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The Film “Under the sign of the moon”, the actors and roles in the paper, a mini-series with a pretty thrilling story. He went out on the screens in 2013. The article presents the content of the film. It also sets out brief information about the actors of the film “Under the sign of the moon” starred.

actors of the film under the sign of the moon


The film's Heroine - Larissa merkureva. Spring break girl going to spend in Spain with my parents. This trip will be very useful for a young student, leisure will benefit and her parents.

Yuri V. and Irina S. Merkuryeva work in the same firm. Over the years of living together they had to be tired from each other, both tortured routine and monotony of the relationship.

Irina is Dating another man, but she doesn't want to hide and live a lie, so tells her husband the truth. The couple came to the conclusion that it is time to divorce. Harboring resentment towards your mother, Larisa changes his mind and calls up her best friend Masha, which has long asked her to go to the recreation center. Boyfriend Masha – Igor - the day before booked for friends hotel room, and invited in the company of his friend.

the film under the sign of the moon actors and roles

Cute and suave Max managed to slightly improve the mood of Larissa and distract from domestic problems. But it so happened that a youth lost, the night they had to stay in a deserted village. However, these places were familiar Larisa.

Ol – the birthplace of her grandparents, who lived on the outskirts, although the information received from the mother, their house was damaged by fire. Guests were greeted well, but Larissa was expecting another surprise – on the wall hung an old photo, which she learned herself. A big surprise for her was that it kept all strangers.


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The Terrible truth

Of Course, the stubborn girl forgets about the rest and rushes home to all to ask the parents. That's the time to learn the truth about his past. It turns out that all these 18 years Larissa was living in a foster family and her biological mother and father - Galina and Dmitry S. Novikov - sold baby Merkuryev, who left the child at home to give him a good education.

A Character driven by resentment and hatred, its purpose – to track down his real mother. At the meeting, Larisa had to change his anger to pity, she saw a poor dying woman.

Actors of the movie “Under the sign of the moon" (starring)

The Main character played by Eugene Nokhrina. The actress was born in 1991. Graduated from VGIK. Plays on the stage of the Moscow Provincial theater. Nochinoi film career began in 2013 when she played a duplicitous and materialistic person in the series “Kuprin”. Then she performed the main role in the film “wings”. The third work in the filmography of Eugenia Nochinoi has become the film “Under the sign of the moon”.

Actor Cyril Dziewic played max – friend of the main character. He is known for such films as “Long way”, “Because I love you”, “Maid”.

the film under the sign of the moon actors photo


Valentine Losovskaya and Oleg Garbuz played the parents of the main character in the film “Under the sign of the moon”. Actors known primarily for his roles in the TV series. Lasovska has played in the following films: ‘better life”, “Blow of the zodiac”, “Heirloom”, “the Last janissary”. Oleg Garbuz known for the films "Instead”, “Life judge”, “the Countryman" and, of course, in the film “Under the sign of the moon”.

Actors, photos of which are presented above, although beginners, but already quite famous. Evgenia Nokhrina and Kirill Dziewic today increasingly appear on the screen.

The film also played: Pavel Yaskevich, Victor rybczynski, Olesya Pukhovaya, Anatoly Golub, Anastasia Bobrova, Alice Petrova, Dmitry Tesla and Svetlana Kozhemyakina in the role of mother of the main character. The biological father of Larissa played Michael Kaminsky.

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