Make loggia warming. Insulation technology step by step


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For anybody not a secret that warmed loggia or balcony, they can be used as a separate room. How in fact should be a warming of a loggia? It's not as difficult as it seems, it is only necessary to observe the sequence of actions.

Warming of a loggia. Insulation technology step by step:

warming of a loggia insulation technology step by stepSo, the warming of the loggia is a large complex tasks. It consists of glazing and insulation of floor, walls and ceiling. To work most suitable the warm season, and it should be done, as this winter will turn warm in the apartment. Insulation is necessary to prevent the escape of warm air from the room and getting a cold back. Loggia warming in a panel house is the same as usual.

 warming of a loggia. Insulation technology step-by-step: glass

One of the main tasks in warming of a loggia loggia warming in a panel houseWindows. It represents one of the fundamental steps in this process. Due to the large number of glazing variants that differ in price and insulating properties, it is necessary to know what purpose is warming, because it will help to reduce unnecessary costs. If you plan to use the loggia as a bathroom, you should choose glazing with more insulation. Basically it is a plastic window. If the loggia is insulated to protect from moisture and maintain the temperature in the apartment, you can use normal Windows.

Warming of a loggia. Insulation technology step by step: floors, walls, ceiling

The Next task in the loggia warming is the warming of the floor, then the ceiling and walls. For floor insulation first, all existing holes are sealed with foam. If they are large, then first they need to fix pieces of a special gasket, foam, etc. If necessary to raise the floor first filled with a layer of expanded clay, then poured self-leveling mixture for the base. materials for insulation loggiasOn the basis of a stacked-plate insulation, it should be glue vapor barrier tape joints between insulation and between the walls to avoid the formation of mold. The next step is placed the reinforced mesh and a lightweight polymer concrete. For insulating the ceiling and walls of the loggia in the beginning on all the walls are glued insulation boards, even those that are adjacent to the main facility. Then attached the drywall with high moisture resistance. To preserve the inner square of the loggia, should the insulation be glued with cold asphalt cement. The ceiling is insulated the same as wall, but the drywall can be replaced, for example, a hanging canvas. Last run the final finish and install radiator.

 warming of a loggia. Insulation technology step by step:

In the choice of materials for warming of a loggia is a great role for insulation. It should prevent heat loss and to have good thermal insulation properties. Insulation characterizes the conductivity and thickness of insulation. Materials for insulation loggias are different, but there are a number recommended, such as extruded polystyrene foam, mineral wool, foamed polyethylene. In any hardware store you can find many different options.

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