The low-cost carrier - what is it? Than the low-cost airlines different from other airlines?


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“the Airline… What is it? - ask many novice travelers. - How they can help us with your itinerary? Whether to use their services?”

Let's Try to understand together, because these companies make a budget flight from one part of the world to another is available not only for rich but also for the passengers of average, and sometimes low material wealth.

What companies offer the low-cost airlines?

the low-cost carrier that itHardly anyone will dare to deny the fact that air travel in the modern world play a huge role. And this, perhaps, is not surprising.

High speed travel in space today is very much appreciated. However, no less important is the reasonable price of tickets. That is why a question such as ‘low-cost Airline - what is it?” even today should not occur. The existence of this kind of companies need to not only know, but actively resort to their services.

The Desire to increase the number of passengers who use air transport, has led American companies in the second half of the 20th century to develop the concept, according to which the flights can be done at minimal cost. How? For the expense of additional passenger services.

From the United States, the concept of low-cost penetrated first into Europe and then in other parts of the world.

Originally, the term “airlines-low cost airlines” attitude to the organizations structure operating costs which were comparatively lower in relation to competitors.

Today, this definition applies to a variety of carriers offering a limited set of passenger amenities. By the way, the answer to the question: “the Airline…what is it?” - it is not necessary to take into account regional companies operating short-haul flights with limited service.


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Characteristics of this kind of transport

low cost airline

To represent, what is the business model these companies, need to figure out what sets it apart from other similar ones.

For example, loukoster «Aeroflot», both in principle and any other company, has the following characteristics:

  • All seats belong to the same class.
  • As a rule, these airlines use one type of aircraft to cut the costs needed to maintain various kinds of equipment and training of personnel.
  • Application of a simplified scheme for payment of tickets. Today, it is widely used to electronic tickets. The low-cost airlines promote them via the Internet. So, book your flight in the presence of the world wide web can be, being or living in any corner of the globe.
  • Organization of transport is conducted so as to ensure exploitation of underutilized runways. Why? The fact is that these airports are lower fees, therefore, it becomes possible to reduce various kinds of costs.
  • Intensive exploitation of technical means (for one day a plane does a few flights a couple of decades ago seemed impossible).
  • A Preference for direct flights.
  • The Set of services, as a rule, is reduced.
  • Optimization of work of the employees of the airlines by performing each of multiple functions.

History of appearance and development of low-cost airlines

low cost ticketsThe Idea of the transport budget has always been attractive. Decisions were made to increase the number of seats in the aircraft. Carriers used old aircraft with the new logo.

The increased use of winged machines sometimes become so high that a simple in the world almost reduced to zero.

The First budget airline in the United States – Southwest Airlines. Not to mention that the low-cost airlines of Europe have studied it.

Originally it used to operate on the territory of the state of Texas. Travel in other States company at the time could not organize because of the prohibition of the existing laws. To increase the popularity of the flight, as flight attendants were attracted by the charming girls. The uniform emphasized their amazing appearance and perfect figure.

In Europe, the first company of this plan was Ryanair. Passengers it began in 1985, but as the present budget, the airline became operational in 1998. This was due to the abolition of preferences for national carriers.

It is Interesting to note that currently, low-cost airlines operate in all continents, except Antarctica. From 2012 air carrier of this type exists even in Africa and in the Philippines nearly 65% of passengers move through the air exactly low-cost airlines.

Are there any disadvantages to this type of transportation?

Today, the budget of companies so much that they are forced to compete with each other. In this regard, some of them began to attract passengers by offering the first-class satellite TV, of course, for an additional fee.

In the UK are actively discussing the problem of the notorious underestimation of the advertised cost of the tickets – it is a price usually does not include taxes and fees. Additional fees will not be refunded if the flight is canceled because of the company. Exposedcriticism and the fact that hand Luggage is subject to a high fine in the event that if revealed exceeding the permissible rules of weight. By the way, similar practice and low-cost airlines Asia.

Why is Russia so few budget airlines

loukosterovIn Russia, too, there were attempts to properly organize airlines-low-cost.

In 2006, the budget and tariff policy became operational Corporation Sky Express. At that time, the value of any ticket was 500 rubles.

In 2009, the company «Avianova” determined the cost of the ticket is 250 rubles. But long to work in such conditions they could not. The reasons for the failure of the business model of the budget of the company was not able to increase the volume of transportation to reach the required performance. Park aircraft in these companies was small, so constantly had problems with flight delays. Due to the fact that maintenance costs of the ships began to rise, companies were forced to cease to exist.

