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Many savvy travelers dream to spend your long-awaited vacation is not just anywhere, but in Greece, in Corfu. Here, the travelers can choose any hotel, the hotel room is booked in advance.

At the moment we will talk about the hotel Gemini Hotel 3*. It is located in one of the most picturesque and romantic places in Corfu, where tourists will be surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere of ancient legends and myths, combined with exotic nature. Also you can enjoy the excellent service, beautiful beaches and warm sea.

Before you decide to stay at Gemini Hotel 3* (Corfu) reviews, which will be presented to your attention in the article is more details to find out about this place. And we will help in this.

gemini hotel 3


The Hotel is located 50 metres from the beach, which is located in the village called "Messongi", located on the island of Corfu.

The hotel Gemini Hotel 3* is located in posilock Gouvia. This stunning beauty of the place, where in addition to the beauties of nature, have the opportunity to stroll through the numerous boutiques and exotic bars.

We Note immediately that the hotel is not very big, having in the Arsenal of the three-story building, but the area next to him is quite spacious, reminiscent of the overseas fabulous garden. Here the eyes of tourists happy juicy emerald grass, numerous, fancy trimmed bushes, beautiful plants and incredible high, reaching branches up to the clouds, the trees. In the shade of the large leaves to hide from the heat with the scalding-cold cocktail.

gemini hotel Corfu 3 reviews


The hotel Gemini Hotel 3* reviews, which are diverse in nature, there are 125 rooms. There is a standard double apartment, twin, triple and VIP rooms.

By the Way, to accept Visa card and Master Cart and Diners Club.

On the territory of the hotel there is an ATM, which is located three hundred meters from the building.

But with Pets in the hotel to check-in is impossible.

Each room has a spacious balcony or terrace, which is coming on the vacationer has the opportunity to enjoy the pool, scenery of Corfu and the blue transparent sea.

The Apartment is cleaned daily change of toiletries. About change of bed linen and towels remind also not necessary.

gemini hotel Corfu 3

Additional room amenities

  • Safety Deposit box to store jewelry, money, other things.
  • Air conditioning, but the use of them is paid.
  • Bathroom or shower. The bathroom floor tiled.
  • Internet. The service is paid.
  • Satellite TV.
  • Small refrigerator. Fees will apply.
  • Facilities for bathing, showering. Shampoos, conditioners, foam, new sponge, clean towels.
  • Mini-bar with alcoholic drinks, gazvodoy and juices. The bar is paid.
  • Iron.
  • Hairdryer.

Of Course, all the equipment is working and gives you the opportunity to spend a holiday with comfort. By the way, another advantage of the rooms – the presence of a plate with two hobs, toaster and kettle. The apartment and the terrace, there is an available table. Guests often him Breakfast or dinner while enjoying the view of the sunset.


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gemini hotel 3 reviews


Give him a few words. Campers will have the opportunity to choose a full range of dishes for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and can also stop the choice on only one meal.

The food at Gemini Hotel 3* according to the opinion of many tourists, incredibly delicious, all dishes are fresh and have a distinct local flavor.

But the restaurants on site there. But there is a side by side, called the Lliada Hotel. Here the tourists will enjoy delicious Greek cuisine, where hospitable and friendly waiters are always told in detail about each of the items on its extensive menu.

So what about the power to survive just not worth it, you feed hearty and delicious any time of the day or night.

gemini hotel 3 Greece about Corfu messongi


Hotel services and facilities provided by the luxurious pool, where there are children's area with a Playground, lots of toys, swings and carousels.

The pool area has two bars, serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, fresh juices, pastries, sandwiches and other snacks, meats, and seafood cooked on the grill.

Around the pool there are sun loungers, parasols and the pool has a large slide.

hotel gemini hotel 3

Entertainment on the coast

Not found resting in the hotel Gemini Hotel 3* (Greece, O. Corfu, Messonghi), you can find on site with him.

In the first place is a luxurious beach where for a few euros you can go on the boat, a catamaran, a scooter. For a fee you will bring a delicious juice, a convenient lounger and a fresh sandwich.

The Shore is covered with small pebbles, so don't forget to get a special flip-flops slates.

The Water in the sea is transparent and practically no waves. So to sunbathe and swim is a pure pleasure.

Also nearby is a water Park and amusement Park where you can entertain both adults and children.

gemini hotel 3 Greece about Corfu messongi

Reviews of holidaymakers in the hotel

Gemini Hotel 3* (Corfu) reviews and receives both positive and negative. Many vacationers have noted the following advantages and disadvantages of the rest.

  • Stay at the hotel quiet, comfortable, cozy and quiet. Designed for people of all ages. The hotel has many recreational opportunities to satisfy all requests of a demanding clientele.
  • Music pumping on the street, not prevent, through sealed Windows.
  • I am Glad the area near the hotel. She is beautiful, landscaped and exceeded all expectations. You can spend hours strolling past flowers, trees, inhaling the scents and enjoying the slight hot breeze of the sea.
  • Upset with the lack of in room DVD player and headphones. It was not possible to watch the discs with your favorite movies.
  • Little Russian-speaking population, the lack of communication. But it is not a drawback of the hotel, but simply the internal experiences of the whole.
  • Great food, large assortment of dishes, a kitchen designed and lover of fatty foods, and dieters. Every day and serves fish specialities, meat, but pork and beef were not. A variety of salads, appetizers, and incredible ice cream and pastries.
  • Nearby there is a supermarket and a tavern, so there is the opportunity to buy their own food, and prepare the required dish in the room.
  • The Sea is very close. The water is clean, lots of fish. Beach with sand and pebbles, mixed. You can swim in the mask and see the underwater world.
  • I Liked the courtesy of staff, no rudeness, aggression. Always on the spot. Cleaned every day, wondering what you need to offer help.
  • Guests thought that little shops with affordable clothes located nearby.

Summing up, we can say that your stay at Gemini Hotel 3* liked it, was impressed, and the island of Corfu, the specific atmosphere. Lovely people. The holiday was a success on all hundred.

I Hope that the detailed information about the hotel in Greece will help to make the right choice. We wish the tourists good rest and good mood!


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