What dreams boar? What does a dream in which you see a wild boar?


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As you know, in dreams you can see people, and a variety of subjects, and unexpected events. What if your vision was none other than the boar? Should we expect similar sleep well-fed and prosperous life, or makes sense to be careful to not be on the holiday table? So, we offer today to know what dreaming about wild boar. For this we turn for help to multiple the most complete and popular collections of interpretations of dreams.

what dreams boar

Dream book of Gustavus Miller: if you had a boar

According to information from this collection, if you had a mater and a fat pig, we should expect soon revival in trade and business. Same skinny and sickly-looking boars promise of grief and anxiety. If you had a whole pig's family (Papa pig, Mama pig and their kids), people engaged in agriculture, you can count on a rich harvest, and all the rest – for success in business. Hog-squeal acts as prophecy is very bad news. This can be as the death of a loved one and receive a paltry reward for your hard work. If you dream that you feed your pigs, you will soon get the opportunity to develop the property. To dream of a boar, which you are trying to sell at the Bazaar, to the attainment of great wealth. However, in order to achieve it, you will have to work hard and to move vigorously towards their goal.

dream boar

Dream interpretation Freud: a hog in a dream

This collection of interpretations of dreams argues that the presence in the dream of this animal is a reflection of the availability in your intimate life of violence and, possibly, violence. What a dream a wild boar that attacks you? Such a vision may indicate your dissatisfaction with their sexual life. It is likely that the reason lies in the fact that you feel unable to satisfy all the desires of your partner. If you dream that you are fighting with an angry wild boar, it would soon run the risk of alienating a loved one due to the difference in views on intimate life. However, after some time there will come a very passionate and stormy reconciliation. A dream in which you saw the running boar, is a reflection of the current real-life situation in which you all of your time on work, therefore do not have the ability at least to relax a little. Also, most likely, you lack of sexual release. Try to set aside a little time to rest, otherwise such a busy schedule can eventually lead to a mental disorder.to kill a boar in a dream


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If you had a boar: Dream interpretation Miss Hasse

If you dreamed that during sleep the boar runs away from you, the reality of the events will be very a good manner and will help you to avoid serious danger. Big and wild animal foretells many troubles. To kill a wild boar in a dream – to the probability of becoming a victim of an accident.

Old French dream interpretation: what dreams burs

According to the compilers of this collection, seen in a dream the boar warns that in reality you have a very dangerous and cruel enemy, the existence of which you, however, do not suspect. To eat meat of wild boar to a serious illness. What dreams boar you hunt? Such a dream is seen as a harbinger of serious danger, which can even threaten your life. To kill a wild hog to a complete victory over all your enemies.what dreams wild boar

Hog in a dream: the Ukrainian dream interpretation

The Wild boar is considered by the authors of this compilation of interpretations as a symbol of the threat posed by dangerous and violent enemy. A dream in which you are trying to drive the boar from the yard, is considered a very bad sign, heralding a severe illness or even death. Catch the bold and large hog – to have joy and fun.

Dream interpretation of Aesop: the wild boar in the dream

The beast, the compilers of this compilation of interpretations is seen as a symbol of anger, ferocity and cruelty. So the dream, which featured the wild boar, indicates that in real life you are faced with human evil, transformed in the subconscious in the way of dangerous large animals. What a dream the boar, tochal on the tree fangs? This vision acts as a warning you of impending serious danger. However, if you pay careful attention to their own actions and deeds, then you may be able to avoid trouble. If you dream that you are attacked by a wild boar, in the near future you will meet a bad man who will do everything they can to hurt your career or business and personal life. Wounded boar symbolizes victory over the enemies and ill-wishers. A dream in which you entered the battle with a huge wild hog, foretells that you will be able to unravel the secret plans of the enemies and to take the necessary steps that will allow you to avoid financial loss and dishonor. A bad sign is a dream in which you see a sleeping grunt. It is likely that enemies are lurking and waiting for an opportune moment to inflict a heavy blow from which you may not be able to recover.dream boar

Hog in a dream: Gypsy dream dictionary

A Wild boar, according to the compilers of this collection, serves as a warning about the need to beware of your business partners or colleagues at work. If you dream that you are chased by a huge boar, then in reality you run the risk of suddenly be faced with a very cruel enemy. Boar hunting – to the vain efforts and labors. To kill the beast – to win over the enemies.dream boar

Dream from A to z: a dream about the wild boar

If you had a wild boar or boar, you will meet a very dangerous and evil man. Try to make every effort to stay away from him, as he is able to cause serious harm to both you and your family. What a dream the boar, running away from you? This vision predicts a successful resolution of all difficult situations. You will also be able to avoid serious danger. Hunting wild boar – home to the great joy. Killing wild boar foreshadows the probability to be ill during the epidemic or to become a victim of an accident. Home boars surrounded by pigs promise the dreamer's financial well-being and success in business. Massive fat hog foretells a rich harvest to all people engaged in agriculture. Loud hog squeal – bad news associated with the death of a loved one or a meager reward for the hard work. If you feed your pet pig, you will get a promotion or a good deal. A dream in which the women saw that some of her friends turned into a boar, warns her about the hasty rejection of the proposal of marriage, which in the future it will bitterly regret. Boars wallow in the mud, predict that your enemies are lurking and patiently waiting for the right opportunity to take advantage of your weakness or helplessness to achieve their goals. Buying a hog in a dream – to increase your wealth, but only on the condition that you will work hard. To sell a live wild boar – to greater happiness. To cook wild boar – to the dismay of family and friends your behavior is his – a long road, sell – to betrayal by a close person.


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