Rye differs from wheat in appearance?


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All people at school know the name of such crops as wheat and rye. However, in these plants almost do not see the difference, although they are, and very significant. Read about them in the article.


Talking about the difference between rye and wheat, it is necessary first and foremost to give information about these cultures. So, wheat – is one of the most popular cereals. It can be grown as one or two years. As a rule, the height it reaches from thirty inches to five feet.

This plant belongs to the “three loaves of mankind”. Because wheat can be different (hard and soft, winter and spring), it is widely used in the economy. This plant is used in food and medicinal industry. Bakery, pasta, cereals and pet food-all of it is made from wheat. In addition, parts of the spikelet are used to create alcohol, immunomodulators and remedies for rejuvenation.

What distinguishes rye from the wheat

This plant was first mentioned in the gospel, and some divine parables. This may impact on such respect for this culture. It is believed that it began to transform into an agricultural plant about 8-6 thousand years BC. Currently, there are a huge variety of varieties of wheat. These include world-grown form, and local. Not all of them formally studied and recorded in the list of agricultural varieties of this plant.


In the process of answering the question: “What distinguishes rye from the wheat?” it is necessary to describe and the second plant. Rye – the second most popular agricultural crop, which is also one of the “three loaves of mankind”. It is widely used in the food industry. Bread with bran, which is made with rye flour, is a popular diet product, the value of which is recognized worldwide. In addition, the animals are happy to eat the sprouts of this culture.


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Rye is grown one year or several years. This plant reaches two feet in height. The maximum height of the culture – two meters. It can be both on spring and winter.

What is the ear of wheat from the ear of rye

This plant ceased to be wild about two thousand years ago. Since that time, there were numerous varieties of rye are grown almost everywhere. The fact that the crop unpretentious to environmental conditions, especially cold weather. Therefore, large quantities are grown on the territory of Russia and Ukraine.


Of Course, rye and wheat have a number of differences, but they also have similarities that are manifested in the external structure, cultivation, and even the history of these plants. For example:

  • There are both winter and spring forms of these cultures. It allows people involved in agriculture to grow crops in the most appropriate time.
  • Strong root system. Fibrous roots descend to the ground two meters.

rye differs from wheat in appearance

  • What distinguishes rye from the wheat? Structure of the ear. Despite the fact that the spikes of these plants are different, they are one and the same species. They are called complex.
  • The Leaves of rye and wheat – linear and narrow. The parallel venation on them. This means that a few larger veins are along the metal plate.
  • The Fruit of both plants is simple prasravana weevil, which is one seed.

Differences in the ear

Many people wonder what is the ear of wheat from a rye ear. This issue occurs because the parts of these plants can be found most of the differences.

First, the elongated ear of rye is kept on axis with a length of fifteen inches. This durable part of the plant holds it upright. Unlike wheat, rye ear in cross-section is quadrangular. On its surface is up to three stamens, and for wheat – up to five. Awn of ears of rye directed vertically upwards, while the awns of wheat grow in different directions.

What is the ear of wheat from the ear of rye

What distinguishes rye from the wheat in appearance? Flowers. In wheat they consist of two rows, which is three scales. Each of them has several stamens, Corolla, calyx and pistil. Wheat – and are wind-pollinated; self-pollinating plant. It can grow in poor conditions. However, she will self-pollinated under closed scales. At the same time, under good environmental conditions it will open the scales, resulting in pollinated with wind gusts. Rye also is pollinated only by the second method.

What is the ear of wheat from a rye ear? Color. Not yet ripe ears of rye have a bluish tinge, and wheat – green.

Differences in fruits

As mentioned earlier, the benefits of these important agricultural crops – weevil. But they can also be different. Answering the question: “What distinguishes rye from the wheat?”, can not be said of their form. Caryopsis of rye's long and thin, wheat – round. In its form it is easy to determine what kind of plant it is, after all, to confuse the fruit of them is not possible.

Rye grains located a groove, which penetrates deeply into it. It is surrounded by several shells. It is known that their number in one and a half or two times the number of shells of the grain of wheat.

How to distinguish the wheat rye OTO?

What distinguishes rye from the wheat? In the photo you can clearly see the ear of one of the most popular agricultural plants. To make sure that you are using rye or wheat, it can conduct a series of experiments.

  • Grains to Sprout. You need to take one grain of wheat and rye and give them to germinate. Then you need to dig them up and compare the roots. The three of them wheat, and rye-four.
  • Monitor the color of the leaves. One of the differences of these cultural plants is the color of their leaves. At rye it is red, sometimes bluish, and the wheat-bright green.

What distinguishes rye from the wheat photo

  • The Growth of these cultures is different. Rye – the highest grain plant. However, this criterion is not the most accurate – wheat in good conditions can come up to the height of the rye.
  • Awn of wheat is much shorter than the awns rye, this is very obvious in comparison.
  • Rye caryopsis thin and long, wheat – thick, short and almost round in cross section.


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