Popular rumor. What itchy left heel or an eyebrow?


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Do You believe in omens? No? Do you not remember people's councils, if the road ran over a cat, black in color? And ringing in the ears is not worrying you? Probably, somewhere in the depths of your consciousness you still associate an event with some familiar fate. Offer to discuss, based on folk wisdom, which can itch one or the other part of the body. After all, this is no accident!

Combed left heel

what itchy left heelNot to be facetious, if you said, "what itchy left heel?" Of course, with humor to explain what you need to spend time with her basic hygiene procedures. On the one hand, and need it. Since many foot disorders accompanied by itching. But let's discuss how folk wisdom explains this feeling. Believe me, the signs say that it is a definite sign that predicts events in the near future. So, the left heel itches not just. Of course, we should exclude those points if the itching caused by any outside factors: popivaya wounds, uncomfortable shoes, insect bite, etc.

what itches left eyebrowThe people there are several interpretations of what itchy left heel. For example, the ancient Slavs have claimed that of the foot (especially the heel) are itching to change the weather. If the court of icy winter-so expect the imminent thaw. If the heel is itchy in the summer heat – it'll rain soon.

At the same time, popular wisdom believes that feet are itching to travel. Not a very pleasant sign of what itchy left heel. People say that we can expect a trip with an unpleasant outcome. Perhaps there you will be robbed, or trouble will be associated with a random companion. And maybe with the weather conditions - for example, will heavy rain or a storm. They also say that sudden itching heels for a married woman or married man portends treason, and it will occur during the trip.


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what itches right footI wonder what itches right foot? So, she itches to good. So, a trip successful, enjoyable and fruitful. If the voyage is connected with the work, then all your efforts will be rewarded. If you went on holiday with his other half, then scratched your right heel to an enjoyable experience and the beginning of a new family romantic relationship. How true what itchy left heel or right, you can only learn by comparing events in the future. Maybe not worth a special attention to be given? In the end, the man chooses his path in life. And actions can in no way be linked with a particular sign.

Itch eyebrow

Very interesting and uniquely interpreted popular rumor what itches left eyebrow. They say that this sign means cursing and swearing. Scratched his left eyebrow-you know: someone you scolded at this moment. Do not worry, what's behind someone who disapproves of you an evil word. Perhaps today you refused to your baby in the extra portions of dessert, and it was at this point he complained to his beloved grandmother. And she promised grandson that would punish a parent for such an offense. Another thing-when someone you've hurt or offended. It turns out that in this case you are reviled for the cause.

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