The schismatics. The image of Rodion Raskolnikov in the novel "Crime and punishment"


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The focus of this article will be of Rodion Raskolnikov, an image which almost immediately became a household name in Russian literature. This character in the beginning of the novel faces a dilemma-he Superman or an ordinary citizen.

In the novel "Crime and punishment” Fyodor Dostoyevsky takes the reader through the steps of decision making and of remorse after the deed.

Crime and punishment

Theory of a crime of Rodion Raskolnikov, which he tries to solve global issues, subsequently fails. Dostoevsky in his novel not only shows the issues of good and evil and crime with responsibility. It is against the background of moral controversy and struggle in the soul of the young man shows the daily life of St. Petersburg society of the nineteenth century.

Raskolnikov, whose image just after the first release, the novel became a household name, suffers from a mismatch of your thoughts and plans with reality. He wrote an article about the chosen people who are allowed everything, and tries to verify whether it belongs to the past.

image splitters

As we shall see later, even hard labor has not changed that thought about themselves Dissenters. The old woman–the pawnbroker became his only principle through which he entered.

Thus, in the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky through the prism of the suffering of former student reveals many philosophical and ethical questions.

The beauty of the work lies in the fact that the author shows them not from the point of view monologues of the protagonist, and the clash with other characters acting as doubles and opposites of Rodion Raskolnikov.


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Who is this Raskolnikov?

Rodion Raskolnikov, whose image is stunningly described by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, was a poor student. Life in St. Petersburg has never been cheaper. Therefore, without a steady income this young man is sinking into hopeless poverty.

The judge even had to quit his studies at University, as not enough funds for anything. Subsequently, when deal with different facets of his personality, we verify that this student has long lived in a world of illusions.

So, why Raskolnikov murder was considered the only right step to the future? Really it was impossible to go the other way? Next, we will deal with the motives of the act and situations in life that led to this idea.

To begin, here is the description of Raskolnikov. He was a slender young man at the age of twenty-three years. Dostoevsky writes that the growth of Rodion was above average, dark eyes, and hair color – dark brown. The author says that because of the dire financial situation of the student's clothes were more like rags, in which an ordinary person would be ashamed to go outside.

In this article we will look at what events and meetings have led to the crime of Raskolnikov. Writing in school usually requires the disclosure of his image. This information can help to perform this task.

So, in the novel we see that today, after reading the Western philosophers tend to divide society into people of two types – “a loathsome creature” and “have the right”. This reflects the Nietzschean idea of the Superman.

who killed dissenters

At First he even consider myself the second category, which actually leads to murder them old woman prozentsatz. But after the crime, Raskolnikov is unable to withstand the burden of the crime. It turns out that the young man originally belonged to ordinary people and was not a Superman, to whom everything is permitted.

Criminal types

Literary critics for years have argued, where there is such a character, Rodion Raskolnikov. The way this man can be traced as in the press reports of the time, in literary works, and biographies of famous people.

Thus, it turns out that their appearance the protagonist is obliged to different people and messages that was known to Fyodor Dostoevsky. Now we will cover the criminal prototypes of Rodion Raskolnikov.

In the press of the nineteenth century, the famous three cases which could affect the formation of the storyline of the main character “Crime and punishment”.

First described in September 1865 in the newspaper “Voice” the crime of a young twenty-seven, clerk. His name was Gerasim Chistov, and among the familiar youth was considered a schismatic (if you check the dictionary, the term in the figurative sense means someone who goes against the accepted traditions).

The clerk was killed with an axe two old maids in the home of the bourgeois, Dubrovina. Cook and laundress prevented him to Rob the premises. The offender took away gold and silver items and money that I stole from metal-covered chest. Old women found in pools of blood.

Crime practically coincides with the events of the novel, but the punishment Raskolnikov was slightly different.

The Second case is known from second issue “Time” for 1861. There was presented the famous “process of Lastera” that took place in the 1830-ies. This man was a French serial killer for whom the lives of others meant nothing. For Pierre-françois Lastera, as contemporaries said, was the same “that to kill a man, drink a glass of wine”.

After his arrest, he writes memoirs, poems and other works that tries to justify their crimes. According to his version, he was under the influence of revolutionary ideas "of the struggle against injustice in the society”, which he inspired utopian socialists.

Finally, the last case is associated with an acquaintance of Fyodor Dostoevsky. Professor of history, a Muscovite, a relative of the widow Comninou (aunt of the writer) and the second applicant on her inheritance (along with the author of “Crime and punishment”).

His name was Neophytes, and he was detained in the course of the proceedings on the issue of counterfeit tickets home loan. It is believed that his case has prompted the writer to put in the mind of Rodion Raskolnikov, the idea of instant enrichment.

Historical prototypes

If we talk about famous people who influenced the formation of the image of a young student, it's more about the ideas than about the actual events or personalities.

description of Raskolnikov

Let's look at the reasoning of great men who could build up the description of Raskolnikov. In addition, all their treatises are viewed on the pages of the novel in replicas of minor characters.

So, without a doubt, in the first place is the product of Napoleon Bonaparte. His book “the Life of Julius Caesar” quickly became a bestseller of the nineteenth century. In it the Emperor showed to the society the principles of his worldview. Corsican believed that among the General mass of mankind are born occasionally “supermen”. The main difference of these individuals from others in that they are allowed to break all the rules and laws.

In the novel, we see the reflection of this thought constantly. This article Rodion in the newspaper, and the thoughts of some characters. However, Fyodor shows a varied understanding of the meaning of the phrase.

The Most cynical variant of the embodiment of the ideas of the former student. Who killed Dissenters? Old woman pawnbroker. However, the judge sees the event differently in some parts of the novel. Initially, the young man believes that “it is the lowliest creation” and “killing one creature, he will help hundreds of lives”. Later, the idea reappeared in the fact that the victim was not a man, and ‘crushed louse”. In the last step the young man comes to the conclusion that she killed her own life.

Svidrigailov and Luzhin also made Napoleonic motives in their actions, but they will be discussed later.

In addition to the books the French Emperor, similar ideas were in the works «the Only one and his property” and “Murder as one of fine arts”. We see that for a novel, student worn with ‘idea-passion”. But this event is more like a failed experiment.

At the end of the novel we see that in prison, Raskolnikov realizes the fallacy of behavior. But finally the young man has not parted with the idea. It is clear from his thoughts. On the one hand he is distressed about the ruined youth, on the other – regrets that admitted. If I could handle it, and maybe I would for myself, “Superman”.

Literary prototypes

The Description of Raskolnikov that you can give the character accumulates various thoughts and actions of the characters of other works. Fyodor Dostoevsky through the lens of doubt a young man deals with many social and philosophical problems.

Raskolnikov's mother's letter

For Example, a lone hero defying society, there are most of the romantic writers. So, Lord Byron creates an image of Manfred, Lara and the Corsair. Balzac, we find similarities in Rastignac, and Stendhal – Julien Sarale.

When you consider who killed the Dissenters, one can draw an analogy with Pushkin's "Queen of spades”. There he tries to gain wealth at the expense of the old Countess. It is noteworthy that the old woman in Alexander's name was Lizaveta Ivanovna and the young man kills her mentally. Dostoevsky went further. Rodion really takes the lives of women with the same name.

In addition, sufficient...

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