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Knife throwingThrowing knives are a little similar to the usual items for us. They have you will find a convenient handle, and the blade is almost sharp. But the most important for such a knife – its shape and high strength of the blade to utykayas the target, it is not damaged. Often it is distinguished by thickened steel is extremely durable it needs to be at a distance of several centimeters from the tip. This is because when hitting the tree in this place there is a reaction to the fracture, for this reason, often broken simple knives. Design a throwing knife can be almost anything, but in General, the design must be properly balanced and perfectly smooth. Balancing will not allow the blade to spin in flight, and properly forged form reduces air resistance. Quality made knife throwing will last more than 50 years, it is impossible to break or bend. Most often the blades are manufactured from high quality steel. However, maybe someone prefers to throw knives from Damascus steel or other models that differ from the standard weight and production material.

Knife throwing

Blades of steelThe secret To a beautiful flight this dangerous toy? Throwers who are engaged in this sport professionally, used as target stands made of wood, previously moistened with water. This allows the tip to gently pierce the target. The most common throwing technique: this technique with a rotation of the blade half a turn or no turn. The first one is used at a distance of 3-5 m. During the knife throwing no spin used the wave motion of the body. When performing the backswing, you cannot use the brush, otherwise the blade in flight will randomly start spinning and hit the target. Also it is very important to release it from the palm of your hand. Remember another important rule: the closer the target, the closer to the center of gravity to keep the blade. The greatest distance with a throwing knife throwing - 12 meters. If you move away from the target on the percentage of successful hits will drop several times.


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The Most common models

The Knife "Sturgeon". This model was invented and developed Century the famous Carpets. Blade thickness-6 mm. This knife throwing technique suitable for a “turnover”. As the main material uses high quality steel brand 30ХГСМ.

Throwing knife waspThe Knife “Leader”. This blade easy to hold by the handle, as it has a non-standard centre of gravity – he moved forward to the blade. It is often used to teach various techniques of throwing, suitable for throwing “turnover”, and for the wave technology.

The Knife ‘Scanf” will appeal to those who own the wave technique of throwing. Thanks to the cut and the engraving on the handle of this knife throwing well-kept in the grip and not slip in the hand. It was very ergonomic and comfortable.

Throwing knife «Wasp». This model is known as a combat weapon issued to security services. «Wasp» designed for throwing from a short distance and can be used in close combat. Now there is a modification for carrying, and throwing civilians, it is more narrow (blade thickness of 2.4 mm), but in Russia this knife is prohibited for use.

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