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Choice of work is not so simple. In recent time there are not the most conscientious employers. They constantly deceive their subordinates, delayed wages and so on. So before to find a job in a particular company, it is necessary to study the many opinions about the workforce of the Corporation. What gets the "Hohoto" feedback from employees? What should pay attention before employment here?gohoto of the staff


The First thing you need to know exactly where you're applying. More specifically, in what specific sphere of activity occupied by the Corporation. It is noted that the "Hohoto" everything is clear.

Is the name of the organization you can understand that the company provides photo services. And not just private shooting holds, but also involved in large-scale events cities. For example, it is the "Hohoto" usually takes pictures of children in schools. Everything is very clear. For this "Hohoto" reviews of staff (or other city - no matter where the firm) earns positive. No shady activities, no cheating.


Vacancies for employment here, too full. They are all different, but somehow connected with the photographic services. You can find yourself something to taste. Yes, managerial positions are usually not found, but there is the prospect of career growth. Most companies need:

  • Managers-coordinators;
  • Photographers in office;
  • Photographers with their cars.

As you can see, all very simple and clear. Another plus, which the company "Hohoto" feedback staff receives very positive, low requirements to subordinates. Photographers can not be experience. Especially when you have your own car. Your portfolio is not so important for this employer. The main thing that you were more than 18 years. Here we take only adult citizens.gohoto staff Moscow


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The Interview

The Interview is a very important point that should pay attention. During it, the employer decides how you fit the firm. And you able to conclude about the integrity of the Corporation.

As such, the interview no. For this "Hohoto" the staff gets mixed. After all, someone believes that such a phenomenon serves as a guarantor of employment in a bona fide organization. Conversation with the recruitment Manager here resembles a friendly conversation where you sign all the positive aspects of "Hohoto". You literally lured here. Learn about high earnings and career prospects, and how simple and easy it is to work and full social package. All you need in job applicants!

Early days

The Company "Hohoto" feedback from employees of diverse type receives in the first days, which are held here applicants. It is noted that from the very beginning of the probationary period (month is optional) start some dissatisfaction.

For Example, you have to get up very early. "Hohoto" often works from 8:00 to 15-16:00. To come into the office will have about 7 in the morning to prepare equipment and to prepare yourself for the shoot. If you don't have your car to get to the customer will have their own. In the first days it turns out that way you no pay will not. All just out of pocket.gohoto staff Nizhny Novgorod

At the end of the day it will be clear that to remain in office will have to put 3-4 PM, and 7-8 PM. Of course, additionally nobody will pay for such work. Schedule is here irregular, but some tend to abandon the employment. The coordinators do not always understand the location of the customer. It's small flaws, but many of them are forced to reflect on the integrity of the organization.

Warning: deception

"Hohoto" reviews of staff (Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, St. Petersburg, no matter in which city you want to find a job, the situation is the same everywhere) is not getting the best content for many moments, slipping in the process.

Some say that officially to find a job here nearly impossible. If you will be able to defend their right to do so. Earnings are detained, sometimes for several months. Not paid probation. This rule applies to frames that are not authenticated, and those who coped with the task.

By the Way, the earnings of LLC "Hohoto" the staff gets negative. After all, in the interview fooled. Initially promise high income with a more or less standardized schedule (from 20-25 thousand rubles), but in practice you get to 8000. It doesn't matter how much work was done by you personally. After about a month or two you can stop giving orders. Then the earnings will be only the salary in 5 thousand roubles (sometimes more). Frustrating also the presence of "gray" wages. This is reflected in sick leave and vacation is not the best way.gohoto company reviews employees

All of the above noted employees on a variety of sites otzoviki. No evidence of these phenomena there, but the negatives are much more common than positive views. This is a good occasion to reflect on the honestyorganization.

Place of work

Special attention should be paid place of work in the "Hohoto". No matter what city you are going to find a job, everywhere approximately the same working conditions. They delight, if not to take into account the violation of the established work schedule and lack of payment for transportation.

You may be and in the offices of the organization and at the exit points. As a rule, the "Hohoto" the feedback from staff in respect of the branches of Corporation positive light everywhere, comfortable, clean and cozy. Exit points more likely to be school. Especially for New year and prom days. To work with a large flow of people, in particular children, is very difficult, but it's worth it. In schools you can even offer a free lunch. These facts are frequently emphasized by employees.


You may notice that the "Hohoto" the staff gets diversified. It is impossible to say how this organization is unscrupulous. However, the deception on her part visible. It seriously affects the rating organizations.OOO gohoto staff

You can find the "Hohoto" black lists of employers in different cities. Yes, it is difficult to find a company in which there are no drawbacks. But you are always able to find a job where less minuses. "Hohoto" - not the best place to work, but it's not as bad as many describe it.

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