Year-round underground greenhouse: design, technology arrangement


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The Insulating properties of the earth have long been used in agriculture for different needs. As example, the technique of ensiling, which allows in the trenches and pits to create conditions for preservation of plant forage. Different tasks put in front of recessed pits gardeners. They offer instead of the traditional greenhouse structures to arrange artificial conditions for growing directly in the soil niche. In other words, formed an underground greenhouse, which on top has a protective frame made of the same materials as conventional construction.

General technology construction

underground greenhouse

The Need of furnishing underground greenhouses due to the desire of farmers to provide optimal conditions for plant development. This technique is simple and financial inclusion – in a large economy may not be required to purchase materials, since the frame can be build out of simple wooden planks, and as the cover to use the tape. The output is supposed to be greenhouse-thermos, the construction of which is aimed at ensuring an optimal climate. For this reason, such structures are used in cold regions where arrangement of the classic greenhouse requires the use of enhanced insulating materials. In this case, they are replaced by walls of earth.

Despite an in-depth basis, the top part will be performed by the General rules of installation of greenhouses. Before the host will also be a question of choice of optimal variant covers. What is the greenhouse better – made of polycarbonate, film or glass? The first method is better manifests itself in the full designs of the traditional film, as already noted, is the most affordable option, and the glass could be an intermediate version, suitable for installations with high requirements for thermal insulation.

Preparation of basis for greenhouse

heated greenhouses

Depending on the scale of the proposed greenhouses are determined by the dimensions of the recess. The standard parameters of such structures are 1.5 x 2.5 m. the depth can reach 1 m. it is Important to take into account the object's location on the site. Greenhouse should be located on the South side, and the excavated soil should be left in the Northern part of the building. The corners are formed holes for future supporting pillars. Depending on what will be the size of the underground greenhouse year-round, defines how the basis for the frame and, consequently, the parameters of the holes. After the arrangement of the niches under the posts they should be lightly covered with gravel or gravel and then cover with water. The supporting elements are installed at the Foundation, that is, with the use of cement mortar. When the mixture to complete the polymerization, it is possible to start the construction of the frame.


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Installation of base frame

greenhouse thermos design

Around the perimeter of the recess in order to strengthen the design can also be a flooded basement or lined blocks. In both cases, these elements act as a basis for the further construction of the walls and roof. Depending on the scope and requirements to the microclimate, the underground greenhouse can be made of different materials. The most affordable option – the use of boards, the mounting of which is performed on the metal trusses using screws. That is formed by the double skeleton frame, which in the future will form the cladding materials.

The Second option provides for a more serious approach to the arrangement of the structure – the laying of the blocks. From the viewpoint of heat-insulating function is the best solution. Properly constructed walls made from this material can even eliminate the need for additional insulation. Using blocks is formed greenhouse-thermos, the construction of which in itself acts as a regulator of the indicators of a microclimate favorable for vegetation.


what better hothouse

In the case of using a film material sufficiently to prepare the segments that will are harboring Foundation structures. The joints usually are fixed with special hinges or, even better, originally stapled construction pad. If you plan an underground greenhouse made of glass, then you should purchase special profiles, which will be recorded in separate sheets. In terms of the effectiveness of insulation in combination with thermal blocks will allow you to arrange the most favorable design according to climatic parameters.

Polycarbonate with respect to conventional farming projects is considered to be the best solution. It is similar in characteristics to the glass, but the strength to compete even with aluminum profile. However, the question about what a greenhouse is better – glass or polycarbonate, is not so obvious. First, the carbonate is more expensive than glass. Secondly, it is in the underground greenhouses its strength characteristics are not as important, so an alternative may be and glass.

Engineering infrastructure

underground greenhouse year-round

An Additional improvement of the insulation materials usually used in casesthe combination of wooden walls and a film coating. Teploizolyatsiya recessed greenhouse with the help of foam and plastic insulation. Synthetic materials are not recommended.

In addition you must arrange and lighting system. Conventional lamps use is not worth it. For greenhouses manufacturers produce special led bulbs, which provide the most favorable for plant color range. In cold regions it will be useful to provide a floor heating system. With its help settle a heated greenhouse, suitable and heat-loving plants.

Advantages of underground structures

The General principle of arrangement of greenhouses involves the use of essentially free resource in the form of land. Wall groundwater reservoirs are a natural microclimate control and protective barrier against external influences. So in winter time do not have to worry about additional protection of buildings from wind, rain and frost. Especially valuable in this respect, the heated greenhouse, which combines the advantages of in-depth development of design and auxiliary heating function, which makes the possibility of year-round operation of agricultural object. Of course, expanding the list of crops suitable for planting in the created conditions.

embedded greenhouse


The construction of such structures is not completely relieves the owner from the hassle of designing at least the General schematic design solutions. Advance is necessary to calculate the exact set of materials from which is constructed an underground greenhouse at the top. The fact that the configuration of the main frame will determine the Foundation base, so adjustments in the process to make will not work. The most important step – creating shelter. It can be done with film, and with the use of glass. Also many people use tech polycarbonate, which is durable and high light transmission capacity.

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