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Everyone from time to time need to rest. Altai Krai — a real treasure trove for tourists. After all, this place has to offer its guests a lot of entertainment. Here you can swim in the lake, sunbathe on the beach, visit historical places or even make a trip to the mountains.

Altai Krai at a glance

rest in Altai Krai

Of Course, many tourists are interested in questions about how these territories looks holiday. Altai Krai is located in the southeastern part of Western Siberia and is part of the Siberian Federal district. In the South-East the territory borders the Republic of Altai, in the North — with the Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions.

Natural environment

Immediately it is worth noting that Altai Krai — the place is absolutely amazing. Here you will and fast-flowing rivers, and large lakes with well-equipped beaches, and mountains, as well as lots of interesting historical and natural attractions, big cities, resorts and charming resort villages. That is why here you will find a an amazing vacation. Altai Krai — a land of contrasts, where everyone, even the most demanding traveler will find a suitable entertainment.

The territory is rich in different water bodies. The largest rivers today are the Katun, Ob, Aley, Biya, Charysh and Chumysh. There are 13 thousand lakes of different sizes. Altai is famous for its rich flora and fauna — here there are 320 species of birds, 90 species of mammals and more than 2000 plants, including relict and endemic species.


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The Lake in Altai region: relax on the beach

Altay — an area of a thousand lakes. And most of them have healing properties due to its unique mineral composition. Near the great lakes, as a rule, there is a small Spa centers — here for tourists organize activities and offer a program of recovery. The huge popularity of Big spring lake and Salt lake.

But Margaroli is the largest mountain reservoir in these areas — it is situated in a valley between mountain ranges at an altitude of 1450 meters above sea level. Another interesting place is Bright, or Swan, lake, water which does not freeze even in winter. By the way, there is a trout farm which will delight fishing enthusiasts.

In fact, on the territory of Altai there are about 17 thousand lakes of different sizes. And, of course, recreation in the Altai region offer their guests all kinds of water recreation.

Health clubs of Altai

zav'yalovo of Altai Krai recreation center

Recreation in the Altai region will delight even the most fastidious travelers, as everyone can choose the price or the comfort level of the place. In particular, the popular health centers and dispensaries, of which there are really a lot. For example, in just one city Belokurikha there are several health resorts, including “Altai-West”, “Rodnik Altaya”, “Altai lock’, ‘Northern lights".

Not less than places to stay you will find in Barnaul, the administrative center of Altai. This sanatorium «Ob», «Barnaul”, “Barnaul”, “energetic”, “Siberia”, etc. Each of these destinations offers its guests comfortable rooms, a variety of Wellness treatments, as well as plenty of entertainment and opportunities for education guests.

City and spring conditions for relaxation

yarovoe Altai Krai stay

If you dream of a perfect beach vacation, then you definitely need to visit the city yarovoe (Altai Krai). Staying here will bring a lot of fun. This city, with an area of 45 square kilometers, is a veritable oasis in the desert. It is located very close to the lake of salty water of which is famous throughout the country for its healing properties. And boron and sulphide muds are used in local health resorts for the treatment of various diseases of the skin and musculoskeletal system.

Altai Krai recreation center

What awaits tourists in the city? Immediately it is worth noting that spring is famous for its developed infrastructure. On its territory there are numerous health centers, recreation centers, markets, entertainment. And, of course, do not forget about the manicured beaches, pleasant climate and pure air.

Zav'yalovo (Altai Krai): recreation and attractions

rest in Zavyalova Altai Krai

Of Course, in these areas there is a lot of interesting places. Today the huge popularity of holidays in Zavyalov. Altai Krai is pleasing travelers not only magnificent nature and excellent living conditions. The territory of district is crossed by a chain of small lakes, each of which has one or other unique healing properties.

That is why thousands of tourists from Russia and other countries every year set aside time to rest in Zavyalova (Altai region). Entertainment here can be combined with the General health of the body. Very close to the lake is Salty, mineralized water which are widely used for the treatment of diseases of internal organs. Here extract curative mud and white clay for health and beauty treatments. And, of course, the effect of therapy is enhanced by the clear air of the pine forest.

As for the living conditions in the village of Zavyalovo (Altai Krai), recreation there, as well as health centres, state sanatoriums and entertainment complexes. Through brine, mineral waters, muds here are treated diseases of the skin, bone, muscle and digestive system. The most popular places to stay are the resorts “zav'yalovo” and “lakes", which are located near bodies of water. It offers rooms and a small cottage in the woods, and also a huge selection of medical procedures.

Winter activities and popular ski resorts

recreation in Altai Krai

If you are interested in ski sports, Altai Krai — the best place for winter holidays. After all, what could be better than snowy peaks? And popular small resort town of Belokurikha.

Is Located this picturesque place in the Northern part Cherginskaya ridge in the South-East of the Altai. There are several trails for tourists. In particular, skiers can descend from the mountains Yakivka and Church.

What the living conditions may offer Altai Krai? Recreation “Aurora”, health «Russia», as well as the resort centre “Ino” with pleasure open their doors to travelers. Here you will find delicious food, a soft bed and of course plenty of entertainment.

The journey to the mountains

lakes of Altai Krai stay

Many fans of the so-called "green" tourism are interested in questions about whether it is possible in these areas like active rest. Altai Krai — it is not only the steppe, plains and lakes, but also high cliffs and mountain ranges. So every traveler who wants to get to the top, will find a suitable route. And in this case is a particularly popular area called Mountain Charysh — the pool of the same river, surrounded on all sides by mountains and forests. Here you can visit numerous caves, swim in the river, climb any summit and, of course, to enjoy a breathtaking panorama.

As for housing, there is also the choice will be for you — you can sleep in a tent, to rent a room in one of the lodges (for example, "Green island” or “Kamskoe”), or to use the services of the private sector — the locals will gladly find you a place to sleep and help you Orient yourself.

Altai Krai — a treasure for lovers of history

Not everyone knows that the first settlements on the territory of Altai appeared 30-40 thousand years ago. And this place can offer guests not only entertainment but also educational holiday. Altai Krai is rich in history. For example, visitors can visit ancient tombs that date back to IV-II Millennium BC.

Of Course, there are also more modern monuments of architecture and history. For example, near the village of Topol is Denisova cave, where for more than 20 years under excavation. Guests will have the opportunity to put the house-Museum of V. Shukshin, visit many museums, not to mention the variety of natural attractions including rivers, caves, mountains and waterfalls. And the center of Altai, Barnaul, rich in various monuments of modern architecture, history and culture.

By the Way, today there are several major routes for tourists. Guests from other areas can travel with a group on a fairly popular route called “the Big Golden ring of Altai” that includes visits...

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