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Hens — the most popular on the home farmstead poultry. Bred her mainly for a large number of eggs. Only one hen can carry them up to 200-300 units a year. The undoubted advantage of these chickens compared to broilers, is the rusticity and resistance to diseases. But, of course, breeding laying hens at home — a procedure that requires compliance with certain technologies.

Where to begin?

Chickens are usually bought at the poultry farm, or output through the incubator. Of course, the breeding of laying hens for eggs is impossible without well-equipped barn. To build this structure can be made of any materials. However, if you use concrete you should additionally take care about the insulation. Cold most breeds, hens are not afraid. But in heated shed in winter, the bird will feel more comfortable. Besides well chickens only at temperatures below 15 gr.

laying hens breeding

Build a shed usually away from the house. The smell from the chicken coop, even with regular cleaning might not be too pleasant. The size of the shed chosen on the basis that 10-20 hens must have a minimum of 2x3 m area. Usually a shed erected frame and panel Board on a concrete or wooden poles. Inside be sure to arrange at least one window. Otherwise the hens will not be laying.

Construction of a barn

Of Course, breeding laying hens at home will be successful only if the house properly equipped. First of all the barn you need to put the feeder. Their design should be such that the Chicks were able to eat all at the same time, without crowding. Typically, the owners of personal plots just shot down two narrow boards at angles and fastened at the bottom of the legs. On top of this feeder is set to the pole, rotating around its axis. Without this element, the chickens will climb inside the resulting "trough" and to throw food around. To sit on the perch and leave the feeder droppings they also will not work because it rotates.


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As drinkers in the chicken coop are usually installed just old pots or large cups. Of course, in the barn you need to build roosts. The most efficient way to place poles in the form of a ladder, at a distance of about 35-40 cm from each other. The lower perch should be placed at a height of about 80 cm of the Nest can be installed on the floor, but still better to nail them to the wall next to the roost. Their sizes should be such that the inside fits a chicken. Please note: nests and roosts should not be placed under the window. Drafts are afraid to even unpretentious hens.

home business breeding of laying hens

If the floor of the barn is concrete, it must be covered with straw or sawdust to fill the layer 10-20 cm the same can be done with wooden floors. But in this case it's not necessary. On the wooden floor of straw, usually laid only in the winter.


In contrast to broilers, laying hens, breeding which isn't a very difficult part of the day have to carry out in the fresh air. So close to the barn should be put in the paddock. Wall it is usually mesh-netting. Per hen in the paddock should be of the order of 2 m2 area. Inside the fenced area install waterers and feeders. In addition, care must be taken to have chickens in the summer was the ability to hide in the shadows.

The Entrance to the paddock, make straight in the side of a barn at the bottom. LAZ necessarily equipped with door. Otherwise in the coop at night can get unwanted animals, domestic or wild.

chickens hens at home

Care chickens

Hens can be just the perfect choice for the novice farmer. This bird is extremely hardy, but of course breeding hens for eggs - as a business or just “yourself” - will be successful only if the correct care for them.

First, as already mentioned, the shed should be enough light. Light bulbs hang here to be sure. The night light in the coop off. To determine when it needs to be done, it's easy. Chickens on the roosts sit every time at the same time. Can be hung in the shed extra not too bright red bulb and leave it on overnight.

In the summer day, the hole in the enclosure must be open. The bird can decide how much time she spends in the barn, and how much — on the street. Home breeding of laying hens in winter has its own characteristics. At this time, bird also released to walk, but not more than a couple of hours and only in case, if it is not too cold (not below -14 oz.). As for feed, the number of roots in the diet in winter is slightly lower, but grain, on the contrary, increase.raising chickens hens

Eggs from nests should be collected on time. Cleaning the shed is carried out at least twice a year (but not winter). It is also desirable to arrange a simple ventilation. This is usually just bore holes in opposite walls (one upstairs, another downstairs).

Features feeding laying hens

The Contents of this bird — always a good home business. Breeding of laying hens - the procedure is not too costly. Eating this bird is much smaller broilers in relation to feed unpretentious. Although these chickens are not grown for meat, the proteins they needs to obtain in sufficient quantity. The hens definitely feed wheat, feed, fish or meat and bone meal. It is also very useful to give the yeast.

the breeding of laying hens for eggs as a business

Of Course, that chickens should be fed foods that contain large amounts of calcium. Otherwise, the shell eggs will be very thin. This can be, for example, chalk or powdered shells. Sometimes give and grated shell.

Roots and grass — also important components of a chicken's diet. In the mash, you can add shredded carrots and beets, cabbage, potatoes, zucchini, etc. in the Fall mixed with grated apples and pears. An excellent addition to mash will the nettle, carrot tops and beet, quinoa. For better digestibility of food in the barn should be set to a small container with small pebbles. Feeders and waterers should be periodically at least once a week to wash out.

Raising laying hens: feeding regime

The Food these chickens are usually given three times a day. Morning protein fill food. This can be, for example, a grain of wheat mixed with bran. In the afternoon, the chickens should be fed mash. In the trough it was applied in such quantity that everything was completely eaten within half an hour. In the evening the bird again, give the grain. Feed your chickens need to always at the same time. Otherwise, they will decrease egg production.

Laying Hens: breeding in the home

Chicks from hens of this variety are not hard to obtain. One cock should have 5-10 chickens. To bring the chickens, just need to wait until some hens will sit on eggs. It happens quite often. Put new eggs under the hen in the next five days.

If none of the hens do not wish to become a sitting duck, will have to use an incubator. Eggs to lay are also taken within five days. Of course, they must be whole and large. The incubator should choose a mode with auto rotation. Displays the chickens in such units on a 28-29 day after laying.

home breeding of laying hens

Care of young

The Idea is, of course, good - breeding laying hens as a business. Reviews about the bird in this direction productivity of the farmers is good because of the endurance and chickens. Lunge between the Chicks is not seen. However, the problem with it arises, of course, only if proper care of the youngsters. Hatched Chicks are traditionally put in a box with newspaper prosalendis bottom. For heating is placed inside or incandescent bulb, or a bottle with hot water wrapped in a thick cloth. The newspaper subsequently periodically change.

The chick's Diet at first should consist of chopped eggs, cottage cheese and millet. You can buy food and “Start” for laying hens. Also in the box is necessary to supply the drinker. It could just be a plate installed upside-down jar. For the first time in the water for the chickens add a bit of potassium permanganate (to pale pink) for the disinfection of the stomach.

The Temperature in the box in the first days should not be below 30-32 gr. Then it gradually reduced to 20-24 oz. In the barn the chickens can translate in three weeks old. At the same time they usually begin to produce in the paddock. But, of course, only in case if the street is warm enough.

The food is grown Chicks grated carrots, sliced nettles, bran, fine granules, millet, etc., you Can add the tops. Be sure to give the grated chalk or seashells. Finally the adult diet of young laying hens can be translated by two months of age.

What you need to know

Laying Hens, the farming — the procedure is not too troublesome, show high productivity usually only the first two years. Further, the number of laid eggs drastically reduced. ...

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