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Thousands of years all the women was tormented by almost the same questions. "How to become desirable for men?" or "What is feminine attractiveness, what it shows and how to learn to be feminine?" is an eternal topic, about which you can talk and argue endlessly. Every woman has her own opinion about the meaning of true beauty and attractiveness, so a universal answer to the question about true femininity is not and can not be. However, there are undeniable facts, providing a clear view of what feminine attractiveness in the eyes of men. Let's find out more about them.

What is the difference between beauty and attractiveness?

Perhaps you have noticed how simple and not particularly beautiful girl has a greater success of men than the lady with the perfect appearance, but with an arrogant and cold eyes. And surely you had a question: "Why men pay attention to so plain at first glance, lady?" The answer is simple: if the girl is not perfect appearance of nature, able to highlight all of its dignity and knows exactly what he wants to see in her man, she will always be surrounded by a crowd of fans. As you can see, natural beauty and feminine attractiveness in the eyes of men is not quite the same concept.women's attractiveness to men

Definition of female beauty

The Ideals of female beauty change very quickly: if a hundred years ago, fat women were considered the standard of beauty and health in our days they have lost their former glory. Harmony, ease and grace - these are the qualities in the forms of lovely ladies are now in charge. Due to the variability of fashion trends and trends are very difficult to determine which features girls are perfect in the eyes of men. But if you consider the fact that every man is individual and has their own preferences regarding the appearance of woman, to paint the ideal of true feminine beauty becomes simply impossible!


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A Little about female attraction

If we are talking about female attraction, then it is safe to say that it is based, first and foremost, harmony in the soul and an endless love of life and people. Believe me, if a girl is in love with life, her eyes will sparkle like little so, they will light up that sparkle of positivity and cheerfulness that will not leave anyone indifferent man!the secrets of female attractiveness in the eyes of men

The Perfect woman through the eyes of men: what is it?

We, women, can be very long to enumerate the qualities that we think needs to possess the perfect woman. However, let's try to look at this issue from a male point of view. What is feminine beauty through the eyes of men? A girl can be perfect for one man and the most ordinary, unremarkable for another. It all depends on the perception of the individual and his personal preferences. For example, for the Eastern men brought up in Patriarchal families, the main thing in the woman's qualities such as respect for the male gender, obedience to husband, devotion to family, a deep sense of motherly duty, and piety. But men who have the Western mentality, I appreciate in a woman of her determination, confidence, open-mindedness and intellectual abilities. Whatever it was, yet each representative of the stronger sex by nature has certain instincts. They work equally for all of them, regardless of education, mentality or age. Let's find out what should be the woman that a man instinctively drew her attention.the perfect woman through the eyes of men what

Instincts of men, or What qualities I appreciate “male”

Even in our modern world, where culture and moral values as well developed primitive instincts still continue to lead us in a variety of circumstances. Men – is no exception, so when meeting with a new hottie, they almost always estimate it by comparing with the internal image of the ideal woman. Meanwhile, this image due to just the same instinct instilled in us since the creation of man. So, we offer you a kind of overview of the signs of female attraction, contributing to the fact that men have “enabled” an instinctive desire to get this woman.

  • External data. Men always first evaluate the appearance of the woman, and then – qualities and character. As shown by many studies, men prefer women who have healthy well-groomed hair and a sincere smile. If we talk about shapes and proportions, it is worth noting that the female body should be able to carry, deliver and nurture a child. After all, every man, without exception, sees his beloved first of all, the future mother of his children.
  • Internal qualities. Another important factor is how it behaves in a woman surrounded by men. For these “males’ it is important to see it as a respect for the man, modesty, loyalty, shyness, but at the same time, a woman must have a latent sexuality that is available to only one choice. You also need to be a little fragile and fearful, these qualities evoke in men the desire to protect and cherish the girl.

review of signs of female attractiveness

Of Course, some of these components is not enough to become the perfect woman. There are many qualities that had to acquire the girl to be the one and only for the elect. Next, discuss what you guys put at the forefront when looking for a lover not for a couple of months, but for life; name the main signs of female attraction; the eyes of men will try to look at yourself, loved ones... we Might have something in yourself to change. So...

Signs of femininity: the most charming and attractive

If you believe the polls, the comments of most men about women's attractiveness can be divided into several groups, each of which also has its own nuances. So, here are the main signs of female attraction.

  1. Feminine beauty (through the eyes of men, of course) – grooming. Agree, healthy glowing skin, beautiful nails and hair have always been and remain the major components of the image of a beautiful woman.
  2. In second place is the quality of intelligence. Every man would like to see a wise companion, who can support any conversation, advise something sensible or just to surprise her chosen new a curious discovery.
  3. Another sign is the perfect women's manner of dress. Her style needs to be memorable and to emphasize all its advantages, and that is important - the clothes should not be calling or too outspoken. No wonder they say that meet on clothes. Just below are given some recommendations on choosing clothes to create the appearance of perfect girls.
  4. The Perfect woman also has a sense of humor, she's no stranger to self-irony. Men can forget the insanely beautiful girl with perfect body proportions and facial features, but, believe me, they will always remember the woman who is able to amuse them and to lighten the mood. A sense of humor in women and men has its peculiarities and differences, so a girl that understands men's jokes and she can also laugh, has a great value in the eyes of men.
  5. Another sign is energy. A real woman needs to emit such a strong love to the world that a nearby male will feel it, and he transformed. Women beauty and power of womanhood (in the eyes of men, as you know) is what kind of atmosphere this woman creates around herself. When a man has such energy, so to speak, in their own skin, he instinctively wants to always be with a lady who radiates this craving for life and vitality.

female attractiveness than it appears

The Secrets of female attractiveness: the eyes of men evaluated their appearance

There is No single standard for determining female beauty, so there is no reason to grieve about his external defects. Because there are so many people and everyone has his own ideal of beauty. One likes buxom brunette, the other - a slender blonde. If you piece together all the opinions of men from different countries, we get the following formulation: "Women's attractiveness in the eyes of men depends on the character and behavior of women, rather than external data." Don't have to have perfect features, because men are primarily evaluated the whole image as a whole, it's pleasant facial features, correct proportions and body structure.

The secrets of the famous women

Take a Look at the famous ladies who have become symbols of true womanhood. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer aniston - these and many other women won the sympathy of men owing to the tenderness and mystery. The basis of femininity is an easy gait, good posture, gentle sonorous voice, long silky hair, and of course, harmony in the soul.women's beauty through the eyes of men


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