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Mallorca…the name of the place sounds fabulous and truly magical. The majority of the population of the island live in the capital of the Balearic archipelago. Every day on the island is approaching a huge number of tourist ships, fully Packed with vacationers.

A Huge portion of the proceeds Mallorca brings the tourism industry of the business, which is the most developed in these parts. There is a huge number of hotels of different classifications. Can be accommodated in a complex of luxury apartments, in a simple budget hotel. Decent accommodation in the resort is the hotel Manaus 3* (Palma de Mallorca).

The Favorable climate of the island offers a peaceful and respectable relaxation at any time of the year. Swimming at the beach starts in late April or early may, then to the island attracts huge number of tourists.

The water Temperature rises to a maximum of +38 degrees, which allows you to luxuriate in the sea foam even small children. In winter the water temperature drops to +8 that pleases many "walrus" arrived at the resort. Snow in Mallorca is not seen, can only be a thin layer that melts quickly.

manaus Majorca 3

The holiday season begins with the second half of April and ends in October. The maximum temperature during this time rises to 28 degrees, and sometimes you have to dress up in warm clothes. But this does not spoil the impression of good spent time.

This article will describe one of the most popular hotel complexes Manaus 3* (Mallorca). The numerous reviews of tourists indicate a decent level of living in this complex.


hotel manaus Majorca 3
The main hotel Mallorca is located 7 kilometers from the main airport. Special beach at the hotel is at a distance of 600 metres. All facilities at the beach (mattresses, deck chairs, sun loungers) are available for a fee.
On the territory between the hotel and the beach is the promenade. In the room Fund of the complex consists of 100 rooms. Last time the hotel was renovated in 2005, and was built in 1967.


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The complex Is located Manaus 3* (Spain, Majorca, El Arenal) in the forest, inside there is a bar and restaurant, and the adjacent area is a swimming pool with Jacuzzi. The hotel has a games room for the whole family and children of any age.

3 manaus Majorca Spain A cosy and bright Seating area for reading your favorite books, equipped with necessary furniture and equipment for tea or coffee. Each room is equipped with refrigerator, TV, Internet, telephone, comfortable furniture and a bathroom.

All apartments have air conditioning, split system, fan, Minibar and safety Deposit box extra charge, on request extra bed for a little visitor. Pets at the hotel place is prohibited.


Catering Manaus 3* (Majorca, El Arenal) is carried out in the summer kitchen, and the restaurant is possible to order meals. Baby seats are provided free of charge. The hotel's café offers various snacks and light refreshments. The Internet can connect only in the case if you have made additional cash fee. Also to paid services include massage and Billiards room. The downside is that the staff does not speak Russian, and speaks only the local dialect. Three times a week, holidaymakers entertained by experienced animators. The beach is very clean, that will appeal to families with children. Guests can benefit from Laundry, an Internet café, a conference room and other services that in large quantities provides hotel Manaus 3* (Mallorca).

Reviews of guests

manaus 3 Mallorca El Arenal

From the first sight the beauty of this complex may not be noticed. Old, sometimes dilapidated building does not look attractive. But over time it just stop paying attention. However, almost any time the hotel is just Packed with tourists. And if you do not book in advance, it is possible to stay and no place to sleep. It is sometimes necessary to wait several hours to check into our room. The administration proposes to leave things in the safe and go for a walk or for an additional fee to taste the local delicacies in the restaurant.


hotel manaus Majorca 3 reviews

The rooms offer scenic views of the courtyard, the sea and the forest. Rooms are very spacious and comfortable. The room has a safety Deposit box. The use of a toll. TV shows practically no Russian channels. It is rather a plus, so as to take pleasure in television is not particularly desirable. A refrigerator is available for an additional fee. He's under lock and key issued to them.

For convenience, in each room there is air conditioning and a fan. On the balcony there is table with chairs. Bathroom in excellent condition. Many travelers are pleased with the absence of insects.


manaus 3 Palma de Mallorca

It is Not always possible to deal with the maids and to see how the rooms are cleaned, but nevertheless they are always clean. Change of towels - every day. The staff does not take tips, you can not even leave. Some of the rooms overlook the roof of the dining room, which can be a lot of garbage. For some reason there is no one ever cleans. Internet is available for EUR 3 per day. To them give the key access to the network.

The Beach is not very close, the path to it is difficult. On the one hand, it's good. You can quickly burn calories after a hearty dinner in the wonderful Spanish restaurants.

About nutrition

Hotel Manaus 3* (Palma de Mallorca) offers visitors various options. You can take Breakfast or to buy a complete package of nutrition. Ideally – to buy Breakfast and lunch, and dinner in a local cafe. Food is no different variety, but a hearty meal is enough. In the menu of various dishes of meat and fish assortment of vegetables, salads, side dishes, soups, desserts and ice cream. Fruit suggesting melon, apples, pineapples, watermelons, pears and plums.

Drinks are served for a fee. Hungry difficult to stay. The food is cooked efficiently.

Beach holidays

manaus 3 Spain Majorca El Arenal

The Beach here is one of the best. Such a clean sea and sand can be found only in the Caribbean. But nevertheless, on the Mediterranean coast of Majorca, not worse. Water even shows how from the waves of moving sand grains. The sea is shallow, so safe to come here with young children. People on the beach are very much in season. For an additional fee guests can use lounge chairs and umbrellas. Between the chairs you can sit for free. Beach mats are inexpensive, can not bring. All the shops are filled with goods for tourists. Prices are low, but the quality is not very. When buying an air mattress would be well to test it for holes. Even though the sellers themselves say that it is periodic blown away – this is normal. Change you no one will.

The Whole day on the beach are drinks, fruit, sunglasses and other trifles. Advertise their services massage therapists.

Cafes near the hotel

Those who are tired to eat in the dining room, unable to go exploring the local restaurants. Especially tourists praise cafe "Del Sol". Here, just huge portions. Prices are not the cheapest, but no one regretted. In addition, there is free Internet and admire the gorgeous view. Some restaurants don't always get what orders the client. For example, in "El Puerto" is often only bring part of the meal. But perhaps the menu some mistakes. Not far away is the fruit, fast food, waffles, and yogurt.


On the territory of hotel 3* (Majorca, Spain) is a tour Desk. Vacationers are advised to purchase the tour only through the guide at the hotel. So you can save money and have a good time. Often advised to explore the island. Mallorca has many attractions including the monastery of lluc. It can be reached only with a sightseeing tour. The trip involves a visit to a leather factory, a monastery, a picturesque Bay of port De Soller. All travel is done on different types of transport. The port gives tourists the ship. In Soller – local tramway and Mallorca – a historic train.

Also worth to go to Alcudia and visit the Cape Formentor. Mallorca is not a very big island, but here is incredibly hot. If you want to enjoy not only a beach holiday but also for sightseeing, you need to come here in early spring or fall.

Certainly worth a visit the Cathedral of La seu. It can be reached independently by bus number 23 which runs from the hotel alegria. You can also go to the Aquarium. But all these trips for us is much cheaper if you arrange them using a guide.

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