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In the heat of summer so want to spend the weekend on the shore of a picturesque pond. Fortunately, the services of Muscovites there are numerous reservoirs in Moscow region. Along the shores located beautiful beaches, which created excellent conditions for recreation, including fishing, swimming, riding water bicycles etc. Also there are many comfortable guest houses and camps.

Uchinskaya reservoir fishing

Ivankovo reservoir

One of the best places for a weekend is the so-called Moscow sea. Officially it is called the Ivan'kovskoe reservoir was created by the writings of canadaaltace Dmitrovka sinister in 1937. It is used for cargo shipping on the Volga route, and also in Moscow and Tver. In addition, it ensures the functioning of the Ivankovo hydroelectric power station and other facilities of water and electricity in the capital.

Over the surface of the Moscow sea rises up to three hundred Islands. The level of the Ivankovo reservoir varies during the year, and its maximum depth in spring can reach 19 m.

On the banks of the Moscow sea is well-equipped beaches with playgrounds for mini-Golf, beach volleyball, comfortable wooden benches, showers and toilets, beach umbrellas and cabanas. Also there are points of hire of beach and sports equipment, including rowing boats, pedalos and jet skis, wave runners, wakeboards and kites. In addition, winter reservoir equipped with rollers, and on the shores are laid ski slopes.


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reservoir of the Moscow region

Klyazma reservoir beaches

This GetObject arose as a result of the construction of the Pirogov waterworks in 1937. On the banks of the reservoir arranged several Seating areas. For example, an excellent place for spending leisure time outdoors is a paid "Trinity" beach. It belongs to the so-called lawn where you can lie on the grass and have a picnic. Nearby are sandy beaches. However, most of them inferior equipment "Trinity".

The Klyazma reservoir, beaches which are equally popular among residents of the capital than the rest area of Ivankovo, rich in fish. In particular there are: roach, perch, catfish, bream, ruff and bream. Therefore, this artificial lake has long been considered an excellent place for fishing both in summer and winter alike.

The Popularity of the Klyazminsky reservoir due to its excellent transport accessibility. For example, on its shores, you can get in Ostashkovskoe or the Dmitrovskoe highway on the cars, as well as from the capital of pleasure flight from the River station, or trains to the train platform “hlebnikovo” or “Water”.

Klyazma reservoir beaches

Pirogovskoye reservoir

This pond is considered part of the Klyazma artificial sea. On its shore is popular among Muscovites resting place as “the Bay of joy”. The reservoir differs from the other water bodies of the Moscow region the fact that there are conditions for sailing and racing on jet skis. Despite the fact that on its shores on Sunny days is always crowded, where you can organize excellent fishing trips. The fact is that because of the rather large area you can always find a nook to sit with a fishing rod in the hope of a excellent catch.

Mozhaiskogo reservoir

This artificial sea is the largest in the region. Its area is 30,7 km2, and during the summer period for residents of the capital it becomes the most attractive place for a weekend. Especially good fishing on Mozhaisk reservoir. It is organised in both summer and winter. The right Bank of the reservoir are mostly steep and very suitable for fishing for large bream and pike-perch on a Donk, float rod, spinning or feeder. Also there caught pike.

Fishing on Mozhaisk reservoir can be arranged from the shore and from the boat, and in the dam area is inhabited by almost any species of fish that inhabit this pond. However, due to the large number of applicants try their luck outdoors with the aim to sit in the quiet with a fishing rod can be hopelessly flawed. That is why many experienced fishermen prefer to look for a more secluded place. Fortunately, due to the vast area of the reservoir excellent fishing on Mozhaisk reservoir can always be arranged.

Khimki reservoir

As for beaches, the most famous of these is Il'inskiy, where there is a rent of water sports inventory, there is a barbecue area, sun loungers, etc. in addition, the shores of the reservoir are many wild beaches. Stay on them less comfortable, but there are no crowds of sunbathers.

Uchinskaya reservoir: fishing

The lake and its shores are considered strict water protection area. He appeared in the 1937 by the construction of large hydroelectric Akulovskaya. Officially closer to its water mirror is less than 200 m is strictly forbidden, but this rule is often violated. In particular, throughout the year there are many those who, despite all warnings, tries to join the Uchinskaya reservoir. Fishing, according to their assurances, there is just excellent. This basin is found a large number of walleye, perch, pike and bream. Also there you can catch carp, carp, roach, gudgeon, tench, IDE, burbot, catfish and perch. Avid fishermen can spend the night in the "House of the fisherman", located between the villages of Rozhdestveno and Dolgaya, where guests can rent boats.

As for beach holidays, despite all the bans, in the summer on the North shore of the reservoir you can meet a lot of swimmers and sunbathers. However, the equipped recreation areas there.

To Get on Uchinskaya reservoir is very simple. For example, you can go from Savyolovsky railway station to “Employment”, to cross the canal. Moscow to Rozhdestveno and then walk to the right.

districts of Moscow oblast

Ruza reservoir

It is a relatively young artificial reservoir that was created only half a century ago. Stay on the Ruza reservoir is organized, as on its coasts there are several rest houses, children's camps and many equipped beaches. In addition, it is considered an excellent place for organization of fishing, as the pond is rich in fish. For example, there are well caught: bream, perch, pike, pike-perch, bream, roach, ruff, perch, burbot sometimes, due to the fact that earlier in the Ruzsky reservoir was carried out for industrial fish farming.

In the area of Okatovo, you can also windsurf rent Board. There's also the opportunity for everyone to drive a boat with a sail.

Pestovskogo reservoir

This is one of the favorite places of all those fans of water sports, the residence which are of Mytishchi and Pushkin district of Moscow region.

Pestovskogo reservoir appeared in 1937, as a component of the famous Moscow canal. It is navigable, and along its shores are located the Marina «Green Toe”, “pine forest”, “the Forest”, “Mikhaleva” and “Tishkovo”. On Pestovskoe reservoir excellent summer fishing since in this pond there are: carp, pike, bream, perch, roach, IDE, pike, ruff, Chub, perch, tench, Bursch, burbot, and catfish. Good catch, you can count on in winter.

The Ikshinskoe reservoir

This GetObject have a relatively small area. It is navigable from April to November and is used for water supply in the capital. The Ikshinskoe reservoir is a favorite place to spend a summer weekend residents of Mytishchi district and is popular among fishing lovers, as it is possible to catch perch, roach, burbot, skimmers, ruffe and gudgeon.

This is the first artificial reservoir in the system channels them. Moscow, which enters the Volga water. Therefore, bathing on the banks of this reservoir of the Moscow region from the point of view of ecology safer than in other parts of the Metropolitan region.

You can Get there on the line Savyolovsky railway station (“Employment”), then on foot or by car on the Dmitrov highway.

The Khimki artificial sea

Construction of the dam for the Khimki reservoir began in 1932. Its height is 34 m. It is the only reservoir located directly on the territory of Moscow and on its shores in the summer organize your vacation on the water Muscovites, who have no opportunity to leave the city.

In particular, very popular among residents of the capital enjoyed the beach "left Bank". Behind him a long time its fame as the best places in the Moscow region on the water. You can get there from the subway station "River station" by buses № 138 and 739 (stop “hotel “Union””). You can also take minibus No. 138, which takes you straight to the beach. In addition, from the metro station «Water stadium” there can be reached by bus No. 65.

The Beach is sandy and surrounded by spreading trees. It has the free booths for changing clothes, and was on duty SPASATEL...

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