What is obedience? Obedience in the monastery. The meaning of the word "obedience"


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In the Orthodox Church, obedience is perceived as the execution of certain orders. However, to properly understand this, we must first carefully examine what is obedience. And most importantly, what it means?

The Very meaning of the word "obedience" means the submission and obedience is to a certain duty or job that could be entrusted to a monk or novice in the monastery. It may be performed in expiation of some sin or act, and then imposed obedience and prayer. The meaning of the word "obedience" for ordinary people is that it is based on the belief position that there is a certain order provisions, consisting in the subordination of subordinate rank higher.

What is obedience

Parental obedience

If we talk about obedience in the family, then immediately want to figure out who is who in obedience: parents of children or children with parents? When a child is born, his obedience are the parents who raise him and constantly care for it. When the child grows, parents begin to listen to him and want to know what's in his heart, the thoughts in his head and what he lives. This is the hearing of another person and is called obedience. Parents are always on obedience in children, and eventually children in the most natural way will be obedient to her parents.

meaning of the word obedience

Obedience to a spiritual father

In duhovniceasca practice the same thing happens. As a physician through a stethoscope listens to his patient, and the Confessor listens to coming in person. Then the doctor prescribes the patient treatment and is with him in obedience. Then what is spiritual obedience? It turns out that the priest is in obedience to your spirit child, and when he realizes all his problems, is starting to give useful advice. So there is a mutual obedience. And it is a mistake to think that only through spiritual elders to know the will of God. The person who has the internal humility, is to ask admonition and then the Lord will hear and will lead us to His will.


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Obedience from the monastery

God's Will

We often say the words of prayer "Thy will be done…”. Therefore, we request to fulfill the will of God. But are we willing that the truth? After all, the will of God is the cross is the mystery. Then how to understand the will of God? And for this you need to work hard on yourself and your desires. Hard to find the will of God to man, for this he will have to wander among the mystical signs and tests, which will send the Lord to him, and he needs to solve them all to survive. God really wants everyone to experience His will, which will open up and penetrate him through spiritually experienced people and circumstances of life, through his conscience and conscious fulfillment of God's commandments. Of course, it will be inevitable mistakes and fall, but if a person wants to live according to God's will, he is sure to come.

Obedience sermon

Obedience in the monastery

The Monastery is the abode for those who seek salvation. What is obedience in a religious community? How is it performing? In the monastery there are two orders of magnitude – internal and external. Obedience imposed are external order of life and lifestyle of the monastery. To serve the monastery is God's special calling. Life in the monastery is not as hard as it may seem. But not the physical works there are hard, namely, the absence of his will. What would you fathers, brothers or sisters, what needs to be done in obedience and meekly the admonition. And as a reward for this, God gives peace, humility and inner peace. And the more important General obedience, which helps to get rid of pride. With obedience comes humility from him and dispassion, God dwells in the human soul and implanted the good stuff. Monastic life requires total obedience and submission, so in the monasteries there is such a grace of God, where he gets the serenity and tranquility of the soul.

Obedience is better than sacrifice, as there is for the slaughter is alien to the flesh, but in obedience to the will of their own. For obedience to the elder and all God's commandments, the novice receives a great grace. Therefore, it is necessary to obey the teachers, after all, they will work tirelessly for the soul of his novice. We know from the Bible that its primordial will of God people were expelled from Paradise. And obedience to the Father again brought them into Paradise. Thus, triumphed the great obedience, and the man was forgiven his sins.

Bear obedience

A Little about the essence of the concept

Today, we often hear the word «obedience». But often do not fully understand that such obedience. It is anticipated that the execution of any works in the monastery of the monastery with the blessing of the Abbot. But obedience is increasingly seen as the main component in the spiritual and monastic life of the main paths to salvation in monasticism. This is, perhaps, the main definition of the term, which mostly refers to monastic life.

The human Salvation is impossible without obedience, he receives the Sacrament of Baptism, and restores your nature, in the sacrament of the Eucharist he unites with God, the Sacrament of Penance he becomes closer to God. The main goal for an Orthodox Christian is Union with Christ which can only happen by the will of God.

Spiritual life in obedience

No wonder they say that obedience is higher than prayer and fasting. The meaning of the word "obedience" is great. In the spiritual life to learn to hear, to listen and, ultimately, to be always obedient. We do ask God in his prayer: “Thy will be done…”, this suggests that people are willing to carry obedience to heed the advice, the voice of conscience and the reproof of their sins. And without the will of God is not given.

Christian obedience

Subjecting your will to God's will, men and women will always be with God. Couldn't Adam and did not fulfill old Testament Israel. This opportunity came only when we have received the grace of the atonement of human sins by the Savior himself. Christian obedience is obedience to God's will and more a draw, for example, a human. It must be clearly understood.

Obedience. Sermon

How to know the will of God? For each person it is very well revealed in the Scriptures, to know that outside of the Church and out of the Holy spirit is simply impossible. Reversed its interpretation of the sectarians and apostates of the gospel leads these poor people to salvation and to God, and to complete destruction. For each person the preaching of the Gospel are a kind of source quenches thirst. Answers to various burning questions can be found only in them. They can function as barriers, focusing on which people will never stray from the road.


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