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Dreams reveal the veil that separates the conscious from the unconscious. Consciousness is not just a dream, and is experiencing a dream. In other words, for him there is no difference between dream and reality. Using dreams are the subconscious trying to solve the problems that have accumulated throughout the day or a disturbing long time. Most interesting is that the basis of dreams paired with the information that consciousness has taken. In other words, we have dreams based on the problems that trouble us, do not give rest. Often seen in dreams, maybe to warn. You need to pay attention to the characters and symbols appearing in dreams. For example, what a dream doctor, hospital? This will be discussed in the article.

dream doctor

What dreams hospital?

Buildings in dreams represent the inner world of man. Pay attention to the condition of the walls, floor, ceiling and the building itself. Broken, ruined, shabby paint or a protruding wire, the wires of the room tells you that the inner world requires a special focus. You are totally confused in their own thoughts and problems that require immediate solutions.

What about it will tell you the dream? Doctor, hospital for most people associate with illness, anxiety and financial waste. This pattern is transferred into the subconscious trying to warn you of impending trouble. But if the hospital is clean, comfortable and bright-a dream foretells you a release from the troubles and problems that have long haunted.


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You should Also perform the event accompanied your last visit to the doctor in real life. For example, if you are at the last hospital visit he met his former lover, then these two events intertwined into one, and now the subconscious informs about the next meeting. If you work in a hospital – a message to you will be of a different kind. This dream foretells a lot of work and bustle.

what dreams doctor

What dreams doctor?

What a dream doctor? For a woman to see the doctor in the dream-failure in personal life. Men sleep reports about troubles at work. Very rarely dream can predict disease or the aid of influential people in unpleasant situations.

For a Woman to dream of a doctor, to marry him means to make a fatal mistake, which will turn life in the wrong direction. Kissing with the doctor predicts reconciliation with his position or with an inveterate enemy. Talk to him - said that you have hope for friendly help in trouble.

I had a doctor whom you met by chance-luck will accompany in business. If you intends to go to see him – then the meaning is completely different.

What a dream doctor? To be a doctor in a dream foretells joy, respect of other people and a strong position in society. Please note that if you have to hurt people. If Yes-then in real life you'll do the same thing. Think about your actions regarding loved ones.

the men in white coats

The doctors

The Dentist in the dream – and feelings based on universal fears. Quarrels, squabbles and scandals can be the atmosphere in your family and at work.

What's more, on this occasion I will tell the dream? A surgeon or a dentist at work warn that you are in big trouble and experiences. When you saw the blood, there was trouble or sickness can expect your relatives.

Be the doctor, to see surgical, dental or other medical tools means that you can be drawn into unpleasant or risky partners will let you down and will be deprived of a livelihood.

If in the dream the doctor prescribes you a treatment, try to remember his words. They will advise on how to alleviate their situation and to get rid of trouble.

To Be sick

Flipping on dream interpretation. The doctor, the disease in night dreams – adverse. If you dream you are sick, it's a clear sign of mental disturbance. To feel physical malaise, chilling your body during the dream, means that you should pay attention to the condition. This dream foretells unpleasant conversations and issues that change the usual flow of life. Only criminals after such a dream can breathe easy, as it foretells that they will be able to avoid punishment for their misdeeds. Read more about dream reports that their marriage may be unhappy. Elderly – sign of assistance from family and friends. Sometimes the dream may warn that a strong addiction to alcohol will not get you anywhere.



Go crazy – sign of the machinations of enemies who are determined to deprive you of peace. Be crazy and behave inappropriately in public – sign of unusual incidents, unexpected beneficial suggestions that will change your life for the better.

What else will you tell the dream? The doctor-the psychiatrist in a dream can mean a mad passion or love. Unmarried and unmarried, the dream foretells the imminent entry into a valid marriage, who is suddenly happy.


If you dream you are experiencing pain throughout the body and can do nothing to stop it, it promises you a lot of unpleasant conversations, during which they will have to listen to a huge amount of accusations and complaints in their side and the inability to affect this unpleasant situation.

To Feel pain in a dream – a sign of great concern and upheaval, grief or misfortune which may happen to you or your loved ones. Sometimes a dream can foretell that you need to take care of your physical and mental health. A sharp pain indicates an important event that will change your life for the better. To experience unbearable pain – sign of poverty and misery.

Dream stomach pain indicates that you should not commit rash acts, which are accompanied by emotional feelings and loss of reputation. Pain in ears and eyes-a sign of misfortune that can happen to your loved ones. Toothache foretells a meeting with an unpleasant person, a society which for you will be unbearable. The sensation of pain in the region of the heart warns that we urgently need to take care of your health. The stronger the pain in the dream, the harder your disease. Sometimes the dream reports of large experiences. Pain in the navel area – a sign of the death of one parent. Sometimes this dream foretells poverty. Pain in the shoulders – sign of problems with relatives that you always care.

dream doctor

Hospital ward

Ward in a hospital in a dream-a sign of inner turmoil and trouble that will deprive you of rest. To see all the empty hospital beds – a sign of anxiety due to effects of surgery.

Empty the bed – a sign of insecurity of your life and loneliness. Feature – predicts the return of feelings that may turn into misunderstanding and scandal. After such a dream you need to be prudent to avoid quarrels.

The Bed with blood on it reports about the experiences induced diseases. You should take care of their health in the future. Stained bed warns about the disease.

dream doctor


To Visit a patient in the hospital or bring a friend to the clinic means that someone needs help. This need arose after your act that brought trouble to others. The dream foretells receiving bad news, if you are hurting the patient. Carer – a sign of joy and prosperity. You will receive a reward for the timely aid of a friend or relative. To see someone close ill - to the fact that soon some event will bring discord in your family.

Drugs and pills

Drugs and pills misleading that you know the way to regain peace of mind. Note that, bitter or sweet pill. Shot – is wounded pride.

What else will you tell the dream? The doctor in the dream makes the injection – a sign that you are unable to defend themselves. Himself to take a shot – you're too critical about yourself.

People in white coats

A dream-a harbinger of disease and deterioration in the financial position. Black predict severe illness of your relatives and friends. The subconscious tells you that moral support you need from someone in your circle of friends. The men in white coats or in another white dress – the deterioration of your physical or mental health. Take care of yourself, rethink your life, relax.


Emotional coloring of the dream

The Emotional coloring of the dream says more than the details of the dream. Even if all the events in the dream sound unpleasant – pay careful attention to your mood. If on awakening the negative state is not saved so – the change of the situation depends solely on you. Positive value carries a dream in which you experienced positive emotions.

Emotional state during the dream and reality is maintained in every detail. Proanalyzer...

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