Hotels on Nevsky prospect in Saint-Petersburg: addresses, reviews


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Planning to spend your vacation in St. Petersburg, most of the tourists decide to settle in the city centre to be within walking distance from major attractions. This is the right decision, especially since the hotels on Nevsky Avenue is always open for its guests.

The Most famous street of the town is rarely empty, even at night, especially in summer. There is a concentrated number of cozy cafes, restaurants and bars to spend time after a tiring sightseeing is a great ending to the day.

Mini-hotel "Polikoff"

Choosing mini-hotels in St. Petersburg to stay while on holiday, guests of the city are very obvious targets:

  • First, prices are much lower than in large hotels.
  • Second, minimum number of rooms allows you to get a long-awaited peace and rest after a tiring day;
  • Third, it is in these places manage to create a home environment which is lacking, when you feel like a guest in a strange city.

Mini-hotel "Polikoff" (PR-t Nevskiy, d. 64/11) offers 15 rooms of various categories from Deluxe to suites.

hotels on Nevsky

Located just a few minutes walk from the metro station "Gostiny Dvor" it is adjacent to renowned attractions, such as Anichkov bridge, the Museum of “Russian Lefty" of the Comedy Theatre. Akimova.

All rooms at the hotel «Polikoff" relate to the level of a business class, included Breakfast, and a

  • Wooden furniture
  • Telephone and TV;
  • Desk and chair;
  • Wardrobe and mirror;
  • Bathroom with necessary amenities.

As noted vacationers, not all mini-hotels in St. Petersburg allow free placement of animals, and “Polikoff” you can take your pet with you provided that it will not damage the furniture. Otherwise, the owner will have to pay for the damage.


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Mini-hotel “structure”

Some of the hotels on Nevsky Prospekt are located in the historic and landmark building, occupying the second, third and even tenth floors. And mini-hotel “structure”, nestled on 2-3rd floors of the building at the address: PR-t Nevskiy, 64/11 - offers 6 rooms, classic and suites.

mini hotels in St. Petersburg

They are All made in pastel colours, allowing you to relax and unwind. Each room has:

  • Soft furnishings;
  • Television and telephone
  • Table and chairs
  • Wardrobe
  • Bathroom with shower cabin and toilet;
  • Hairdryer, set of bath products and personal care products, Slippers and a Bathrobe.

The room rate includes Breakfast and is located a few steps away from cafes and restaurants offer delicious lunch and dinner, which saves time on the long search for a place to snack, as noted in their reviews the hotel.

The hotel is located Near Alexandrinsky theatre, Anichkov bridge, Great Gostiny Dvor and the embankment of the Fontanka river.

Hotel “Shade”

The Hotels of St. Petersburg on Nevsky Prospekt varied as the number of stars and number of rooms. The latter often has the greater value, as they create an atmosphere of privacy in a big and noisy city for the same quality and level of service as in larger hotels. The hotel “Shade” on the Nevsky prospect, 23, has only 5 rooms, but each of them allows you to fully relax, to regain strength and energy.

As noted here vacationing guests, each room is furnished with care for people with furniture, there is table and chairs, TV and bedside tables, wardrobe and even kitchen utensils. In the bathroom - Hairdryer and bathing products, and the guest area in the lobby to warm up food in the microwave, or relax and drink tea or coffee which is available at any time.


Nearby are wax Museum, theater “Juventa" the fountain at the Kazan Cathedral and several subway stations, allowing you to choose any direction for the view.

«Nevsky Central”

Customers who value their time prefer to stay in hotels that provide Shuttle service to the station or airport, Laundry service or dry cleaning, Parking, and other pleasant things.

“Nevskiy Central” - a hotel of this standard. Located at the address: PR-t Nevskiy, d. 90 - it is just a few steps from the House-Museum of political history of Russia, the exhibition centre «Borey Art" of the Theater. Lensoveta and other attractions.

Offers 34 single and double rooms of standard category. As guests say about Petersburg «Nevsky Central” (the hotel), everything here-from furniture to service - promotes a pleasant rest.

 Nevsky breeze hotel

Each room has one double or 2 single beds, Desk and chairs, wardrobe, TV set, telephone, bedside tables and a safe. The bathroom - shower or bathtub, toilet and all necessary facilities for personal hygiene. Breakfast is included in the room rate.

“Nevskiy Briz”

To Live in close proximity to the Neva embankment, to feel her fresh water and hear the silence of the night to the sound of waves is a great combination of privacy with the city in the middle of it.

It is “Nevskiy Briz" hotel on Galernaya street., 12. Are waiting for guests 32 double rooms of Twin/Double and superior Superior.

In the rooms of the first category are:

  • Two single beds or 1 double bed;
  • Wardrobe, table and chairs;
  • Telephone and TV;
  • Bedside tables and a sofa;
  • Safety Deposit box, air conditioning, and mirror.

In the bathroom - toilet, shower, sink, mirror, towels and personal hygiene products.

The Superior rooms consist of a bedroom and a living area with upholstered furniture and the bathroom has a tub with jets that, according to customer feedback, qualitatively distinguishes “Nevskiy Briz” from hotels of this level.

hotels of St. Petersburg on Nevsky

Another advantage is the walking distance to Hermitage, St. Isaac's Cathedral, bronze horseman and the Palace square.


There are hotels on Nevsky prospect, which is located with the sights in the same building. So, for example, is a hotel “Gallery” at the address: PR-t Nevskiy, d. 78.

Located on the last floor of an ancient building, it not only allows you to see the city from above and is adjacent to the famous gallery N-Prospect, located on the floor below. To view or buy one of the 6000 paintings, which she represents, is enough to go down the stairs.

In every room hang works by contemporary artists, written in different genres. Clients describe him with the words “respectable and comfortable” speaking about the decoration of the hotel itself and held in this time.

Like other hotels on Nevsky “Gallery” is just steps from the main attractions of St. Petersburg.


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