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In General terms, PBX is a service for a particular business of the company. What is ATS and other details of this element will examine later in the article in detail.

ATS what is

Detailed description PBX

So, PBX virtual service is a service, which contains a number of communications the latest. It is due to data communications, or that the company's business bias will be able to carry out their work with new strength and power. PBX - what it is, and what is ATS-transcript, it is important to know for anyone who wants to improve their company. Using PBX device, you will be able to bring together all communication in your office. Virtual PBX communication will provide you with quality service.

And now more accurate from a scientific point of view. What is virtual PBX? In total, this device has replaced analogs with their prices and technical support. With it you can organize a telephone company and can track it all from any location of your device. Here we learned what it is - PBX.

what is ATS transcript

Technical aspects

What is a PBX? The easiest way to analyze this is through its technical support. From this point of view a service of this nature can be done in several possibilities. What is ATS-decoding is to learn and get acquainted with the disadvantages, advantages and features of a technical nature. Method of technical support is selected depending on the type of activity engaged in one or the other company.


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Often in the market of your consumers offer combined services. What is a PBX, this becomes clear after we consider the options:

  • Hardware that is provided. For the organization it is a so-called subscriber's gateway or server application software. These devices are usually installed in the premises of the employer. But in the customer's company installed the phones that have IP addresses, as well as a software application for these devices. In addition, the set program an updated type with a focus on the task of business development.
  • Also on the market is widely spread set of so-called platform. Each corporate client gets the virtual machine character, which includes operating system and software. This machine can also be installed similar to the previous one the service applications in the communications.
  • The Service of the third sample represents an extension of the domain in the office. To arrange promotion of the company is allocated an individual entity, that is the domain itself. It also has its own types of settings that each user can customize exclusively for themselves.
  • Combining common communication services into a single rate plan. In this tariff plan is arranged in a numbering plan. In this case, it refers to the additional features quite an interesting character. Equipment is that embedded voice menu and answering machine.

Now became a lot more clear what it is - PBX. Also worth noting is the fact that the management of the PBX of virtual character is provided solely by lessee of this station. As a rule, the control is performed directly using your computer or mobile device. The person who rents the station, may employ special operators who carry out this function.

PBX what is it

What makes the connection of this service

As we mentioned earlier in the article, this equipment provides communication company. Connect this device consists of several other services, which we discuss in more detail below:

  • Free by telephones around the office for the last five minutes.
  • If your offices are scattered across the globe, with additional settings it is possible to connect any one telephone line.
  • Service call handling a budget option.
  • Connecting room, where a fairly large number of channels in one city.
  • Call Divert calls in the office and beyond its immediate borders.
  • Data services ATS provides both for individuals and for businesses.
  • Also free you can connect a so-called widget phone calls. This will allow you to improve the conversion rate of your business.

Way to connect PBX

In order to connect this system with your office, you first need to register. Next you need to go to the section titled "Personal account" and press the button corresponding to the PBX. In order to start working with the system, it is necessary to purchase a local phone and number.PBX what is it

Service for virtual PBX is available for customers free of charge. The connection is made only with regular deposits. It is a Deposit account not less than once in three months. In that case, if a particular client does not replenish the account over this period, then there is imposed a penalty of five dollars. Can also block the whole system for this user.

If you just forgot about the account, the service provider is likely to remind you of this. After all, the organization often sends a notification to your client that they have insufficient funds in your account and you need to replenish it. Next, the user makes the same or a different decision: either to recharge or to turn off the PBX.

what is virtual PBX

Call Recording

Now you learned what a PBX, and can apply it in various spheres of activities and to record conversations. For example, to enhance the company's communications Manager, it would be convenient to listen to the conversations of their employees and make adjustments to their work. The data records will be stored in your personal Cabinet, where you can go and listen to the conversation you need.


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