior decoration of buildings. They veneer facades, floors, stairs, swimming pools. Of the sinter feed material make steps, walls panels and window sills.

The Material has a structure, impervious to frost and moisture. But for exterior and Windows to better take in the agglomerate with the cement component.

Polymer resin in the composition of the agglomerate giving it elasticity and durability. But to use the material for fireplaces and Underfloor heating is not necessary, it is subjected to expansion when heated. This kind of agglomerated tiles are not polished.

Agglomerated marble is often used for the flooring. To protect the surface from scratches, cover the floor with liquid with quartz crystals. Coating of 2 mm thickness provides anti-slip characteristics, but does not change the texture and beauty of the material.

The Agglomerates of granite and quartz are hygienic and resistant to external influences. They are used for tiling in the bathroom and also for window sills, stairs.Agglomerate atisfy

Agglomerated Granite slabs are used in airports, railway stations and other areas with high traffic.

The Quartzite is often used in medical and care institutions.

The Agglomerate from plastic film

The Technology of agglomeration is used in several industries. Separately should be said about the agglomerate LDPE. This kind of material is produced from plastic film. The finished product looks like small pieces of film. It is used to produce other goods or film.

The Advantages of this type of sintered materials in its efficiency, environmental friendliness and convenience in storage and use.


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