Chocolate figures and bas-reliefs on order: exclusive gifts for colleagues and partners


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In every company there are days when I especially want to Express respect to colleagues and business partners. At corporate events and other memorable events will be particularly relevant figurines made of chocolate. They will be a gift, the most appropriate in most cases.

Chocolates and chocolate Figures will attract attention on any occasion. Company can produce such products according to individual sketches. Another win-win situation – to gain a standard action figures classic forms. This prevents any force majeure even if made in accordance with the wishes of the customer figures are not suitable for transportation due to its fragility, the specialists of the company promptly modify the sketches to best meet the needs of the client.

chocolate figurines custom made

The imagination of the customer

The Company “” produces Chocolate figures to order in individual designs. The designers strive to meet all customer needs. The product may be a standard bas-relief logo of the company, and unusual figurines made of chocolate, reflecting the orientation of the business (for example, a computer mouse, a construction helmet with a logo, etc.) in addition, figures of festive subjects. Very unusual look of the portraits made of chocolate.

To create the most spectacular themed products, really surprising of its kind, professionals are ready to try 100%. The company will comply with the statues and figures according to customer's design and formulated individually own drawings. Therefore, the restriction of fantasy and the silence wishes – banned. For the company “” virtually no impossible! In this sweet Souvenirs is able to surprise not only their appearance, but taste.

chocolate bas-reliefs on order

A Special decorative value and package which can have any shape and be made of many different materials-cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, leather  etc.

Production of the order takes about three to four weeks.

What types of chocolate can be used?

A wide Range of tastes. Available figures from the bitter, milk, honey, caramel, pink (strawberry), orange (orange), yellow (lemon) chocolate. Not less popular cappuccino flavor.

An Alternative for the most demanding clients-the creation of exclusive colours and scents with the use of colorants and flavorings of natural origin. Any customer will be amazed of fine candy with the taste of kiwi, licorice, tangerine, cranberry. A true masterpiece will be the product with a mixture of the flavors. The basic components are traditional Belgian flavors SLUYS INTERNATIONAL and Barry Callebaut chocolate.  But not the less effect will produce the products according to individual order from premium varieties of chocolate from cocoa beans grown on Madagascar, Cuba, Tanzania, Venezuela or on the island of Java. The choice always remains for the buyer.

chocolates and chocolate figures on order

What is the cost of the product?

Prices of chocolates and chocolate figures can be different. They depend on:

  • Size and weight.
  • Complexity of production. For example, the cost of 3D shapes with lots of small parts.
  • Variety of product. So, the cost per unit of product at 100 tiles of dark chocolate (70.1%) will be 300 rubles. If you selected to treat with the taste of strawberries, one item in the same party will cost 350 rubles.

Important information

To determine the cost of chocolate products is required to inform the requirements for the wrapper, the parameters (width, thickness, height, etc.), raw material. Complete information about ordering will allow the company to realize customer wishes as accurately as possible. Cooperation with ‘” will be pleasant and productive.

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