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Ostriches-the biggest birds in the world. Live, these interesting birds in Africa. But if you want to see them you including in Russia. Ostrich farms in our country, there are several. Residents of the Urals, for example, can marvel at these birds and study their habits at Perm. Not far from this city organized a small private farm, at which visitors can buy a tour.


The location Close to the city — is an absolute advantage, is this Ostrich farm. Perm — the town is very large, and this economy is almost at his limits. Find ostrich farm near the village of Sasinovka, in the area of the Krasavinsky bridge. Most tourists come here for private car.

ostrich farm Perm

Ostrich farm (Perm): how to drive your car

To get into this unusual farm on the vehicle you need from junction Kondratovo-Krasnokamsk-port - Perm to roll the pointer on the village Sasinovka, after passing the arch under the bridge, move another 4 km straight (the road is not too good) Collapse Village left of the track.

The Farm is located directly behind the village. Find economy, focusing on the black roof of the hangar and the fence of galvanized iron. To drive to the ostrich farm you need from the village. Focus is on tablets “Swimming”. After the second turn left.

Ostrich farm (Perm): excursion organized

In most cases, fans of exotic travel to the ostrich farm. But if you want you can buy here and the tour. To make it easier directly in the city of Perm. Buses local travel agencies in agriculture usually from the theater. In addition to the inspection of the farm, such excursions typically include other entertainment (bubble show, animation).


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Work Schedule and the cost of attending

Called sasinowska ostrich farm (Perm) “Krasavinsky the farm”. Tours of the farm are held three times a day: at 12, 14 and 16 hours. On Saturday and Sunday at the farm you can come freely. Other days it is better to arrange this with the owners beforehand. Monday and Tuesday here the output.

ostrich farm tour Perm

Worth the trip to the ostrich farm near Perm very inexpensive. For the entrance you need to pay only 200-250 rubles. Children up to three years completely free of charge, to visit such an interesting place as an ostrich farm in Perm. Tour from the travel agent in this economy is, of course, more expensive. Per person the organizers for the farm visits usually take about 1500 rubles.


Open “Krasavinsky the farm” were in 2007. The Owners of his are Olga and Vladimir. Cultivation of the African ostriches, these farmers have been doing for over 12 years. They also grown rabbits-giants under the system of Mikhailov. the Number of ostriches on the farm to date, around 50 individuals. Tours of the farm include not only inspection of birds, but feeding them from hand.

In addition to ostriches and rabbits, the farm also includes animals such as:

  • Listed in the Red book canadian bison;

  • Hairy white goat;

  • Horses Blizzard and lake Baikal.

  • Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs;

  • Purebred chickens and turkeys;

  • Donkey Mouse;

  • Piglets mini piggies;

  • African hedgehogs;

  • Selezen Matvei.

Canadian bison farm owners are kept for crossing with domestic cows. Also Vladimir and Olga bred owned by them big lake red fish.

ostrich farm in Perm tour

Of Course, on the farm during the tour you can see not only ostriches, but other available animals here. All the inhabitants of the farm at desire it is possible not only to feed, but to touch or pet it. The exception is, of course, only bison and fish.

Optional activities

In Addition to visiting the animals tour program Such an interesting object as sasinowska ostrich farm (Perm), Usually includes other Of the event. For example, visitors to the farm can:

  • Watch the VIKey facts from the life of animals;

  • To drink tea with cookies;

  • To visit the 30-minute animation.

These entertainments are usually included in the tour price. For additional cost at the farm you can enjoy:

  • On the tractor;

  • Pony;

  • Quads;

  • A donkey.

Farm products

If you wish visitors to the farm can enjoy including ostrich and dog. About his desire to try such exotic food farm owners need to be warned in advance. The ostrich sausage dog, as you can judge by name, made from ostrich meat.

Of Course, it is possible to buy and try other products. For example, visitors are offered a healthy and tasty smoked or sun-dried ostrich meat. Also tourists may wish to purchase:

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