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Where would you like to stay, if you have the opportunity to visit Sochi? "Pure ponds” – this is a great opportunity to relax with the whole family, a bright, fun and health benefits. Here are actually do your wishes come true and can be realized the dream of the most wonderful summer vacation that you have ever been to. Even for those who have already been to Sochi, "Pure ponds" will be a pleasant surprise and a benchmark of the tourism industry.Sochi Chistye Prudy

Meet the “Velvet seasons”

This is a huge city, which is completely designed for tourists. It works all year round, it has everything you may need for a holiday. Developed infrastructure, a wide choice of hotels, villas and penthouses, all located on-site at 420 square kilometers. It is a small town in the huge resort of Sochi. "Pure ponds" is just one of the local hotels, which we will talk today a little bit more. Although it is much better to see with your own eyes.the complex of velvet seasons, Sochi Chistye Prudy

A Little about the possibilities of the town hotel «Velvet seasons”

As it was originally tourist area, everything here is focused on tourists. The festive atmosphere and bright colors, night lights and friendly people. Once here, a little drop out of reality, because here life goes by its own laws. The city is located hotel on the shores of the Black sea, very near the Olympic Park in Sochi. "Pure ponds" is one of the cozy hotel, which is further surrounded by its own infrastructure, so they love to stop tourists.


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On the vast territory stretched grocery and household shops. Without going anywhere, you can calmly shopping. There are more than 50 different food venues are restaurants and cafes, pizzerias and bars. For tourists, there are numerous souvenir shops, dry cleaning and Laundry services, a tour Desk and fitness centers, pharmacies and medical assistance, children's playgrounds and entertainment centers. For women there are a large number of beauty salons, manicure and pedicure Studio, the massage rooms. It is difficult to resist the temptation to visit the “Velvet seasons" (Sochi). "Pure ponds" reviews, which leave many – this is the most visited hotel. The reason is probably its convenient location, as well as the teamwork of the staff.velvet seasons, Sochi Chistye Prudy reviews

The hotel "Pure ponds”

As we mentioned, the location is the best. On one side stretches a magnificent fresh water lake on the other - the black sea coast. The hotel offers stunning views of the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana, the Sunny coast and the stunning Park with freshwater ponds and walking paths. From other Windows you can observe the life race tracks of Formula-1 and also to look at the stunning “Sochi Park”.

You've Probably already decided to visit the wonderful tourist town called “Velvet seasons" (Sochi). "Pure ponds" reviews dubbed the Russian tropics. Judging by what you write seasoned travelers, the hotel area is immersed in greenery. Even if you have no desire or ability to go beyond the territory, there are things to admire and study. This is especially important for those who come with elderly parents or young children.

Interior and exterior

It was Built relatively recently, in 2013. Accordingly, it is a modern tourist complex, with fashionable furniture, layout and design. Your best choice if you are going to Sochi - the “Velvet seasons’ hotel "Pure ponds". Judging by the reviews, this is one of the most beautiful places on the coast, and it will completely belong to you. The guests presented modern five-storey building in a cozy, well-maintained and protected area. Frequent guests note that in the design of hotels, an emphasis was placed on neatness and minimalism. The decoration of the room is made with natural materials, is dominated by clear lines and the contrast of black and white, that is, the present embodiment of the classics. The cottages are located just 100 metres from the sea, so the walk to the beach will not take much time.Sochi velvet seasons hotel Chistye Prudy

The Number of rooms

Before considering a trip abroad, consider to visit Sochi. City hotel «Velvet seasons” (“Pure ponds") provides no less rich, but the cost of this trip will be much lower, i.e. in the result, you'll have free money to purchase presents for their loved ones.

You can choose single room-standard, with an area of about 20 square meters, that is quite enough for one person. Single bed and the inability to accommodate additional space make him an offer exclusively for singles. The room has bath and toilet, mini-bar and air conditioning.

Every year large number of tourists visits this hotel "Pure ponds" (Sochi). Reviews emphasize the luxury area and countless opportunities for recreation, but also the attentiveness of the staff. Any desire of the client will not be left without attention. If you come together, it will note the double standard. Here, apart from a double bed, space for folding beds, that is in the same room can sleep up to three people. The room has bath and toilet, mini-bar and air conditioning.

For those who like the special comfort and coziness, there is a two-room Suite and features a large and comfortable kitchen. Each room is equipped with a small refrigerator, a TV and air conditioning. In addition, all apartments include mini-bar, however, its content is not included in the price and must be paid separately.

Food tourists

For beautiful nature, stunning conditions and a developed infrastructure tourists love the complex «Velvet seasons" (Sochi). "Pure ponds" is throughout the world. Judging by the reviews of tourists, travelers here such a huge number that you can't even see everything in a short vacation. Therefore, there is a reason to go back next year, and then again and again. hotel Chistye Prudy Sochi reviewsPower – this is one of the most contentious issues. Some admire him, others happy, others are always unhappy. We are all different, to please everyone is very difficult. However, apparently, this has been the team of chefs working in the restaurant, café and two bars of the complex "Pure ponds". The choice of tourist offers several different systems: without Board, Breakfast "buffet", Breakfast + dinner, three meals a day. In the city hotel there are about 50 cafes and restaurants, so hungry to stay here will not work. Judging by the reviews and the rest for 12 days to try all the dishes and did not work. Breakfast offers several options for omelets and cereals, various dairy products, casseroles with condensed milk and fruits, yogurt, sausages with various side dishes, fruit, beverages, a variety of cuts.

The Cost of holidays

The Cost of staying here is quite acceptable for Sochi. Standard single room costs about 1,250 rubles double standard 1450. Suite 2050 costs per day and apartment with kitchen - 2450 rubles. It is possible to place in the room of the child. If it is from 3 to 12 years, the cost of accommodation per day - 600 rubles. For Teens 13 and older and an adult who occupied one extra place-900 rubles per day. Prices are without power.

The Cost of holiday food

If a trip includes Breakfast, its price increases. Now single standard will cost 1700, double standard in 1900 rubles. If you choose a system of power "Breakfast + dinner", the cost of these rooms will have 2150 and 2350 rubles, respectively. Full Board and meals are already and 2859 2650 rubles. LCD / Chistye Prudy Sochi However, many tourists prefer the system of self-catering holiday. This gives you the opportunity to go to dine at different restaurants each time to try something new. In addition, this mode allows you to freely choose different routes and walk at a café on the way.

Beach holidays

One of the most favorite destinations for tourists is the beach. "Pure ponds" (Sochi) offers two large equipped beach. One of them is located just 100 metres from the hotel. Coverage of pebble beach. Sun loungers and parasols, which guests can use for an additional fee. Not only the hotel but the beach and grounds are very clean and well maintained. There are a large number of playgrounds where children can play while parents enjoy their stay. Here is an opportunity to rent any equipment, from mats and towels to the water scooters. On the beach there is a small cafe and min...

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