Innovation: the essence, features, classification


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Any new knowledge obtained as a result of various studies, and enriches the way people think about themselves and about the world. However, not each of these discoveries can be applied to improve society and to implement the practical needs of each particular person. The same innovations that immediately or with the passage of time are reflected in the form of any advanced product, called innovation.


Innovation, according to one of the most common definitions, is an activity whose main goal is the search for and implementation of any innovations to improve product quality and to improve the organization and technology of production.

Any innovative activity includes several mandatory steps and components. The first stage is the identification of problems that hinder further development of the enterprise, organization or institution. It should be remembered that the most perfect technique or the technology becomes obsolete sooner or later. So that a process continued to bring profit and satisfaction, it is necessary to periodically introduce into it new components.

innovation Management

After identifying the main problems comes the stage of origin of innovative ideas. The main sources of such ideas can be some external events (e.g. failure in the tender), changes in the structure of production or industry, scientific discoveries, demographic and other social changes in the surrounding space.


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After processing all the ideas in any specific tasks or projects the stage of organization and management of innovation. Management of innovative activity involves creating optimal conditions for all participants involved in the development and implementation of innovations in manufacturing or organizational process. In addition, the office is the search and accumulation of the necessary financial, methodological and personnel resources, preparation of conditions for commercialization of certain innovations.

Types of innovation

Innovation is very diverse and multi-layered. To produce the desired result, you need to have a clear idea about innovation, understand what the latter are characterized, for example, from simple modifications.

Principal innovative activities are classified according to possible technological options, as well as the type of novelty that these innovations pose to the market in General.

In the first case, innovation involves the introduction of a new type of products, materials or components. In addition, technological innovation can assume the appearance of new production lines, technology, or changing organizational structure of the enterprise.

From the point of view of novelty for the market innovation can be a brand new phenomenon (for a given enterprise and for the industry in the country). The maximum value represents an innovative activity that leads to something new for the industry worldwide.

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