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Perm is situated on the East of Moscow, in the foothills of the Urals, just to the point on the map where the European continent starts a new day. For this reason it is often referred to as “the gates of Europe” or “city of the rising sun”. The difference in time from Perm to Moscow two hours, with this delay occurs for the capital of dawn. It should be noted that for the described city in the Urals invented many other sonorous names. One of them, for example, “the backbone of the Russian land”. And so talking about the city not by accident. This is the heart of the Perm region, a transport hub, centre of science and culture, famous for the large number of unique monuments.

Perm-Moscow: time difference

Cruises ship

The city was Founded in 1723, and on-site it carries its waters the river Kama, a single system associated with the waters of the European countries. Two available in Perm port give a great opportunity to transport passengers and goods across the many seas. Among them Caspian, Azov, Black and Baltic. Thus, it appears that from this city by river transport it is possible to get not only capital, but also in Astrakhan, Rostov-on-don, Nizhny Novgorod, Saint Petersburg and many other points, and in the same way to come back.

Extremely popular are cruises on the boat on the specified route network. Given the small time difference between Moscow and cities of Russia, which held such an expedition, this journey gives tourists any difficulties with getting used to the time zones. And interesting to see you enough, after a visit to the simple Russian cities, taking into account their rich history, can be much more interesting any foreign travel. Such a cruise usually lasts for about 15 days and leaves a lot of impressions.


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Railway junction

Interestingly, the first in the Urals railway line was built in Perm. Now this city-a major hub of performing this kind of movement. Railway, passing through this point, the capital is connected not only with the cities of the Urals and Siberia, but with other countries, for example, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China.

Between Perm and Moscow runs daily brand fast train "Kama", which is, perhaps, the most convenient form of transport of this kind. From the capital he goes to 16.50 from the station "Moscow. Yaroslavl". In the path of the train covers 1397 km and makes 7 stops, including in Vladimir, and Yaroslavl. The train arrives at the station «Perm-2» 20 hours, 38 minutes after departure from a destination that is local or 13.28 15.28 in, given the time difference between Moscow and Perm.

the time Difference between Moscow and Perm

Air transport

The Local airport Savino boasts international status. It realizes the communication with many cities of the country and abroad. Interestingly, the flight from Sheremetyevo to this city in the foothills of the Urals Aeroflot flights is approximately 120 minutes. This coincides with the time difference from Moscow to Perm. The distance that must be overcome to get to the destination that transport is 1154 km, While the passenger costs in the amount of about 3120 RUB a Little longer is the journey from Domodedovo airport, where the flight lasts up to four hours. It's a shame that in this case the time difference Perm-Moscow is not so much symbolic. It would be possible to leave a well-known item and fly to the capital formally at the same time.

the time Difference between Moscow and cities of Russia


Perm – is actually the capital of the Urals. It is a city that exists on the world map for three years. So interesting very, very much. And given the small time difference between Moscow and Perm, the guests from the capital do not have the habit to yawn, viewing local architecture, sights and monuments.

One of the unique historic structures is considered to be the Belogorsky monastery is located on the so-called White mountain, which gave the name of the Shrine itself.

The Museum – a place where you can learn a lot about the history of the region. It was created in the nineteenth century and now has several branches.

The most popular and Most photographed monument is the composition “Permyak-the salty ears”. His image emblazoned on postcards, brochures and Souvenirs of the city.

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