The year of the Rat: characteristics and signs according to practical astrology


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If in Western astrology the year is divided into 12 sectors of the zodiac circle in Eastern cyclically repeated 12 years, and each year is under the auspices of an animal (a kind of totem). The cycle begins careful Rat (or Mouse), followed by resistant hunky Bull (in different religions or countries – Cow, Buffalo), then the terrible Tiger, followed by a gentle Rabbit (aka Hare, in another – a cat). In turn continues this dance year a fire-breathing Dragon, the wise Snake's life, a wayward Horse, silly Goat (or Sheep). Then comes the scoffer year of the Monkey teases the Rooster, loyal Dog, and, finally, closes the twelve year cycle is the year of the fat of a Boar or Pig.


the year of the Rat characteristicsYear, listed here in order. Stuck exactly that sequence thanks to the ancient legend of the Buddha, who summoned all the animals of the earth. And the most obedient and agile animals allowed in the award to administer the destinies of men. And, moreover, even to give those babies that were born in their year, by their inherent character traits - both positive and negative. However, the mentality of East and West, as well as cultural and ideological traditions are not the same. Because those animals that in Europe, for example, cause a negative reaction in China are revered as sacred.

Under the sign of rodent

the year of the Rat characteristics of the maleThat represents the year of the Rat? Its better to start with a consideration of the relationship to the rodent in the East. In this region, mouse and rat represent such qualities as intuition, prudence, the ability to follow natural instincts in a moment of danger. Isn't that useful traits? They believe that they are fully vested born in the year of the Rat. The characteristics of these people include special natural flair, and resistance to hostile circumstances and pressure, ability to get out of the most seemingly awkward and hopeless situations. These rodents are active, aggressive when it comes to their own protection, but the first attack rarely. The inherent common sense and caution – those are important and necessary traits that give people born in the year of the Rat, the ability to adapt in any circumstances. What else can reward the year of the Rat? Characteristics of the animal promises a lot! First, a certain charm, outstanding looks, attractive features. Secondly, a combination of charm, elegance and strength of character. Such people are, believe them, love them. Third, frugality and thrift, which even in periods of prolonged lack of money to keep afloat. Finally, in the highest degree severe practicality, thanks to which are able to benefit from a trifle almost all born in the year of the Rat. Characteristics of the animal, however, also includes pettiness, outright greed, and even the desire to make on their own friends and relatives.


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the year of the Rat characteristics of womenIn Addition to the General qualities inherent in all people, regardless of gender, astrologers say about "Mice (Rats)-men and Mice (Rats)-women". For example, the first are easily bought on the external brightness, the originality, the flash. Speculators, swindler, adventurer of a different caliber easily lured into their network representative of the stronger sex, born in the year of the Rat. Feature (man reading this to check out!) not too encouraging! However, at the last moment from a fatal error saves them the practicality and foresight, which has already been described above. Anyone who is dealing with a man-"a Mouse (a Rat)" it is necessary to pay attention to what is in danger they have shown courage, sacrifice and humanity sincerely. Inherent in this quality and girls, published in the year of the Rat. Characteristics (women, read carefully!) includes both self-denial in the name of family, genuine concern for loved ones, and undisguised selfishness. To cope with the Mouse-demure can be difficult, without the need better not to touch. And if I decided to tame – proceed carefully but confidently.

In General, the "Mouse-Rat" – being positive, cute and cuddly. Remember this and don't hurt them!

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