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Waking up, we begin to follow a certain principle of behavior. Leaving the house, walking the streets, at work, in school people many times varies your style. What it depends on and what it means to the traditional established order of behavior? It will analyze the article on social norms and rules of etiquette.

General principles of conduct

Directly from birth, a person enters the environment that nourishes him morally and defines the style of behavior, forms a worldview, drawing on the views of others and the written laws rules.

And what is the norm? It is determined, as a rule, valid in a particular environment for a limited period of time or indefinitely.

the traditional established order of behavior is

Rules are the most evident limitations that govern relations in society and aim to avoid unpleasant situations.

Following society, people feel part of the society, which has a positive effect on his attitude and determines the further possibility of so-called prospects.

The Traditional established order of conduct is a list of stereotyped responses to external stimuli that motivate certain action in a certain place, dependent on a person's temperament, upbringing and categorical restrictions in behavior.

With the birth of the behavioural style of an individual may vary, but the prescribed norms in society are always smaller adjustments and improvements.

The Rules of survival in the society

A society we understand a certain number of people in a particular situation. And that means for us is the definition of how the rules of social behavior? Each person has their own style and behavior determines the overall culture and compliance with the rules of etiquette.


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Rules of conduct independent of nationality, position in life, perception of oneself, mentality and many other factors.

rules of behavior in class

The Rules of etiquette boil down to a few General principles:

  • Courtesy: not to encroach on the freedom of disposition of another person, affecting his interests. Because polite behavior helps to avoid undue concentration on the negative when it comes to some rules of conduct.
  • Tolerance: be tolerant to people who are on your life path and something different from your ideas, the most important aspect. Thus, we will be gentle not only with everyone but with him. And yet, this aspect determines the traditional behavior. It's part of the harmony of the majority and the single individual.
  • Safety: behave in society so that it does not hurt others mentally and physically.

Art style

The pattern of behavior is established and passed on from generation to generation, a rule or system of rules that define the norms in society.traditional behavior

Often, such a definition leads to a screeching halt freedom of the citizens and forces to resist some of the norms. Everything that happens to such individuals, can be defined as an inner struggle, and with a strong desire a person can break the developed stereotype, to change the public perception. Such events can be called progress.

The Traditional established order of behavior is not what most want to do and which rules to follow. That's because so has a positive effect on the behavior of the penal code. The last is the same prescribed rules, but in a more rough form, and break their dare unit.

Behave As children?

Rules of conduct for children the most accurate and rich in diversity. Children's behavior requires special adjustment and perfect discipline.

rules of conduct

They are Formed under the influence of their parents, shaped in a circle of family members and depend on the viewed TV shows, listen to music and conversations of other people. A child in a small age, unable to distinguish good from evil, right from antisocial behavior. Because parents need to spend a lot of time to raising their children money for good tutorials.

Clearly define what you can do, and what does not, for the child is also quite difficult because you should personal examples to show the consequences of a particular behavior.

Rules for kids in school

In the educational institutions especially strictly valid traditional established order of behavior. This is due to the direct upbringing of children in such institutions, the determination of the future destiny of everyone who passes through the doors of the school.

Most of the time the child is 6-7 years spent in the walls of the school. There he first feels all the situational problems faced in adult life that tempers and defines the behaviour.traditional rules of conduct

Because of the schools strict rules of behavior in class, ranging from school uniforms, to the fact that to say "good morning" and say “goodbye” be sure each teacher. This also applies to communication with their classmates and strangers.

Observing all the rules of conduct in the classroom, the child forms itself as part of society, understand what is good and what not to do, what to do in any given situation.


rules of conduct

What is a deviation from the norm and how mental disorder can affect human behavior? How does the style of one individual can provoke inappropriate antics of many people?

Those who do not meet the General principles of definition of an educated man, and one who is not able to comply with the rules of conduct, are called antisocial types. This behavior is due to poor upbringing or mental disabilities. Their behavior mentioned above of the person can confuse and provoke in imitation of similar, but still not antisocial people.

That depends on the temperament?

Who is more inclined to abide by traditional rules of behavior? This people are balanced, calm, and highly aware of their human essence. This description meets the sanguine type of temperament.

The total opposite of him - melancholic - also able to keep themselves and abide by rules of conduct, and even more than the remaining types - choleric and phlegmatic.


Deviation from the stereotypical behavior evidence of developmental pathology at an early age or is a symbol of protest to the society.

Rules of conduct designed to make understanding people more deeply and devoid of problems.

In the psychology of people who are unable to follow the rules and be responsible for themselves, are called sociopaths. Easier manifestation of this disorder is social phobia, which is also characteristic of people who have received wrong education for a long time separated from the society of cultured people, or by perception, distorted drugs, alcohol.


Depending on the pursued objective, the behavior of man in society is divided into types:

  • A Natural type of behavior: used in the case when necessary to achieve personal goals. This method consists in reacting, which is provided by nature, – it is natural and not dramatic.
  • Ritual behavior: this is the case when the reaction style is aimed at compliance with the General rules of society. It relates and etiquette, and other established norms. This type helps you to follow the rules and to complement the society.
  • Cooperative behavior: some rules the observance of which is necessary in your particular environment. This can be a work team, meetings, and other events. In this case, the composite standards include some form of clothing, manner of speaking and ability to behave.
  • Parent behavior: it is in the correct position as parents to the child. Well-formed worldview and norms of the parents affects the child and his adaptation to life in a full-fledged society.

The Need for a social norm

It is Difficult to imagine what would have happened if you'd gone all moral and social principles of cultural behavior and presenting themselves as individuals in society. Social norms based on the experience of hundreds of centuries prove their worth every minute, when a violation makes itself felt not quite good effects.

With the advantages of standard models of social behavior in society in General, everything is clear. This is discussed and proven repeatedly. You should think about the negative consequences of the absence of these norms established natural principles and corporate response to the situation.

We Can say for sure that without a common moral and social principles, and the "reasonable person" to say I would not have had. Humanity therefore stands at the pinnacle of development that is able to distinguish the negative impact of their actions from the positive.

public etiquette BE:








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