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"Black Friday" refer to the days most big discounts on the last Friday of November. On this day, stores hold sales, dropping the price to 95 %. It's safe to say that such generous offers come in one Friday of the year. Buyers all over the world are lining up for the coveted shopping in the "Black Friday". Customer reviews on discounts in the most famous shopping and tips for the greatest savings you can read this article.

Black Friday: history

The history of the world day of sales leads from America. It was there the next morning after Thanksgiving, resourceful sellers and began to carry out “Black Friday». Already in the XIX century, the first shops began to plow its doors that decorated the signs with quantity discounts. Of course, the name "Black Friday" was much later.

black Friday reviews

The history of the name. Every compulsive shopper can surely tell you that this Friday is not black and white and fluffy. So where, then it went expression? The fact that the police of Philadelphia were called the day after the Thanksgiving Holiday because of the many kilometers of traffic jams and a large number of people on the streets. After a big family dinner everyone went back about their business.

For many avid shoppers "Black Friday" starts much earlier: Thursday. Some people are Queuing at the store in the evening and spend up all night to get the choicest goods. There are even those who stand in line for the money. This is not a whim, on such sales will actually save a decent amount of money, especially when it comes to large purchases.


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black Friday in Russia reviews

Analogue to Black Friday in China is “boutique”, which is also held in November, but the number 11.

"Black Friday" in Russia: feedback

In Russia the day of sale came only in 2013, but has since caught the fancy of many. At least until the American scale Russian shops far, the best discounts forcing citizens to purchase in double quantities, not fearing for the family budget.

children's world black Friday reviews

In late November, many online stores started to sell the goods off the shelves. The largest electronics stores ("Eldorado", "M-Video", "Hardware", "Messenger") make promotions and discounts. If you wanted to buy any equipment or a smartphone, "Black Friday" perfect for this suit. In clothing stores can also be found heavily discounted products (MyToys, KupiVIP). If you love to clothes shopping on foreign websites, Asos, Aliexpress willing to deliver purchases in Russia after "Black Friday". About discounts the reviews are positive as buyers and sellers. After all, despite the huge markdowns, benefit both sides. The sellers achieve sales are not particularly popular product and increase sales, and buyers – economy.

"Black Friday" in the "Children's world"

Stores under the brand name “computers” can be found in almost every Mall. They can find baby clothes from 0 to 14, a variety of toys, food and more. Along with the rest of the shops "Detskiy Mir" has a sale on "Black Friday". The biggest discounts are offered in branded online store. In this you can buy the product with discount up to 70 %. As a rule, those who wish an expensive purchase or just want to please the kids gifts, buy things in the shop in "Black Friday". Reviews about this promotion. Many are unhappy that the desired product was immediately dismantled. Other buyers complain about overloaded the site's servers, which do not allow quickly to make purchases. If you want to raise and not to lower yourself up in Black Friday, you can learn a few tricks.

black Friday Auchan reviews

Subscribe to the newsletter of the “Black Friday». Customer reviews suggest to come on a website. It will pop up a window prompting you to leave your email address. The company will send you notifications about discounts on a particular product. To unsubscribe from the mailing list will be immediately after the action.

Make a list of necessary goods in advance. Aimlessly wandering through the site, you are wasting precious time that most of the products we can make out. Find out in advance which names will be discounts. The information is usually provided on the company website, in brochures or on the mailing list.

"Black Friday" in the "Auchan": reviews

On discounts in well-known hypermarket “Auchan” on the Internet you can also read a lot of controversy. Some believe that it is cheating and most discounts “stranded”. Others that at this time you can buy items with big discounts. And those and others in its own right. Of course, marketers do not miss the opportunity to sell unsold goods from the shelves. So a couple of weeks before the sale, and then the day before it increase the price tag of a product by 30 percent. After this product at 50% discount seems very attractive to buyers. People still receive their benefits, but in a smaller size than they thought.

black Friday in mega reviews

"Black Friday" in the "Auchan" the feedback was referred to as “Day savings”. If you buy products with a price idea about the risk to pay will be much less. And to save a substantial amount, you need to make a wish list and their regular prices. Then you will be satisfied with both sellers and buyers.

Mega: "Black Friday"

The Project of the company "IKEA" made a visit to the interior of the store even more profitable. Huge shopping complexes constructed around the stores, "IKEA", became very popular in Russia for a couple years. There are now 14 stores, each of which carried its own "Black Friday" ("Mega"). Reviews about this promotion in shopping centers. The thing is that a lot of outlets located in their territory, arrange discounts of up to 90 %. Among a variety of brands you can select what you really need, and save money.

black Friday in Moscow reviews

Black Friday in Moscow

Every year, the day sales in the capital, gathering more and more participants - both sellers and buyers. Large discounts participating toy stores, sporting goods, electronics and clothing. All of the most popular and sought-after goods you can purchase at a nice price in Black Friday in Moscow. Reviews of purchases are sometimes contradictory. But if you know how to approach the matter, you will be able to save.

Purchase the right purchase for Black Friday in Moscow you can in several ways:

  • Via the web-site;
  • Directly in the stores.

Official web site is the only in Russia and gathers the best deals in more than 50 stores. You can also subscribe, by which the service will keep you up to date. The downside of this method is the high workload of the site at the time of the start of sales.

black Friday discounts reviews

The Traditional way of buying “live” allows you to examine the item. Cons this shopping to "Black Friday" is the large number of customers and a smaller assortment than the online platforms.

Whichever method you choose, important is to get the maximum benefit. How do you do it?

How to get the maximum benefit

There are a few simple tips that will help you get the most out of Black Friday.

  1. Write a shopping list in advance.
  2. Specify the maximum amount you can spend without sacrificing your budget (and get out of the credit card).
  3. Compare products in other stores.
  4. Write down the prices before the sales.
  5. Don't buy everything on your way, keep a cool head.

Customer Reviews

Large-Scale actions always increase the number of purchases. And most of them performed in the "Black Friday". The reviews from customers, who purchased their goods on this day, ranging from happy to angry. It depends on how lucky a person to succeed in saving money. Most agree that these discounts are, but they need to look for.

Summing up, it should again be reminded of the need for careful shopping. Not worth it foolhardy to sweep away from shelves all products that you ever wanted to buy. If you approach the sale with the mind, your “catch” will be a joy in the "Black Friday" in Russia. Reviews then are the most favorable. Good luck!


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