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Surgut is the administrative center and largest town in the district of Yugra. It is a city of oil industry workers, and built two power stations, which are among the largest in the world. The population is about 350 thousand people. In the city - a large number of young people, for which more than thirty secondary and higher educational institutions. Surgut is a large railway station with oil-loading terminal, it is crossed by two Federal highways, there is an airport. For students, oil workers, shift workers, transit passengers and travelers constructed, comfortable and modern hotels of Surgut.Hotels in Surgut

Brief history

The Fortress that marked the beginning of the city of Surgut, was founded in the late XVI century by decree of Tsar Fedor Ivanovich. At this time there was an active development of Siberia, along the rivers Ob and Irtysh. The status of County town of the province of Tobolsk, Surgut received in 1782. At different times the city's population was not more than a thousand 300 persons, in connection with the small size of the population in 1926, the Surgut district in the converted village. In the sixties of the XX century active exploration led to the discovery of several large oil and gas fields. It was the impetus to the revival of Surgut, and in 1965 he was returned to the status of the city.Hotel "Flight" Surgut

Hotels in Surgut

  • The Hotel «Ob» (Surgut, Naberezhne Avenue, 16) offers 120 rooms of different comfort categories with a price of 3500 R. the hotel has a gym, SPA centre with sauna and Solarium. Around the clock cafe, where you can eat snacks, drink a Cup of coffee or tea. The property offers free Parking, brighten up your leisure time you can play table tennis or Billiards.
  • The Hotel «oil» (Surgut, Entuziastov str, 36) is one of the biggest and oldest. After a General reconstruction the hotel - 131-room price from 3200 R. the hotel has a conference room and a hairdresser and a restaurant, in a spacious hall which serves European and Russian cuisine.
  • The Hotel «Flight» (Surgut, str, 49) is located directly near the airport of Surgut. Hotel - 68 classic rooms with a good repair, modern TVs and refrigerators. The price ranges from 3400 R. clock “Fresh café”, serves Breakfast and lunch. Pets allowed, free Parking is available.Hotel "oilman" Surgut

Hotels in Surgut also presents three dozen such establishments. Reviews of visitors, services provided by hotels, correspond to the price. Happy fresh renovation and modern appliances.


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VIP-hotels in Surgut

  • Hotel complex “Central” (Surgut, Lenin Avenue, 43) lives up to its name and is located in the heart of the city. This ultra-modern building features 80 rooms with the rate from 4 thousand rubles. The hotel infrastructure with several bars and restaurants, including Japanese and Italian cuisine. To services of visitors the conference hall with a meeting room, a cinema, several shops of clothing, cosmetics, jewelry and more. For leisure activities include a Wellness centre with gym and SPA complex with sauna and massage.
  • The Hotel "Den" (Surgut, Mayskaya St., 6/1). The hotel has 67 rooms with the price from 3800 rubles In the rooms standard set of furniture, a TV and a Minibar. For the organization of official events there is an equipped conference hall. Banquet hall of the restaurant “Bear” decorated with stone and wood. The menu offers various dishes of Russian and European cuisine with meat and fish delicacies. The hotel can accommodate various events including weddings, with gift the couple get a day of stay in the Junior Suite.
  • Hotel, "backwater" (Surgut, Krylova street 23/1) offers 48 rooms with the rate from 5 thousand rubles. The complex offers a large conference hall, a VIP billiard room, night club, and several Banquet halls. The fireplace room is decorated in warm colours, where you can spend a romantic evening or small family celebration. Restaurant “Cranberries,” and DALLI HALL is a room with a large area for large events, including live entertainment. For lovers of glamorous entertainment features a nightclub with two bars.Hotel "Den" Surgut

Surgut Hotels of VIP-class is also represented by the hotel «Palaris" (Mira, 6/1); "Business Hotel" (Mira, 42/1); hotel "Blizzard" (nefteyuganskoe shosse, 26) and some others.

These institutions were chosen by businessmen and entrepreneurs, accustomed to comfort. According to them, these are hotels with decent, attentive staff, fine restaurants and high level of service.

Small hotels of Surgut

  • Hotel «vanguard» (St. Dmitri of Korotchaevo, 30) located in a country house. 12 rooms, good repair, modern furniture, the price of accommodation - from 2,000 rubles. the property offers free Parking, possible Pets.
  • Mini-hotel "alpha" (street of trade Unions, 31/3) offers 11 rooms with the price from 2 thousand rubles. Available Bridal Suite. On the territory there are several shops and free Parking. Breakfast included, possible delivery. For convenience, the hotel has a sauna, a car rental and Shuttle service.

Mini-hotel are also provided by: the boutique hotel “Surgut" (St. shchapyotkina, 20B), mini-hotel "Riviera" (St. July, 6), mini-hotel "North" (Lenin's street, 58).

Reviews of visitors, friendly staff, quiet, cozy atmosphere and decent service give the opportunity to relax and recharge.Hotel "backwater" Surgut

Apartments in Surgut

  • Apartment on Krylova (Krylova str, 26) can take up to 4 people. The rental price is from 2 thousand rubles. The kitchen is fully equipped, has a balcony with a Smoking area. Possible Pets and additional services by prior agreement.
  • Apartments in Tyumen (Tyumen tract, 6/1). Two rooms with a maximum capacity of 4 persons, the rent is 2200 p. Apartment fully equipped kitchen appliances, the bathroom has a Hairdryer, free toiletries. Allowed our guests free of charge. Transfers.

In Surgut claimed more than 90 apartments. According to residents, this is a great option for families who are accustomed to home comfort, for a relatively small fee.City of Surgut hotels

Hostels of Surgut

For the budget traveler to the cost from 1 thousand to 1400 R. person in Surgut there is a small bed and Breakfast hostel:

  • “Explorer”, Nefteyugansk highway, 22/3.
  • ‘.”, Dzerzhinsky str., 14/1.
  • “Veles" Pobedy 44/1.
  • Sweet Sleep Hostel, Sibirskaya St., 11th.

In each of these hotels offers a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom with all the necessary appliances.

According to guest reviews, the here secured clean and good facilities for a short stay. Of the additional services noted the provision of free Parking.


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