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Budget gadgets is a little delight, in addition to its price. They have bad screens, mediocre communication modules, slow work platform, weak battery, and in addition, very often there are all sorts of backlash, squeaks and other things typical of this segment.turbophone4g 2209 reviews

Picking up a brand new smartphone TurboPhone4G 2209, already subconsciously ready to find in it the entire list, listed above. However, many clichés he was able to refute, and some, alas, to confirm.

First impressions

When the device is in the hands, the impression that you some kind of flagship of the year, commercials of 2010 or even 2012. On the one hand, it seems to be a compliment, but on the other – all the cumbersome form “soap”. Some such format quite suits (not cut hand on the edges), and to someone it will seem completely outdated and rather unattractive, as, for example, TurboPhone4G 2209. The user reviews about this vary widely and almost evenly split, so should be left to the discretion of the future owner.

The following buttons are located approximately in the same sequence as the acclaimed ‘galaxy S3” – on each side and exactly opposite each other. The device fits in the palm of your hand and use it with one hand quite comfortably. On the case is no sensible structure, therefore, the gadget is easy to slip on. Touch control is highlighted only at the time of pressing and is not typical – with a long interval, and the button “Back” the reason was far to the right.

The Review will be presented in the form of some stairs, that is going to go down from best to worst.

The package

The Gadget is in a rather lovely box of hard cardboard where you can see a list of the main technical characteristics and the name of the smartphone. Packed all the conscience and any claims to the pipeline.


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5 inch smartphone

Package included:

  • The smartphone;
  • Battery;
  • Network adapter chargers USB;
  • Cable to work with a personal computer;
  • Stereo type mini-Jack 3.5 mm;
  • Warranty card for TurboPhone4G 2209;
  • Manual.

As for the dimensions of the gadget, then they are standardized to a five-inch models: 143,4 x 71,7 x 7.9 mm. Therefore, from the point of view of ergonomics it's all right.


The Device feels good on 4G speeds in the standard GSM frequencies (1800 MHz) – a very clever and cunning move of the company. Signal is stable even in the “rugged” areas. The only minus-is the lack of support old simcard on 3G. Gadget tightly “locked”, therefore, accepts only cards operating at a frequency of 1800 MHz, but this time found a more expensive device, not only the public sector TurboPhone4G 2209.

kit contents

Opinions about this vary greatly: someone has been working at high speeds and forget about the outdated connection on 3G, and someone needs exactly that little speed due to various reasons (lack of coverage, specific web surfing, etc.). However, the connection smartphone quality and “breakdown” that has pleased many owners of the gadget.


For the performance of the device is responsible Quad-core processor with 1 GHz series МТК6735. On Board there is 8GB of internal memory and 1 GB of RAM. For state TurboPhone4G 2209 (price - about 5000 rubles) has a very attractive set of characteristics. And in itself shows the positive side: applications are processed fairly quickly and without any major slowdown or freezes were noticed. Casual games, like “Plants vs. Zombies 2" or Subway Surfers, excellent run and work without problems.

turbophone4g 2209 manual

Despite the fact that internal memory smartphone 8 GB user available, only 4.2 – the rest is reserved for system files for the correct functioning TurboPhone4G 2209. Owner reviews on this subject are very optimistic: the problem is solved by buying a micro-SD card, the benefit that the device supports all popular formats and volumes.


The Model has very good performance of the screen for the public sector: the smartphone is 5 inch with a resolution of 960 by 540 pixels. And it works on a modern IPS-matrix. A little bit of screen adds speed to the gadget, and a decent supply of brightness will make it easy to work on a Sunny day.

smartphone turbophone4g 2209

The Angles are not of good indicators and when strong turns colors get inverted, and in different schemes, depending on the side (vertical or horizontal rotation). However, flip through photos, or watch a movie in the company of one another without problems with TurboPhone4G 2209. Owner reviews noted a significant drop in the responsiveness of the screen in the cold season, and also the fact that the glossy display surface collects fingerprints and other dirt is very much active, so no case can not do.

It is Also worth noting that non-standard screen resolution not supported for any third-party player, you'll need to easily and unfriendly the built-in software. The highest quality images available in our case it will be 480p. On the one hand, maybe good – longer battery live, but on the other – I like the picture better, still the smartphone is 5 inches, and the yard in 2016 FullHD-realities.

Standalone operation

Battery 2000 mAh battery is clearly not enough, especially when you consider the amount of space it occupies in the body of the gadget. Even with a modest operation of the device (calls, SMS, a couple of times in the Internet to look) he will live a maximum day.

turbophone4g 2209 price

The Active use of the gadget, like watching videos at maximum resolution, will put it in about two hours, the film watch enough. Wander through web pages more than three or four hours will not work.


The Last paragraph, which is able to disappoint. The device also has a front camera of 2 MP and primary 5 MP. Before, during and after the shoot you will suffer from artifacts, friezes, and the absence of any sensible settings, it is unclear how distorted the picture, even with perfect lighting, etc. Probably the only thing that will fit this camera, – avatars.

Summing up

Branded gadgets, which is TurboPhone4G 2209, now very much. They are inundated with almost all more or less famous distribution network. Some companies manage to put their products in a even more modest segment than the "5000", with almost similar capabilities of devices. The same MTS «Beeline” and “MegaFon” captivated their device stores. But in defense of the Respondent, we can say that, unlike the above mentioned eminent representatives of the market, TurboPhone4G 2209 does not suffer from a kind of corporate design and confusing interface.

Audience of smartphone – it's students, pupils or any other consumer with no claims to the performance, watching the video in high resolution and longer battery life. Otherwise it is quite successful and collected qualitative model with good communication capabilities.


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