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To view digital terrestrial broadcasting in the DVBT2 standard modern TV set must be equipped with a special built-in tuner that supports the required standards, or additional special equipment, able to process such signals to a digital receiver.

Brand BBK Electronics is known for its modern line of consumer electronics of good quality. Digital television receivers Bbk comfortably used in the home and allow you to not only get a quality signal, but also to store your favourite TV shows.Receivers BBK


This model receiver allows you to receive radio and TV channels of digital TV standards DVB-T2 and DVB-T. in any television antenna or an external, or room – it is possible to carry out signal reception.

Company specially developed InErgo intuitive menu and convenient remote control makes it easy to understand all the functions of the device.

With a built-in TV receiver Samsung the USB connector you can easily connect an external drive and record the fragments of digital ether. This is feasible when using PVR or timeshifting - TimeShiſt.Digital receiver BBK

The Receiver has a built-in media player with high definition. Connecting the receiver BBK SMP124HDT2 via the HDMI connector to the TV is easy to view media content in good quality and high resolution. Access to the electronic program guide EPG is the function.

Package contents:

  • Receiver;
  • Remote control;
  • Audio and video cable;
  • Batteries;
  • User manual.

Digital television receiver BBK SMP001HDT2

The Device is designed for reception of digital terrestrial television channels DVB-T and DVB-T2 standards, as well as radio. Access to the built-in program guide EPG function c will flash on the TV screen programme guide. And viewing of your favorite programs with “TimeShift” can be done in deferred mode. In addition, the PVR will record the video on an external, connected to the receiver, storage media for later playback. The model is executed in a classic design and is available in two colors - dark gray and black.Television receivers BBK


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TV tuner BBK SMP017HDT2

The Main distinguishing feature of this model of receiver BBK is confident a clear digital signal. The receiver has a USB port and HDMI for connecting external drives. And PVR function and TimeShift is designed for normal and a delayed write on the hard disk or USB drive. The device can be connected as an external antenna and a normal room. Intuitive menu and convenient remote control makes it easy to understand the functions of the device.

Apple TV SMP240HDT2

This type of consoles will offer a comfortable stream and a huge selection of digital terrestrial television channels and radio within the established standards. The external signal or a normal antenna for indoor use.

Digital receiver BBK has the ability of the media player supports the MKV format. BBK AV Receivers reviews

EPG Function shall access the system program guide and provides:

  • Receive programs of a conventional antenna;
  • Compatible with digital television signals.
  • E-channel schedule;
  • The function of delayed viewing;
  • Video recording mode;
  • Support for JPEG;
  • USB port for connection to external devices.

The Receiver chip from the company Ali

TV-receiver BBK SMP244HDT2 chip well-known companies to improve signal reception and comfortable user interface.

The Device receives a digital signal DVB-T and DVB-T2 via an external or indoor antenna.

To view content in high definition tuner features a built-in media player with the ability to connect through the ports of the external storage device.

All the necessary information about the channel number, time or duration displayed on the bright screen.

How to configure the receiver BBK

When initially setting up the device you will not have any difficulties – it is extremely simple. You only need to determine the type of TV that you plan to connect.How to configure the receiver BBK

For new models, for example, with a CRT-tube and the like, should be connected by means of a cord through component video output. If you have a newer model, equipped with a HDMI port, it will use the port itself. You may have to buy the cord, but given that the receiver will output the picture in Full HD, it's worth it. Even to the naked eye there is a noticeable difference in image quality.

All ports and connectors located on the rear panel of the receiver: antenna output and input, component and composite outputs, coaxial digital audio out and HDMI out. The USB connector placed on the front panel. In addition, the face buttons control the receiver and the dashboard. They are backed up on a remote control.


The Body is made of glossy plastic - it is not very practical, but looks dressy design.

As part of testing the first device connected to a large panel Full-HD 42-inch, and then to compact the TV, onlycomponent output. And in both cases, the receiver BBK reviews deserve a decent - censures did not cause, and worked reliably.Receivers BBK

In addition, many note the convenient interface designed specifically for receivers DVB-T2. He remembered the speed and quick switching of channels. Very convenient to realize the function of EPG, not to allow the transfer of interest.

I Liked that device easily saves the videos and photos on flash drives small capacity, it happens infrequently. Many respondents noted the playback quality Full-HD video: picture no slow downs, freezes and very clear.

So, we reviewed the features of the pioneer receivers.

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