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Phuket – an amazing and exotic place, a very favorite city. Here you go many people from different parts of the world. This is one of the most reputable resorts in all of Thailand. And then there is a lot of hotels where you can stay. One of the most attractive options is the Centara Grand West Sands Resort.

centara grand west sands resort

In Brief about the hotel

This complex was built in 2009. So it is quite new and modern. 5 years ago we had a recent renovation and cosmetic repairs are carried out on a regular basis.

The Hotel is located on the sandy beach of Mai Khao – the best in all Phuket. To reach it in a couple of minutes. Pleased that the hotel has its own private beach area. So there's room for everyone. Anyway, Maicao-the most beautiful and desolate part of the coast. So that's the reason this resort and loved by many.

300 meters away is a great water Park called Splash Jungle. To the national Park «Bars» to go 2-3 minutes, same as before Blue Canyon country club. A 10-minute drive you can reach the huge temple of Wat Phra Thong. Still the same distance away is the national Park Khao Phra thaeo. And the airport is also close. In General, Centara Grand West Sands Resort is located in a place that is best in all plans.

What is a hotel?

Centara Grand West Sands Resort claimed as 5 star hotel, so it has all the facilities needs to have on its territory the complex of such level. Of course, there is free Wi-Fi and private Parking, - hour reception Desk and currency exchange service, tour and Luggage storage, ATM / cash machine and a shared lounge.


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People who have taken with you on vacation, children can not worry about what their kids will be bored. There are two small club. One – for young children, and the other – for teenagers. Yet there is a Playground on the street and the services of nurses who can sit with the kids in the room, while parents relax.

Centara Grand West Sands Resort offers dry cleaning, Laundry service, business center. On the territory there are a few shops (including a stall with Souvenirs) and a mini-market. It offers VIP services, Shuttle service (city or airport), delivery of magazines, drinks and food in apartments, and facilities for people with disabilities. And if you going somewhere for the day, then they will make Packed Lunches. The staff, by the way, speaks not only Thai, but also English.

 centara grand west sands resort villas phuket


Centara Grand West Sands Resort Villas Phuket is a resort hotel. Accordingly, guests who come here expect not only comfortable relaxation, but also entertainment. However, there is something to do.

There are pools with water slides, barbecue in the fresh air, picturesque garden. There is an Aqua Park and everything you need for practicing water sports (diving, Canoeing, fishing, diving, etc.). Also here you can rent a bike to explore the scenic surroundings.

And the hotel has a modern gym where you can have a workout with physical activity. Badminton and volleyball are also available.

Soul and body

Centara Grand West Sands Resort Villas Phuket has an excellent Spa centre where you will be sure to go at least once. SPA Cenvaree – is a cozy area where you can enjoy a variety of services and feel the Thai tradition, which here follow, conducting therapeutic and beauty treatments.

Guests are encouraged to devote time to various types of massage and Ayurvedic treatments that use Ceylon tea and many other local products. Facials and body SPA-bath, aroma - and hydrotherapy – this is not all that popular. Many guests like Indian head massage, Ceylon sea sand, as well as the treatment rooms, which carry the service pairs. However, coming here, it will be possible to see the entire list of proposed procedures.

 centara grand west sands resort villas phuket 5 Thailand Phuket

Bars and restaurants

Centara Grand West Sands Resort 5* provides a system of half Board (HB), guest house (FB) and “all inclusive”. On site there are several great places where you can treat yourself to delights or high-quality alcohol.

Here is located the bar-restaurant called Sunset Breeze. There you can taste different dishes while enjoying views of the Andaman sea. There is still Azzurro restaurant serving Italian cuisine, aged wines, refreshing drinks and exotic cocktails.

The school Suan Bua will definitely appeal to fans of creative cuisine. After all, it serves traditional Thai dishes. But for pastries, coffee and ice cream can be enjoyed at the Jungle Deli. It is still possible to order a La carte any Thai or international delights.

The hotel also has Coconut café with appetizers, burgers and sandwiches, and two bar-Splash Pool and outside pools.

Guests about nutrition

People who have been here say that to be hungry in the room. Breakfast is quite varied – not only has the standard omelets, scrambled eggs, cereal, sausages, and yoghurts, but also Thai food, fruit, pancakes, waffles, muffins. There is still cereal, sausages, soups, a large selection of meat. Very much spicy and salty food. Seafood with vegetables is also enough. Drinks are also in abundance – juices, teas, coffee, milk, alcohol, etc.

By the Way, the fruit here very much. Melon, papaya, watermelon, pineapple, tangerines, bananas, apples, pitaya – and this is just a small list of what's offered. People say that, if a hearty meal for Breakfast, sometimes even lunch do not want to.

By the way, many talk about is what delicious cooked on leaving the hotel, the seafood. Especially tasty are the grilled shrimp.

And in the restaurants there are even vegetarian and diet food. For example, steamed rice, vegetables in different variations and many other side dishes. Everyone will find something to your taste.

centara grand west sands resort 5


And now it should tell you about the apartment at the disposal of Centara Grand West Sands Resort Villas Phuket 5*. Thailand, Phuket – the place is not cheap. Especially if you want to stay in a 5 star hotel.

The Most economical option here is Deluxe. The area of apartments of this category is 44 sq. m. they are Designed for accommodation of two persons.

Rooms feature plasma TV with satellite and cable channels, a DVD player, a large bed, a Seating area, a Minibar and a safe. Of course, there is a bathroom-with a shower, toilet, Hairdryer, bathrobes for each guest and complimentary toiletries sets.

110-Tr is a room in a week with Breakfast. This is the case, if you go here in the winter and book a couple of months in advance. By the way, quite often the hotel does a discount and arranges promotions. If you can capture a moment that will save at least 30-40% of the amount. However, it all depends on the season, tour operator and many other nuances.

Centara Grand West Sands Resort (Phuket) there are apartments for 2 adults and 2 children (under 12 years). The area of these rooms is 30 sq. m. And inside has two large 2-bedroom sofa. The rooms have a Seating area, TV, bathroom, and all that was listed previously. Only the standard price is 115 Tr in a week.

centara grand west sands resort villas 5 Thailand Phuket

Deluxe Suite

Centara Grand West Sands Resort has such numbers. Deluxe Suite has a floor area of 72 square meters, all the space is divided into bedroom, living room, balcony, and bathroom and kitchen. And the room looks very luxurious.

The bedroom has a king size bed and the living room-a Seating area with a sofa bed. Here is all that is available for guests staying in the Deluxe. But also here there is a microwave, separate dining area, electric kettle, stove, refrigerator and other kitchenware. Extras include Slippers and bathrobes. And yet there is Ironing facilities with an iron.

Two guests wishing to stay will have to pay for a week long stay about 125 Tr (Breakfast included).

By the Way, the hotel has the so-called luxury suites. Their total area is 92 sq. m. And terms conditions here are the same as in the Deluxe suites. But this apartment only done in a different style, and the bedroom is much more spacious. For that two guests will have to pay about 140 Tr

Other options

Centara Grand West Sands Resort Villas Phuket 5* offers family Deluxe residences with area of 80 sq. m, divided into children with 2 bunk beds and a bedroom with a “Royal” box. The bathroom has a bath and shower and the living areas...

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