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The Collection activity in contemporary Russia is provided by the relevant organizations. Their work is often valued by customers and employees, and "victims". According to numerous opinions, one can often judge the integrity of a company. What are the reviews of EOS (collection Agency) earns from his subordinates and the population at large? This company is? How it is fair? All this on!reviews of EOS collection Agency

Activities and amenities

EOS is a collection Agency. Perhaps, in Russia many people know what they do to such an organization. Therefore, in respect of activities there are no comments. Is that some kind of surprise. What causes it? The fact that the company "EOS" is nothing like a collection company, which has reached the international level. That is, it offers its services both in Russia and abroad.

What kind of activity is this organization? It is extremely simple. Any specific moments, except for work at the international level. In General, referring to EOS, you can see that the Corporation offers:

  • A repurchase debt;
  • Debt recovery;
  • Work with debt at the international level.

The Last point yet not too popular, but it requires some. And EOS provides assistance of this type without any problems. Collection services here is as good as the user, will be provided in full. You will never remain indifferent!


Where is this Agency? This issue is extremely important for those who are going to apply here for help. Or in the case when the activities of collectors in this company violates your rights. So where to go?OOO EOS


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The City, which is EOS - Moscow. More specifically, on Tverskaya street, the house 12, building 9. Such address specified on the official website of the company. It turns out that the organization is available to residents of Moscow and Moscow region. Other citizens to contact her, but if the city has no branch of the organization, it is unlikely that they will be helped in the proper amount. After all, few of the collectors will agree to go to another city for activities.

So, OOO EOS works primarily with residents of Moscow and Moscow region. Other citizens and organizations also have the right to apply here, but will have to prepare for what services will be provided for a long time.


And how to get involved with this Corporation? To make it easier. The main thing - to belong to a particular category of persons. the Thing is that the company "EOS" divides its customers and debtors. For them were invented for a completely different phone. In other words, being a debtor, you can't get advice on combinations, intended for direct clients. This is a very convenient separation for which the company receives only positive opinions. Always clear who is calling.collection services

The EOS phone for customers is not the only one. Provides at least 2 combination that will help to get advice. This Fax: 7 (495) 969 26 12 and conventional phone: 7 (495) 788 79 00. It's for Russian clients. For foreign citizens have a different combination: +49 40 2850 4178.

But debtors must use other phone numbers. Moreover, this rule also applies to Russia and on the international "victims." This approach pleases many. In order to reach the company, you will need to dial the number: 8 800 555 17 10. This Federal combination provided especially for those who lives in Russia. But foreigners can take advantage of: +49 40 2850 4179. To reach the organization will succeed without any problems at almost any time. Especially if you are a citizen of Russia, which is calling on "a hot line".


Of Course, any service must somehow be paid. So many are interested in the details of the organization. They require the debtors to transfer funds, and direct customers.collectors of EOS

The EOS details is available for review at the official site. The transfer of funds should occur at the address specified earlier organization. Namely: Russia, Moscow, Tverskaya street 12, building 9. The following information will need to search for the payee (preferably Bank transfer).

The company was as follows: 7714704125. CAT - 771001001, and bin - 1077758117117. As practice shows, the easiest way to search for a recipient at the INN. In this way most often used by clients and debtors for the required amount of cash.


What they say themselves collectors of EOS about your employer? Opinions diverge here. It is difficult to judge integrity of the company, whose activities sometimes goes beyond what is permitted.

Someone points out that this organization is very good. Here they promise high wages, a full benefits package and diverse, not monotonous activity. Most often, it turns out. Cash do not delay, pay as much as promised in the interview (15-25 thousand). For the implementation of the plan and its fulfillment is based on a variety of bonuses and prizes. During this reviews of EOS (collection Agency) earns a positive.EOS phone

But not everything is as good as it seems. Some employees often complain that they are forced to break laws in order to seek payment of debts. Long hours, constant stress - all this affects the ranking of the employer not the best way. Someone stated that after dismissal from the collection company difficult to get a job in some other place.

What to believe? And that, and another. Reviews of EOS (collection Agency) has received mixed, but most of them are true, though there is no documentary evidence of pronounced opinions. Overall, the Corporation for earnings is good, but you will need a huge stress. Settling here to work, you need to clearly understand what it is you agree.

For clients

The Important role played by the opinion of customers about the organization. What can you say about EOS? For customers, this company looks prestigious. Because it is not only in Russia operates, and has a good practice.EOS details

It is Noted that to deceive a collection Agency does not seek, it fulfills all its obligations. Contacting here, you can be sure that services are outbid and debt recovery are provided in full. If you don't know where to turn for punishment of the negligent debtor, but the court never gets old, the firm will help you do this.

If you have any questions you can contact the call center or personally, to come in office of the organization. Here you will have a consultation and explain everything that was previously unclear. Beyond legal regulations EOS is trying to get out. Complaints about the firm from the debtors and hence, can not be afraid for the resale of debts.


But from those from whom the firm "knocks out" debts, reviews of EOS (collection Agency) receives not the best. They are mostly negative. However, like most of the collectors. Because their activities are often performed with violation of the established laws of the country.

It is Noted that the collectors of the concerned debtors and by all means remind about its existence. The probability that you will quickly fall behind, small. However, the employees of the organization try not to deface property. The most common leverage used threats of violence.EOS Moscow

Some point out that a collection Agency EOS you can "scare" a violation of the law. After that, you will begin a cultural, but too annoying to ask to repay debts. If not, but you are concerned about, will have to go to break and with a credit institution, management of EOS. In almost all cases, when asked to name information about the employer collectors are doing it. That is, they have nothing to hide.


It turns Out that the reviews the company receives are varied. A lot depends on which way you look at organization. In principle, it is not the worst recoverer of debts, but fairly prestigious firm for treatment.

To Find justice for EOS if they transgress the law. But this phenomenon is not very common. You need collection services? Then EOS is what you need!

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