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The Aviator Hotel Kazan (Kazan) offers you a choice from a large number of rooms that focus on different tastes and cost. Also here you can take advantage of a wide range of services.

hotel Aviator Kazan testimonials

Brief description of the hotel

One of the most attractive options for accommodation is the hotel "the Aviator." Kazan attracts many tourists and business people. Here everyone will find a room to your taste and budget. The apartment is quite modest and laconic, but at the same time be very comfortable in them. There are essential amenities like bathroom, TV, refrigerator and other equipment.

Well-Developed infrastructure offers its guests the hotel "the Aviator" (Kazan). Especially guests like a sports hall with a huge number of simulators. In addition, you can use the free wireless Internet. Also, a billiard room and bar, which serves a huge selection of drinks and light snacks.

The Aviator Hotel Kazan (Kazan) invites you to dine in a luxurious restaurant, where the best chefs, and order food in the room. Satisfy your hunger, go on a tour, which can help you with the tour Desk.

hotel Aviator Kazan address

The Aviator Hotel Kazan (Kazan) -

If you go to Kazan by car, this hotel would be a great option, because it is just a short drive from major long-distance route. If you like sports, this accommodation also suitable, because is very close to two major complex. To the city centre on the doorstep - just 20 minutes by bus. If you are happy with this location, you to embed ideal hotel Aviator Kazan. Address - street of Academician Pavlova, d. 1.


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Economy Rooms

If you don't want to spend much money on accommodation in the hotel, the Aviator hotel in Kazan can offer you the following economical accommodation options:

  • Quadruple room economy is a small room, which houses 4 single beds that have bedside tables. All the guests are provided a Desk, a wardrobe, a fridge and a TV. Do not have to remove the whole room, you can rent just one bed.
  • Triple economy room is quite small room. Three single beds are located almost back to back. Here you can stay with family or rent a separate bed.
  • Triple standard is an impressive area of the room. There are three single beds. Thanks to the huge window in the apartment a lot of light.
  • Double standard can be equipped with two single or one big bed. There are quite a lot of living space, and comfortable modern furniture.

hotel Aviator Kazan testimonials

Deluxe rooms

If you're used to comfort, in this hotel you will be able to live in the following apartments:

  • Business class is a large room which has a spacious bright bedroom with a work area. The feeling of comfort is created because of the entrance door to the residential part of the room is hidden a small area of the hallway.
  • Business plus differs from the previous category larger area and exquisite design. In addition, in front of the bed has a large plasma TV.
  • Suites can be used as a double and single. By design they are absolutely identical and differ only in the size and number of single beds.
  • Premier Apartments are decorated in a classic style, while the interior is dominated by bright, calm tones. Within one room is equipped with not only a bedroom but also living room area.
  • Studio, in addition to the bedrooms, has a living room. These two zones are separated by a Breakfast bar.

Luxurious and classic decor characterized the Executive rooms offered by the hotel "the Aviator" (Kazan). Photo rooms showcases the elegant decoration in bright colours.

hotel Aviator Kazan photo

Facilities provided in the apartment

Each of the guest suites of this hotel you can enjoy the following amenities:

  • Large wardrobe, which will fit all of your stuff;
  • Comfortable orthopedic bed;
  • Convenient folding furniture, which can also serve as an extra bed;
  • A Desk on which you can be productive (it can also be used as a cosmetic);
  • Large plasma TV (Executive apartments), which is connected to the satellite antenna;
  • Landline telephone with international line;
  • Electric kettle that will allow you any time to make yourself a hot drink, without going down to the bar for boiling water;
  • If you bring some foods, you can eat in the room due to the presence of crockery and Cutlery;
  • Thanks to the air conditioning (superior apartments) in your room is always comfortable temperature;
  • The bathroom has a full set of bath accessories.

hotel Aviator Kazan phone

Hotel facilities

In this hotel you can enjoy the following infrastructure:

  • Throughout the hotel operates a wireless Internet network, which is available free of charge;
  • Fitness center guests can work out at the gym and also get advice of the professional instructors;
  • In the billiard room you can spend time in interesting game;
  • Includes all necessary equipment for table tennis;
  • Despite the fact that this hotel is not a resort, there is a swimming pool;
  • In the bar you can drink alcoholic and refreshing drinks as well as tea or coffee;
  • In the restaurant you can taste the best dishes from the international menu.
  • There is paid private Parking with round the clock security;
  • The reception is open around the clock, and because you can always get answers to your questions;
  • Laundry room in your stained clothes will quickly lead to proper condition;
  • Business meeting or seminar can be held in the conference hall;
  • In the Banquet hall you can celebrate any event;
  • Upper floors easily accessible with the Elevator;
  • On site there is a small gift shop;
  • If necessary, you can request a transfer to the airport or train station.

Require the appointment use of certain infrastructure facilities offered by the hotel "the Aviator" (Kazan). Phone to make an order and get help: +7 (843) 204-99-02.

hotel Aviator Kazan

Positive feedback

Many tourists and business people prefer this option as the hotel "the Aviator" (Kazan). It will contain the following positive comments:

  • In room amenities include large new refrigerator;
  • Pretty reasonable prices on accommodation;
  • Each floor has a shared kitchen which you can use if you don't want to spend money on meals in cafes and restaurants;
  • Pretty good Breakfast;
  • The staff is very friendly and smiling;
  • The rooms relatively recently, repair was made;
  • The room has an electric kettle and a tea set;
  • Good availability of budget accommodation options;
  • Parking is well protected.

hotel Aviator Kazan

Negative feedback

Not only advantages but also the disadvantages of the hotel Aviator Kazan. It noted the following negative points:

  • The hotel rooms are incredibly small (and this especially applies to rooms of economy class);
  • The quality of cleaning is very mediocre;
  • The hotel more like a hostel;
  • Terrible audibility between the rooms;
  • Warranty of the economy, be prepared for the fact that a bathroom shared by two rooms;
  • A very old Windows that let all the sounds from the street;
  • Parking is very limited, besides she paid;
  • The location is very inconvenient - it's almost the outskirts of town;
  • For Breakfast it is better to arrive early, otherwise you will not suffice not only food but also Cutlery;
  • Closed is bad shower, what after a swim on the floor of the bathroom is going to a lot of water;
  • Very old creaky furniture;
  • A very quick check-in and check-in (even if a lot of people);
  • Very few rooms with double beds (only the suites);
  • On the sofas are very a lot of spots, but on carpet, there were even bald spots;
  • Due to problems with the pipes coming out of the tap muddy water;...

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