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Among the people who are professionally involved in sales, steeped in the tales. Many of them relate to the luck of a character. She was not the only reason talent and tenacity. Often the case are such that the aid gets lucky again. The reasons for this are. Especially when oprobuesh conspiracy to trade. The consequences of such an experiment can please or disappoint. Depends on the result of the proper attitude and other factors. Interested? Then let's see.

Do we need the magical merchant support?

a conspiracy on trade consequences

As it is not accepted people to persuade on any action. We have freedom of choice, including tools “construction” their well-being. It's worth to say a few words on the subject. Many wonder about whether or not it helps the plot to the trade. The consequences really so significant for a purse (cash)? The buyer is unlikely to observe in life. But those who are twisted in the business, faced with the irregularity of sales constantly. There are special people. Them is lucky, the buyer and the “rushing”. Other periods happen extremely successful. It seems that it was an accident. Actually - not quite. It is evident that the relationship with aura. Only, we do not see it, so the logic of events is not recognized.

However, even without the use of charms and prayers on trade, people can get in a lucky wave. This occurs when it is intuitively configured to be its patron Saint. For example, a happy chance often exhibit in the information field. Someone gets a prize, the other profit. Mostly this happens with people following their calling. That is, the sky supports them, providing the opportunity to have everything good of the earth. This is worthy of any man. Only so much we ourselves blocks in mind to build, because we do not live and vegetate.


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How to help a conspiracy to trade?

The Consequences of our actions are primarily manifested in the energy flows which only lazy now does not reason. Money will come only to those who can accept them. It is also conventional wisdom. But it is not without logic, however. Money appear to us only pieces of paper that you can use to buy things, to develop the business. In fact, they are, in fact, guided by the energetic structures-egregors generated by the thoughts of the "big" of humanity (dead and living people). That this "boss" and want to settle down. To do, so to speak, of the egregore as a friend.

the conspiracy of the strong to trade

Approximately in the direction of impact on the field of seller conspiracies and prayers to the trade. They build bridges to the egregore of money, remove obstacles. Speaking a different language, ensure the protection of the one who affects the flow of funds. The reviews of those who actually used them quite unique. Act!

Application Rules rites on trade

If a business man (of any level) does something, it is not the action itself interested in, and the result. Isn't it? Magic can hardly be regarded as an exception. Therefore, the necessary preliminary preparation. After all a person is interested in conspiracy to trade, the consequences of which will necessarily be positive. As to the material sphere, such actions have a very indirect relationship, there may be the result, and the preparatory work to be carried out at the level of emotions and moods. The people practicing these methods, they say, should focus on the mood.


It is easiest to imagine that you – the river. Once the money flows are not running in your direction, it means that there are obstacles. Maybe it's the thresholds, sometimes even dams are deaf. During the ceremony you will be to dismantle them. That is, when do we start this ritual, which uses prayers, incantations on a good trade, it is necessary to visualize the smooth flow of energy of money. They must aim in two directions: towards you in the opposite direction. Otherwise nothing will happen. Is impossible to attract without giving. You serious man? How to develop without investing? And don't forget about faith in the efficacy of ritual and good mood. It – the basis for achieving the result.

charms and prayers on trade

To Summarize: tune into what a fun and powerful river of money passes through you, filling an extraordinary sense of satisfaction from work (receive, process communication and so on).

How to stabilize the trade

Business Situation can be different. Of course, should be selected under the appropriate magical tools. They, incidentally, is enough. There are generic methods. They attract good fortune, clean “tube” in streams, open up new possibilities. For example, try this conspiracy on strong trade. Reading it is during the waxing moon. You will need salt. Quantity – your business. A kilogram to speak, and then use as needed. No, it's not forbidden to perform the rite in a month or two, when again it's time will come.

Set salt under the open sky. Put on it such words: “Famously impoverished, bestolkovoe, trouble Bitkova, me, the Lord's servant (name) don't bother. Run away, on land and on water, let you no shelter anywhere. Go over the far sea, where the fog lights all the earth. Me don't call, I won't miss you when you're away. To tow I shall never wear, never vedovati and not to suffer. To sell the product for nothing, and to stay with fat. The lack of money away send, the word key lock, sprinkle with salt, cover the road. Amen.” the Salt sprinkled on the threshold of the room, where trade takes place (shop, office, apartment and so on). This is not the only conspiracy (strong) on trade. Just this ceremony, in some degree, universal. In any case, in the opinion of those who dared to use it.

the most powerful conspiracies on trade

Order not to suffer from envy

Often the most powerful conspiracies on trade are more and some protective
Options. If you go back to threads, they turn aside those piles in your river stones, thereby creating obstacles. This rite, for example, hops performed. The only disadvantage is that it must personally tearing. The one sold in the pharmacy, not particularly effective. It is used only in extreme cases. Slander should such words (on the growing moon): “the Hops are fragrant and fluffy curls around the pole. It is his destiny. My share is different. She's attracted to. Let the rich merchants of the caravan winds its way around me, never translated. Amen.” hop Cones, of course, keep in the place where the transaction is carried out.

Plot on the coin

prayer charms for a good trading

You need a special “money”. The choice it important. Than exceptional coin, the more efficiently it will operate. For example, the usual ruble (five, ten) will be a good talisman. Some sort of commemorative coin to attract luck. Gold (silver, historical) will act as a powerful magnet. If you are interested in foreign exchange earnings, a coin take overseas. The whole idea is, perhaps, understandable. At midnight on the coin seven times hex: “the solar Light collected in the coin send. Let the beams circulate, customers collect. The sadness, grief, my black, bottomless poverty, for good. In my hands the wealth star! From this moment the good chests are bursting, misery and suffering do not remember! Amen.”

The Ritual in the retail environment

spells and rituals for trade

As a rule, magic people do in secluded places. It's certainly convenient. Only forces to influence large groups of people, that is to say, not at all remotely enough. If you wish to incantations and rituals to trade had a serious impact, then spend them directly in the retail environment. So, for example, you can apply to your personal heavenly helper. Calculate the visual center of its shopping area. Up to this point and contact. The words are: “the spirit of Commerce turning! Help is now needed! Lies my luck on the trade roads your! To her I bring, potency, get the two of us! I will with luck trade lead. And you, spirit, obasuyi buyers to us to lead! Amen.” For this plot you have to pay. Give money to a beggar or a discount do to the poor. Only the same hour, do not wait for reason.

Plot item

a conspiracy to trade the current

Sometimes it is necessary to apply a magical effect to objects. People often jump to conclusions. I think that the ceremony right from the first minute will open the Golden threads of heaven. Not getting those results disappointed. Start to search the plot to the acting trade, with an emphasis on the last word. It is recommended then to gradually learn magic. Speak at things from your product to convince your stubborn brain in the effectiveness of rituals. Here are the words: “the Lord's servant (name) to your product (the name...

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