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The tip of the TML is a device designed to create the best contact leads of the device to the network. Stands for this marking in the following way. The letter "T" means that the item is made of pipe "M" is the name of the material, in this case copper. May also be used brass or aluminum. Naturally, with the change of the source material will vary and the markings. The letter "L" means that the contact is tinned.

General information

Any good owner knows that a simple household device to the network will be insufficient to create acceptable conditions for the operation of the device. When poor contact wire will begin to experience overload when voltage is applied that is likely to lead to failure of the entire device as a whole or even the ignition wiring. To avoid such troubles, you need to make sure the connection is secure. The tip of the TML is a special device that is intended to solve a specific problem. This is a special tip which is used to concavity electric wire and thereby to ensure a reliable connection between the network and the device. There are several materials from which may be the tip, but the best is copper.

tip tml


There are two types of fixtures. The first is cable lugs without coating, and the second is the lugs with tin-plated finish.

Lugs TML are considered to be better than those that don't have coverage. They are more practical in application, so as to create sufficient protection against corrosion, which in turn greatly increases the life of the fixture. In addition, tin-coated contact exhibits a resistance to such acids as sulfuric, nitric and hydrochloric. Another advantage is the fact that these tips TML are not afraid of moisture, air and any other aggressive environment. It is worth saying that because of this coating the electrical conductivity of the devices is still declining, however, and those indicators that are considered stable and acceptable for use.


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tips Lejeune tml

Termination and crimping

Another important point when using this device is to protect the cleaned copper contacts which will oxidize pretty quickly, which will lose its current conduction, that rises the resistance, and therefore, this place will start to warm up, and there is a fire.

Copper lugs are used for TML termination bare copper contacts. Most of all, to install this fixture on the veins of copper material, use a regular crimping pliers. It should be noted that as a material for the production of these devices uses copper pipes with different diameter. They were cut and after flattening on one side. After that, tapered end of the pipe is done with a small hole, which is necessary to tighten the bolt that will hold the tip.

tip tinned copper tml

Lug Crimping TML is used for the following purposes:

  • To establish a connection between the grid of the building and necessary appliance;
  • To establish contact within one device between multiple parts or to establish a connection between multiple devices;
  • Very common operation "splice", which is used when you need to lengthen the existing wire through the accession of another.

Tip window

One of the varieties of the tip of TML is TML(on). Main characteristics of these models are completely identical. As follows from their markings, they also are made of copper, as well as other parts. The only difference from the standard cells was the presence of the viewing window. This is a hole that allows you to verify proper connection of the contact while the device is already put on wire. Most of these kinds are used in industrial plants, but because not all electricians or just house owners who need to connect the wires, you know about the existence of this subspecies.

tip tml 6

Bi-metal type tip

The cable-lug TML may differ not only by the material from which it is made, and the method of its installation, as well as in its purpose.

The Most generic part is determined from the electrical bimetal part. It has such advantages as the possibility of connection with any kind of metal core, and also has a small special stopper that allows you to clamp the wire at the required interval. Most often for the production of such devices is aluminum instead of copper.

tip tml 10

Another type of this element is the tip of TML KW.

Copper tip

The Most robust and reliable model is a billet of copper. Very often it is made watertight, which gives the possibility to install it in a humid environment. In addition, it has good resistance to any aggressive influences from the outside environment. Cheaper and affordable analogue of such a tip was brass.

It is Important to note that the copper fixture can only be installed on copper conductors of the cable. One more important thing. Everyone who bought such items, was faced with a large number of digits on the package. For example, the tip of the TML 6-6-4. It is important to note that all plated items may be installed on cable with a section diameter from 2.5 to 240mm2. Maximum voltage up to 35 kV. And here are the numbers 6-6-4 are as follows: wire cross section 6 mm2; the diameter of the contact shank - 6 mm; the inner diameter of shank - 4 mm.

wire end ferrule tml

There are several different types of tips. To understand what is in a specific package, you need to understand the marking.

  • Marking THAT indicates that the item is made of tubular aluminum.
  • Meets such marking, as the CIP. It means that the tip of the cable is a stand-alone self-supporting connector ring installation plate.
  • Pin sleeve the item will be marked as NSUI.
  • A Very common marking is the tip of TML-10. The number 10 means that the wire cross section and the diameter of the contact rod 10 mm2 and 10 mm, respectively.


There are 4 main mounting lugs. The first option is crimping, the second is a screw or bolt, the third, welding the fourth is the soldering terminals.

If we talk about this kind of connection, like a crimp, it can run four different tools. This can be a hand press, mechanical, pumping or hydraulic press. It is important to understand that each of the devices has its own characteristics and properties. For example, for pressing domestic wire and tip it is best to use an ordinary hand press. To connect between the power cable and the tip have to use a more powerful tool. Most likely, you will need a hydraulic or mechanical press.


One of the variants of fastening is a bolt. In this case, the depth of the cable fixing details will be recorded by the head of the bolt. Before to connect these two elements, it is necessary to strip the desired length of cable from coil to strip mine. It is worth noting that the press can have different sizes that depend on the scope of the tool. However, the most popular lately become the ones who can change their size as the wrench. The parameters of the modification are in the range from 0.25 to 1 mm. there is another important detail is the lack of need to use pliers for the job. The reason for this was that the hand press of such size is most often used for crimping the very thin cables which can break under strong pressure with the pliers.

Homemade tips

Currently, the most popular steel ferrules PHOENIX CONTACT. In the CIS they are most in demand. Reviews of this products is most often positive. Hold on the cable, they are pretty good. The connection between the cable and this also item is at an acceptable level, according to buyers. Some buyers have used this item for bulkhead electrical contacts of the motor vehicle. The owners say that even without PROFAMILIA very easy to do the crimping. You can do it with a hammer, but you need to beat gently, otherwise you can interrupt the core. At a current of about 80 And the contacts remained cold.lug crimping tml

However, you cannot always find the right size fixture. For this reason, people often made their own. Make it pretty easy. To manufacture such an element, you need to take a piece of copper pipe with suitable size, flatten one end, and then make a hole with the correct size. However, the problem may be that it is not clear what strain will be able to withstand such a product. So...

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