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Justin Bruening is an American actor and model. On television and in the movies it began to emerge when, in 2003, was casting for the role of Jamie Martin in the daytime television drama "All my children", which later brought him premu "soap Opera Digest" for the best debut. In late 2007, shortly after the departure from the series, got the role of Mike Traceur in the new remake of the popular TV series 80's "Knight rider". In 2011, he played Tyler Baretta in the series "the Double", and in 2013 joined the caste of the TV series "Ravenswood" (spin-offs "pretty little liars").

Justin Bruening

Early years

Justin Bruening was born on 24 September 1979 in the village of St Helena in Nebraska. Grew up in a small village with a population of only about 90 people. The boy graduated from high school, with only 9 classmates.


Justin Bruening movies

After high school, Bruening moved to San Diego, California. He worked in the "McDonald's" town of ESCONDIDO, located just North of San Diego. It was here that a talent scout sue Nessel from Scott Copeland International has opened a future star. Shortly thereafter, Justin Bruening got the models for the brand Abercrombie & Fitch.

After the first successful work the hero of this article received from direction to acting school. The young man said Judy Wilson, the casting Director of the series "All my children". Justin originally auditioned for the role of Chandler is younger, but eventually got the role of Jamie Martin. At the same time, Bruening was named the sexiest star of daytime TV.

In addition to acting work in soap Opera he had a cameo role in the TV series "Queen of the screen" in the movie "Bbw". He auditioned for the role of Superman in "Superman returns", but in the end it gave Brandon Rue. Also appeared in the music video Britney Spears Boys.


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2 Nov 2007 it became known that Justin Bruening will star in the new remake of Knight rider as Mike Tracer. After the great success of the two-hour film NBC decided to continue the story in the form of the series. The premiere is scheduled for the 2008-2009 season. Justin, of course, also invited to an acting group.

Later played several minor roles Justin Bruening. Movies and TV series with his participation: "the Double," "switched at birth", "Hawaii 5.0.", "Grey's anatomy" and "Ravenswood".

Personal life

Justin Bruening

Justin Bruening proposed to his former colleague on the series "All my children" Alex Havins on the set. They were married June 5, 2005. Before you start a romantic relationship, the actors are long time friends. Havins left the show shortly after Justin, 10 Aug 2010 they have a daughter Lexington grace, Bruening. Today, little family lives in complete harmony.

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