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If you planned a Grand event, then mark it up like royalty in a magnificent place called "Golden Bay" (Anapa). The hotel will satisfy everyone. Here every small detail to make your stay truly memorable. This is the most comfortable hotel on the black sea coast. It combines the stunning beauty and comfort, guests can enjoy every moment spent within its walls.Golden Bay hotel Anapa

Where is?

Forever You will love the holiday house "Golden Bay" (Anapa). The hotel is situated directly in the city, almost on the coastline, just 5 metres from the beach. He has an extremely favorable location, to it from Anapa sea port is only 60 metres.

The Airport is located quite close, just 18 km from the stunning vacation spot called “Golden Bay" (Anapa). The hotel attracts tourists with stunning sea views, magnificent facilities and room,?? kitchen.

If you're planning a journey by rail, from the station to the place is 9 km. If you book in advance, you will be given a transfer. This also applies to meeting guests who used air transport.

Main differences from other holiday homes black sea coast

If you haven't decided on travel destination, then you will be a “Golden Bay" (Anapa) - hotel, which is a brilliant combination of comfort, luxury and comfort. It's a real exclusive. Distinguish it from all other hotels a luxurious Bungalow. It is an attribute of Paradise, star of life, which you will experience for the duration of the holiday. Each guest can choose a place of residence as the houses are located in several lines, starting from the very shore, where in the evenings you can hear from the terrace the noise of the surf. Beach "Golden Bay" in Anapa is one of the most clean and comfortable, and you will have to make a few steps towards the world of bliss and warmth of the sun.beach Golden Bay in Anapa


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Select housing

The Most popular is considered the first line of houses right near the shore. If you plan to spend your entire vacation sunbathing and swimming, then safely choose this option. You will long remember the beach "Golden Bay" in Anapa. Located near resort yacht club, where you can try yourself in the role of the captain or just to see how beautifully gliding over the waves of snow-white yacht.

The Second line of houses located very close, just 15 metres from the shore. But there are other facilities. Each of the cabins is surrounded by private grounds, where you can spend quiet family evenings, play with the children or arrange gatherings with a barbecue. In addition, there is a two storey comfortable cottage.

The Third line away from the sea and 30 meters, but here for the campers constructed a huge swimming pool with fresh water. If you are too in love with the salt baths, you can swim here. Not all holiday homes in Anapa offers a large selection of exclusive rooms to live in.holiday homes in Anapa


Each house is made from quality pine logs, the kind which most naturally fits the beauty of the local landscape. Each house is characterized by the highest level of comfort, satellite TV, refrigerator, split-system and a sanitary knot. Happy high level of security, the bungalows are equipped with electronic locks. Some primitive image of the houses further underlines the handmade furniture made of rattan. It creates additional comfort.

But the most comfortable place – the terrace. In the evening you can watch as the sun goes beyond the horizon. No wonder frequent guests say that this is the best hotel. “Golden Bay" (Anapa) will forever remain in your heart.Golden Bay Anapa prices


Bored. Here guests will find a tavern and a café, where at any moment you can order simple dishes and gourmet treats. Fans can enjoy the hydromassage Jacuzzi, the clock bar. Especially like here for lovers of sea trips, because it created Anapa. “Golden Bay" of the photos which captured every time a piece of blue azures, – it is a true Paradise. You can participate in a sea excursion with a dip in the sea or go on a special boat at a terrific fishing.

On-site dive club. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore the depths of the Black sea. Marine parks will appeal to both children and adults, and an amazing Playground to take your child for a long time.Anapa Golden Bay photo

Beach activities

Here is all equipped on the highest level. You will be asked to take things in a convenient locker and enjoy a peaceful holiday on the coast. There is always stunningly clean and beautiful, there are sunbeds, umbrellas and showers. Very pleased with the concern for the safety of the guests. On the beach constantly staffed by experienced lifeguards and guards, running clinic. Well-kept grounds have a good rest. Here you really get the impression that you are in heaven: no hassles, just peace and tranquility. Apparently, this look dream: a beautiful Anapa, the beach, the resort "Golden Bay".


Powered by type «all inclusive”. You three times a day waiting for a Breakfast buffet with a variety of dishes and appetizers, and fantastic desserts. The abundance of fruit will make the meal perfection, and a glass of wine with lunch or dinner a good mood. Any other time you can go to a bar or coffee shop, where you will gladly serve.Golden Bay hotel Anapa

The Cost of holidays

You can book a ticket with food or without it. In the latter case, the price will include Breakfast only. In addition, the second package allows at no extra charge to enjoy the beautiful beach and an outdoor pool with Jacuzzi. You can choose the most convenient option before you make a trip to the hotel «Golden Bay" (Anapa). Prices below acted in the last season (2014), new still in the development stage.

Accommodation in lodges on the beach (first line) will cost 16 000 from may to September, and 8000 from December to may. Houses second lines do not differ in cost. In the third line accommodation a little cheaper: 14 000 in the season and 6,000 in the winter-spring period. Two-storey comfortable cottage will cost 25 000. Prices are calculated with the condition of two adults and a child up to six years. Additional place is paid for separately: 2,500 per day in season and 1000 in the offseason.Anapa beach hotel Golden Bay

Other holiday homes in Anapa

They were in the city a lot, because the tourism industry – this is the oldest industry that flourished for many years. We will cover only the most famous of them so that you have something to compare:

  • The holiday House "Bellissima" is located in the resort area of Anapa. Exactly 50 meters from the sea and 10 minutes walk to the city centre. It's a family base, which accepts children from years. It offers accommodation for 4 brick cottages, Spa and Wellness treatments and nutrition on the system "buffet". The cost depends on the season and selected numbers from 1000 to 2000 per night per person. Children without extra bed can stay in for free.
  • In the early Pioneer Avenue, right outside the city of Anapa, located the ‘Beach village”. Here there are economy rooms and luxurious suites. Room rates start from 1000 per person per night (without food) and over 4000 with food and additional two seats.
  • Recreation “Alenka” located on the same Pioneer Avenue. This is an excellent, modern facilities with developed infrastructure. Breakfast is included in the price and lunch and dinner in the dining room cost is quite inexpensive - about 100 rubles. The price is from 700 to 2500 for 3-and 4-bed room per night. Cozy area, a large Playground and sandpit make this database very popular.

On the territory of the black sea coast there are many cosy holiday homes, each of which deserves separate attention. But this is already material for the next review.


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