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For many people, the fact that the company BMW produces bikes is a revelation. However, the first model was released some time ago. If to speak about the peculiarities of the bikes "BMW", it is important to note that the quality of them is excellent. Are they on the market quite expensive and many of price will not work. However, fans definitely will appreciate the model and will enjoy the comfortable drive.

By far the most popular is considered to be bikes series X1. Additionally, certain circles are actively used models of the series "Superbike". If we talk about modifications to the extreme, then definitely you should give preference to bicycles "cross Start". Also need to say that you can also pick a safe model.

bmw bikes reviews

Consumer reviews about the "BMW X1"

Many buyers bike BMW X1 choose for outdoor activities. The frame used in this case welded, and it is made in the factory entirely of aluminum. While manufacturers of the unique technology of "Hydrogeol", which welds on the bike is almost not visible.

Advanced athletes positive to say about the shape of the steering wheel. Handling it is quite simple. The plug is in this case lined with 100 mm and for small jumps perfect. It should be noted rather high-quality rims. Brakes used are disc type. In this regard, you can stay very fast even on uneven surfaces. In the end we can say that the bike BMW X1 is fully stabilized and suitable for people to outdoor activities or just urban travel. He stands about 31 thousand.


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Characteristics of the model "BMW Cruz 1"

These bikes BMW reviews have a good. The model is more designed for thrill-seekers. Given this, the athletes she is in great demand. Rims in this case are set lithium. Frame has a standard, on two bases. Fork the Bicycle has a series of "Sentur", and used tires with Kevlar inserts. The asterisk in the given modification set quite close together, so the gear change happens very quickly. Additionally, it should be noted a good stabilization of the model.

For mountain trips, it fits well. Of the disadvantages many buyers complain of the narrow seat, but in this case much depends on the physique of the person. The drivetrain of the bike designed for 30 gear, and the switch is in a convenient location, and use it quite comfortably. As a grips manufacturer used round pens. Is today bike BMW Cruise in the area of 28 thousand rubles.

bmw junior bike

Model "BMW Cruz 2"

These bikes BMW reviews positive often get a strong frame. It is made entirely of aluminum, and its width in different areas is different. The design overall is good and will appeal to many. Pedals used bike with special lining and the foot are fixed securely. Plug manufacturer installed a series of "Sentur" and jumps it is able to withstand quite large. Note, however, that this model is designed more for urban travel.

Tyres are fitted standard, with Kevlar inserts under tread. The asterisks in this case, a steel, and just the design includes 25 assists. Transmission manufacturer mounted a series of "Siman". Color color model, you can pick any. Grips the bike is equipped with round type. The saddle at the base is adjustable easily, and it is made of leather. Carbon inserts are missing. Is this bike a BMW (the price of the market) of about 31 thousand.

Feedback about the bike "Kidsman"

Bike BMW Kidsbike company designed specifically for children. The frame in this case is set lightweight. The load it can withstand quite large. Rims the bike has a lithium type. Brake manufacturer and lined with a series of "Shimano". Fork the bike has double suspension system can withstand high loads. Carbon inserts on the steering wheel are available. As the grips are used round the handle, and the seatpost diameter is exactly 30 mm. Is this a kids bike, BMW Kidsbike in the area of 22 thousand rubles.

bike bmw x1

Model Overview "BMW Junior"

The model company designed specifically for adolescents and has high security. The design of it is quite interesting and many people like. The frame in this case, the manufacturer provides a folding type. Thus, in case of need it can be very easy to transport. For Hiking this bike is like perfect. The saddle he used a series of "Vader" and it is done completely in leather.

Horizontal and vertical can be configured by means of special regulator. All velocities in this modification manufacturer provides 21. Rear derailleur in this case is designed for 7 speeds. Transmission in the presented configuration, there is a series of "Shimano". Front derailleur the bike the "BMW Junior" is designed for 3 speed. The brakes on the model installed disc type. The rotors in this case have a width of 180 mm. the Shifter in the presented model has the trigger type. Is specified, the BMW Junior bike store is approximately 29 thousand rubles.

bike bmw kidsbike

Reviews about "BMW Superbike x2"

The model is best suited for trips to the mountains. Thus for it can also be used. Of the features in the first place should be allocated fairly quality frame. It is made entirely of aluminum and is welded. Additionally it is important to say about the comfortable seat. Colors to find a suitable option for a buyer is easy.

To Adjust the seat can be both vertically and horizontally. Rear derailleur in this case is designed for 8 speeds. Brakes the bike "BMW Superbike x2" standard disc type. In turn, the rotors are mounted with a diameter of 160 mm. the Shifter of the model presented by hammer type, and shifters manufacturer provides vertical. Due to this large load on the fork is not provided. The carriage in this case, a series of "Shimano", cassette type. Drives the bike "BMW Superbike x2" are cast and are made from a special magnesium alloy. The pedal in this case there are a series of "Turbo".

In the end, we can say that the model is extremely comfortable and is completely stable. Standard bike company includes tools for customer service, small caps, and the mount for the bottle. Cost of this bike when buying in the store about 32 thousand rubles.

Features "BMW Superbike X5"

These bikes are the BMW reviews are mostly positive. This model is considered universal and can be used for walking and recreation. The frame in this case there are foldable type. Given this, a person has the ability to disassemble and fit even in the trunk of the car. Saddle the model "BMW Superbike X5" used series "Vader" and is made entirely of leather. The asterisks in this case are made of special alloy, and the wear and tear they are extremely small. It should be noted rather high-quality transmission. Is this a bike for 25 speed.

Of the shortcomings people complain about small softer. In some cases, it turns with great difficulty. Protective sleeve in the presented model establishes the type of "CDU". The weight of the bike "BMW Superbike X5" assembled exactly equal to 15 kg. other features of note are unique cushioning system spring-oil type. To configure the plug in this case. There is a presented configuration on the market is approximately 33 thousand.

bmw bike price

Reviews about the "BMW Power 1"

These bikes BMW reviews buyers deserve only good things. Many owners of this model is chosen because of its convenient design. The frame in this case is small and for people with short stature fits well. Additionally, the user has the ability to adjust to your needs the height of the handlebars. Handle it with rubber bands. Protective sleeve series "CDU" bike "BMW Power, 1" available. The tire manufacturer provides on the asphalt and on the ground.

Front derailleur the bike has 5 speeds. Transmission in the presented model there is a type "Shimano". It is possible to set the transmission 21. Shifter he used vertical type. The carriage in this case there is cluster. In the standard "BMW Power, 1" includes instruments which are necessary for human service model. Also there you can find the castle, legs and wings. Is represented by the BMW bike (the market price) is approximately 29 thousand rubles.

bike bmw cruise

Features "BMW Rier 2"

The Specified bike BMW alloy wheels among other has a rather wide wheel...

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