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The basis of the electric supply of any modern measurement system is the power supply 24V. Without this element it is impossible to imagine the work of any current loop. Its operating principle is the following: all electronic devices are collected sequentially in one large ring through which circulates a current (most often 4-20 mA). The power supply is a 24V voltage source. The amount of current changes the sensor depending on the parameter. And as the receiver performs analog input power supply 24V.The industrial controller. From the above it is clear that from its quality and reliable operation depends on the functioning of other components of the system.

Circuit realization of

Part of any such device consists of the following modules:

  • Insert the fuse.
  • Step-down transformer.
  • Diode bridge.
  • The Filter.
  • The control.

Insert the fuse-is the fuse that protects the device from overload. As soon as the input is high the value of the current, it burns out, leaving the entire system is de-energized. All components remain operational. The transformer consists of two windings. The first of these – primary (is supplied 220V) and the other – secondary, which is 24V. That is, it simply just lowers the voltage. The diode bridge of the AC signal makes permanent. The filter stabilizes the output parameters due to the different smoothing of pulsations. The last component-the control unit - can only be found in such modern devices as the power supply 24V. It measures power supply 24V 5A.Output signals. If they come within range, de-energizes the current loop. While this situation persists as long as their value does not return to normal.


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  • Max current output.
  • Power supply.
  • The Number of output channels.
  • Protection.
  • Type of attachment.
  • Operating temperature Range.

The First two parameters are interrelated. For example, if the output maximum current 22мА, the capacity of the unit at the same amount of 5.28 W (22 mA times 24 V, current to voltage). To minimize the space that deals with such devices in measuring cabinets, used multi-channel sources. It is justified in cases where the system has a large number of measurement parameters. The degree of enclosure is indicated by the letters “IP” and digital index. What it is, the more reliable everything inside is protected. To this value you need to pay attention in cases where will operation in a corrosive environment (for example, in the chemical or steel industry). The type of mounting, these devices are of two types: screw and DIN-rail. The first of them – is outdated modifications that are gradually fading from use. The second set on a special rack, and it today has become a de facto standard. The last parameter, which characterizes the power supply power 24V24V – the range of operating temperatures. It is worth paying attention to if you plan to operate in some extreme conditions (for example, when the value of this parameter can fall to minus 40-50 degrees Celsius).

How to choose?

The Algorithm for selection of such devices following. Determine the number of consumers and their total capacity. Let's say you plan to work with a powerful solenoid to 100W, and the current at peak load in 5A. It is recommended to take an additional margin of about 20%. For this 100W multiply by 1.2, we obtain 120W - power, showing that our power supply 24V 5A (120W/24V) will have such indicators. It is from devices with these characteristics and need to choose. Next, you need to consider the operating environment and temperature if necessary.

To Summarize

Power supply 24V – this is a very important components of modern control systems. Without them it is impossible to present a comprehensive work of any measuring system to date. Their choice should be approached very thoroughly. In case of failure of this component possible failure of other parts of the system.

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