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The Botanical garden in Vladivostok - one of the main attractions of the city. At its base is the only Botanical research Institute in the far East. Its work is aimed at fundamental research in the field of botany and nature protection, forestry and ecology.

History Botanical garden

the Vladivostok Botanical garden

The history of Vladivostok Botanical garden begins with 1949. It was created by a special decision of the Council of Ministers. However, in a separate and scientific institution has evolved only in 1970.

At that time, there was founded two research laboratories. One of them studied the natural flora of the Far East, and the second was engaged in experimental ecology, have attempted to answer the question of how acklimatiseras plants in the new environment.

An Important step in the development of the Vladivostok Botanical garden was in 2004, when its membership on the rights of the branches entered the Amur and Sakhalin Botanic gardens.

Collection of the Botanical garden

Botanical garden of FEBRAS Vladivostok

Botanical garden of FEBRAS Vladivostok, you must visit at least because it has the richest collections of flora in the East of Russia.

Local herbarium is stored about 40 thousand sheets. This collection is now fixed in the international system herbaria, has its own international index. Here is how it is valued.

Each year, the staff of the Botanical garden join her on three or four thousand copies. This also includes seeds of species that are considered to be promising for relocation in the local climate. And dozens of plants, used in daily breeding work.


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Richest arboretum in Vladivostok. The Botanical garden has a collection of almost thousands of trees and shrubs. Many of them grow in the open ground. Periodically many of them are used in the process of greening the city.

Prospects Botanic garden

discount flowers Vladivostok Botanical garden

Botanical garden Institute Feb RAS in Vladivostok today poses a serious problem. First and foremost, the study of genetic diversity of the far Eastern flora, the design of a single database and the biodiversity of local fauna but also to explore how long-term storage of seeds, for example, their cryopreservation.

This work allows to investigate the features of plant morphology, to determine the structure of their appearance. You need to understand that such work requires very long stationary observations, which are carried out on the basis of this scientific institution.

The Richness of local species is simply amazing. Visitors can feel themselves in this discounter flowers. In Vladivostok in the Botanical garden as a rich collection of flora.

Another promising direction is the development of landscape architecture and design. It is a modern area of science that is aimed at optimization of the surrounding human space. She called for a review of landscape planting of various types, to organize a new exhibition subject to the requirements of landscape architecture, to conduct seminars and courses, to expand the collection of plants, focusing on collections, promising to landscape plantings.

Operation Mode

Botanical garden Institute Feb RAS Vladivostok

To Get in this institution - the goal of most tourists who travel to the far East. Many are attracted to the Botanical garden in Vladivostok. The mode of operation is as follows: visitors attended daily.

From November to April the facility is open from 10 am to 17.00, from may to October mode of operation are extended for two hours until 19.00.

At the moment the entrance ticket to the Botanical garden is worth 100 rubles. Discounts available for seniors (by age) and schoolchildren. Them the entrance will cost only 30 rubles. Kids who are under 7 years old to purchase a ticket is not necessary at all.

Separately have to buy a ticket to visit the greenhouse. It cost 150 rubles. It works according to the schedule Botanical gardens, only every Monday at her satisfied day.

The Most attractive for visitors are sightseeing. You can go on a sightseeing acquaintance with the Botanical garden, and you can order themed visit to the greenhouse, where experienced local staff will tell you about the most amazing specimens of plants.

Also in the Botanical garden master classes, cultural and educational activities, thematic lessons about the underground life of plants and the microcosm.


The reviews after visiting this Botanical garden, visitors praise the well-groomed territory and a large number of rare and unique plants. But remain unhappy with the fact that not all open and free for viewing, private money taken for a visit to the greenhouses.

But most agree that this is a great place for the whole family fresh and clean air, and you can reach it very easy. Despite the fact that it is in the suburbs of the city. On the leisurely walk you will meet the most amazing examples of contemporary fauna.


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