How to learn to hit a ball on the leg?


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How to quickly learn how to fill the ball on the leg? For this, we first need a good supply of patience. The first workout can bring a whole lot of frustration to people who have poor coordination of movements. However, it is quite normal. Only overcoming daily difficulties, can be understood as learning to fill the ball.

how to stuff a soccer ball

Interesting facts

The Official world record for tossing the ball on the leg belongs to a Dana Magnessa. He continuously managed to throw sports equipment feet throughout the day. During this time the record was completed 250000 getting your partially utilizing other parts of the body (shoulders, knees, head). Of course, people who don't have outstanding skills with the ball, do not even think about the repetition of such achievements. However to practice the correct technique that will allow a long time to juggle a leather projectile capable of that.

What is required for training?

To quickly learn how to fill the ball, it is recommended to get the following equipment:

  • High-Quality and comfortable sports shoes.
  • Lightweight, loose clothing that does not hinder movement.
  • Actually the ball. It is desirable that it was made of leather and had an average weight.

To quickly figure out how to fill the football stands to pick up training an open flat area or a grassy field. It is best to learn to juggle exercise equipment together with like-minded people. As practice shows, joint activities create a competitive spirit, which is extremely positive effect on learning outcomes of football.


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how to quickly learn how to hit a ball

The Preparatory phase

How to learn to hit a ball? Before proceeding directly to performing exercises need to work on developing balance and improving coordination of the body in space. During the preparatory activities required to complete the following steps:

  1. Take a straight stand, arms in hand, bending the working knee. In this position, you need to try to keep still for several seconds. Then repeat the exercise, leaning on the other foot.
  2. Next is to put the ball on the ankle of the working leg and hold it as long as possible.
  3. Accustomed to sports equipment, it is recommended some time to shoot it down each leg alternately to catch in the hands.

There are some practical tips that will quickly figure out how to fill the ball. So, during the lessons it is necessary to allow the sports projectile to fall down. The higher the ball bounces after contact with his ankle, the harder it is to keep the balance and to control its own movement.

how to learn to hit a ball

Highlights in the course of training

During the training we try to keep the working foot parallel to the ground. Excessive flexion of the last will definitely cause the ball will fly every time one of the parties. However, a great stretch of the leg, because at the beginning you need to learn how to fully control the projectile, while feeling completely relaxed.

How to learn to hit a ball? Momentum upon contact with the projectile must be of the tribe. The ball must be throw from the chest. Tamp it should start as soon as it will be at a distance of about 20 cm from the ground. And to toss the ball, you should try every time to the same height. To fully master the sports projectile during the training we recommend that you initially operate alternately one and the other leg.

During the lessons, the back must remain flat. To maintain balance while letting the hand movements. You need to carefully follow the flight of the ball, not taking her eyes off him. You need to try to do neat footwork, in which the ankle is going to get in the middle of the ball. If the conditions above are met the projectile will fly straight up and not forced to adjust his body, rushing all over the court.

learning to fill the ball

In conclusion

To understand how to put the ball on the foot, is to train on a regular basis. This will develop muscle memory, to form the appropriate neural connections in the brain. Exercising, it is recommended each time to record the results, record what difficulties most often arise in the classroom. Identify your own weaknesses will allow to adjust the actions for their elimination and, therefore, faster to tangible progress in working with the soccer ball.

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