Not to mention the purely technical aspects. A serious problem for the development of low-cost transport in Russia was the model of manual control, while this type of transport involves the automation of all processes for providing passengers with a minimal set of services. Quick repair, the timely receipt of required spare parts, the availability of transport providing remote airports, the ability to quickly service the aircraft, which is carried out at the airport a minimum amount of time – all of this in Russia is problematic. In addition, Russian officials do not have the skill to make quick decisions in response to proposals budget companies.

Duties on foreign cars, which were introduced by the government of our country also played a role, and not allowing the low-cost airlines significantly reduce costs to the required for the normal development level.

And complexity of Russian laws creates obstacles to the development of airlines offer passengers only the necessary services and cheap tickets. Given all of the above, it becomes clear why the statement: “the low-cost carrier? What is it? Cheap tickets? No, no, never!” asked most often is in Russia, in Europe or, say, in the United States, such services are the norm

«Dobrolet» – modern Russian carrier

In August 2013, the Board of Directors «Aeroflot» decided on the development of loukoster «Dobrolet». Its leader was Vladimir Gorbunov, head of early “Avianova”.

It is Planned that the company will first perform flights 8 aircraft. By 2018 is expected to grow the fleet to 40.

All additional services for a fee. Check-in will be carried out on the Internet. The projected cost of tickets-40% lower than the average tariff of a classic Russian airline.

The Route network involves moving from Moscow to St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Ufa, Perm, Kaliningrad, Samara, Tyumen, Krasnodar and back from these cities to Moscow.

low-cost airlines of Europe

Wizz Air – main low-cost airline in Ukraine, Poland, Hungary

Hungarian-Polish company engaged in air travel, operates in Ukraine since 2008. In 2013 it carried out flights only one domestic route – «Kiev-Simferopol".

Wizz Air is trying to enter the Russian market, however, this process is difficult because of the rather stringent requirements, which makes “Sony”. Loukoster «Aeroflot» - this is, perhaps, the only true, Patriotic, a company that was able to survive there for a long time.

However, Wizz Air does not abandon plans to increase traffic and expanding their geography.

Finnair-Finland's largest airline

Not to mention that Finnair is considered the most secure in Europe. Since 1963 there was not one emergency. Russian low-cost airlines, as well, and many other organizations have such a plan, should learn from her.

The History of Finnair refers to 1924. Today is a stable company.

The Program of encouragement of passengers, a special class for children, management of waiting rooms – everything contributes to the popularity. According to 2012, the volume carried by the company amounted to 9 million people.

Air Arabia – Arabian budget airline

Russian low-cost airlines

First, the scale carrier in the middle East, is Air Arabia. Today, it provides transportation services in 76 countries of the world. The headquarters is located 15 km from downtown Dubai.

In 2007, Air Arabia founded another base, this time in the capital city of Nepal. Difficult economic and political situation in the region contributed to the fact that the company's activity had to be temporarily suspended.

In 2009 in Egypt, Air Arabia has created a new company database which was supposed to place in Alexandria. The growth in passenger and cargo transportation, expanding the range of additional paid services and a rich entertainment system – just what are the envy of airlines the low-cost airlines in Russia.

Air Arabia has gradually been implemented, achieving stability in the work.

Qantas Airways-the largest airline of Australia

“Flyingkangaroo” – a nickname for a company Qantas Airways. This is one of the oldest organizations whose shares can be bought and sold on the ASX stock exchange.

In 2007 the company took 3rd place in the world by Skytrax research. Revenue in the 2005-2006 fiscal year amounted to 350 billion 45 million dollars. International and domestic flights are very popular.

By the Way, Qantas Airways the safest in the world, as its jets have never been in a car accident.

airline low-cost airlines in Russia

Kingfisher Red – the first budget carrier India

Frequent travelers tourists know that Kingfisher Red is based in Bangalore.

It Works for quite some time, and the first flight in Hubballi from Bangalore were produced in 2003. Founder G. R. Gopinath sought to create a company that could provide every Indian an opportunity to make a flight.

To date, this Kingfisher Red actively competes with GoAir, Indigo, SpiceJet. As a result of this competition benefit passengers, as ticket prices are reduced.

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