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Unique natural phenomenon is located in Indonesia. Three huge crater at the top of the volcano Kelimutu turned into a lake. Many tourists attracts attention to the color of the water. The fact that the craters between them are very close, but each lake is an individual color.

Mystical tradition

The lake of tears, as locals call them, have a beautiful legend. It is believed that there dead soul find final rest. Righteously living elderly people after death go to the lake Old rich emerald green. It is at a distance of more than a kilometer from the first two, as if to symbolise that wisdom and experience come with age, but not immediately.

lake of tears

Souls of the departed quite young and not committed sins, I live in the turquoise waters of the Central lake boys and Girls. Through a wall of hardened lava is a lake of Tears and the Evil spirits brown color with a reddish tinge, where they find eternal refuge of the sinners from evil deeds. Such a small distance, in the opinion of the local population, is identified with the line between good and evil, which is very easy to navigate.

Version changes colors: the opinion of the natives

The amazing thing is that lake, unnatural colors randomly change color. This phenomenon, which the natives ascribe mystical plaque, very proud of Indonesia. Lake of tears become the object of pilgrimage for tourists from around the world.

Indonesia lake of tears

The inhabitants of the island are convinced that, changing color, living in the water spirits show their location, or, conversely, become angry with their children. There is another version which says that the way of the soul repose of the ancestors warn of catastrophe in the country.


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To Predict when the lakes will take on a new hue, it is impossible. Green turns to blue and black, sometimes the water becomes completely white or crimson. Early morning you can watch how the water surface rises a light mist of steam. And then the lake of tears looks really mysterious, it seems as if deprived of the disembodied souls of the long-lived people float in a misty veil over the mirror-like surface. By the way, the name of the volcano means “steaming water”.

lake of tears evil spirits

Tourists climb to the top of the mountain for a better view - from there, from the observation deck in the early morning and at sunset is a magical sight. The charming atmosphere and scenic views will long remain in the memory of visiting a unique place.

Version of color change: scientists

Of Course, scientists don't believe in mystical signs and prefer to explain the changes of the color range, from a scientific point of view. Through the crack at the bottom of the lakes move up sulfur gases and hydrogen. By dissolving them in water discolouration under the influence of chemical reactions of the accumulated minerals within the crater. The result of a combination of two acids (sulfuric and hydrochloric) gives green color, rich red appears in the reactions of iron with sulfide. By the way, Burgundy color eventually darkens and the water becomes almost black. Strange: 2 the lake of tears are separated by only a thin barrier, and the shades are so different!

Lake of tears protected by the Indonesian authorities and included in the attractions of the national Park. The indigenous people are extremely fond of this place, and even put an image of national pride for the local bill.

The Russian fairy tale

Admiring the beauty of Indonesian not to forget the famous lakes in the Park Ergaki, located in the mountains of Western Sayan. Hundreds of tourists come every year to admire the lake of Maiden's tears, the depth of which plays shimmering colors of a bright Sunny day. Rightfully it earned the reputation of a picturesque reservoir in the world. Coming here notice the incredible purity of the water, through the thickness of which seemingly translucent multi-colored stones on the bottom. Surprising is not only its transparency, but also taste good. Healthy water you can drink straight from the lake.

lake of maiden's tears

For those who are going to visit a unique place, is important recommendation-not to come here on a cloudy day, because, in contrast to lakes in Indonesia, the water is absolutely transparent, and to play with color depend on the depth, sunlight and layered reflections on the lake surface.

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